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Thorough commentary on the cast of the overseas drama "Full House" from Danny to Comet


Thorough commentary on the cast of the overseas drama "Full House" from Danny to Comet

When I started watching the overseas drama "Full House" on NETFLX, I fell in love with it.

I've seen it for the first time in a long time, but it's still interesting, isn't it? "Full House".

I was absorbed in watching it when I was in junior high school, and after that I watched it every time my fever revived, but I never get tired of watching it many times. And I'm impressed. And above all, it makes me laugh a lot.

I think it deserves to be called a legendary drama!

This time, I would like to write about the main members of "Full House" and their characteristics.

Well then, I would like to get into the main subject immediately.


Overseas drama "Full House" cast introduction, that is, family introduction

Then, I will introduce the cast of the drama [Full House].

This time, I would like to introduce the Tanner family.

Overprotective Family Pillar [Danny Tanner]

Tana, who has three sisters as daughters, is the main pillar of the family. The actor who plays is Bob Saget.

His profession is a newscaster in charge of "Good Morning San Francisco."

Given that he also takes care of the lives of Joey and Jesse, who have almost no income, the income seems to be quite high. Bereavement of his wife Pamela.

He loves his daughters and is basically messed up with them, but when he gets angry as a parent, he also has a strong angry side.

It's a family that plays too much and plays too much, so it also plays a role in closing the space. However, it is not so solid and there are many places that are missing, and it is a lovable stranger.

He loves super cleanliness. When he was a student, he was the director of "Soken", that is, "Cleaning Study Group".

He has an unforgivable addiction to be dirty. There are times when he gets excited by cleaning talks with a woman who likes beauty. However, on the contrary, if the room of the woman who went to play is dirty, he will cool down at once.

He had a history of belonging to the wrestling club, and because he was tall and thin, he was called "steel green beans" during the wrestling club era. (Self-proclaimed)

I try several times to change my nervous self with mysophobia, but it ends in failure.

One of his actions that he took longing for his rough personality was "drinking milk."

He just drinks the milk in a pack without putting it in a cup, but it's a ridiculous act for Danny. His daughter DJ who witnessed it said, "Daddy is drinking milk! !! 』\ I made a loud voice involuntarily.

He loves hugging and wants to hug when he is impressed by both men and women. However, he refuses to hug Kimi, who is a DJ's childhood friend.

He can also play the guitar.

Overprotective because he likes his daughters too much. He was so worried that his eldest daughter, DJ, would get a driver's license.

"When you started walking, I put a sponge all over the house. But you can't put a sponge all over the city! Impossible! I estimated it! When I got angry with a straight face, I laughed a lot.


Rock and cheerful popular uncle [Jesse Cochran]

Probably the most popular in "Full House". The actor who plays is John Stamos.

Danny's bereaved brother, Pamela's real brother. He is Danny's brother-in-law.

Pamela died and Jesse himself had a hard time, but he was willing to take on Danny's SOS, who couldn't take care of the children alone, and started living with him to be a babysitter.

Rock band vocals. He can play the guitar well, play the piano, and play the drums. As you can see from the picture, he is quite popular with women and he is also a playboy.

He forgives most things when the three sisters weakly ask him. He has lived freely, and he is once seriously angry with Danny in terms of education.

It's funny that Jesse herself grows as his three sisters grow.

His three sisters call him "Uncle Jesse," but only his third daughter, Michelle, calls him "Jesse Oitan." There must be many Full House fans who like the name "Jessie Oitan".

He's a rock band, so he's out of the ordinary, he loves cars and motorcycles, and above all, he loves Elvis Presley.

He puts his life into hairstyles and cuts his hair at a hairdresser who can't enter without a letter of introduction. He uses high-quality shampoo and hairstyles, and it takes 3 to 6 hours to set hair.

He often puts on extraordinary parentheses, but everything is smiling.

He married Becky, Danny's work partner. He will be the father of twins.

He was planning to move out of the Tanners when he got married, but he relentlessly hated Michelle's departure, and Jesse himself didn't want to move in the truest part. I will live.

Personally, I think she was just attached to Jesse because Michelle's eyes are often looking at Jesse when she was very young.

The song "Forever" sung by her Jesse is usually a masterpiece. There are times in the drama that this song is a big hit in Japan, and there are times when she comes to Japan to sing.

She is a handsome Jesse Cochrane who looks and feels good. A man longs for it.

John Stamos, who plays her Jesse, is the driving force behind her sequel, Fuller House. He is also a producer.


Comedian who makes children laugh with impersonation [Joey Gladstone]

A gentle uncle with full of humor. The actor who plays is Dave Coulier.

His profession is comedian. He is Danny's friend and lives with the Tanners to be a babysitter.

He is in the same position as Jesse, but unlike Jesse, he has no relationship with Danny's brother-in-law and lives with her friend Danny. He lives underground.

He's cheerful and nice, but he loves kids, so in the first half of the story he sometimes suffered from not being angry with his three sisters.

He loves ice hockey. He is also good at impersonation such as animation.

She can do her several times, but no one has ever married her.

Jesse is a great combination, and from Danny's point of view, he sometimes plays a prank as if he had five of her children.

He later teamed up with Jesse to have a radio show. (It's a story in a drama)

She has a long relationship with Danny, so she knows Danny's embarrassing past.


The eldest daughter of three sisters who are becoming more and more reliable [Donna Joe Tanner]

Tana-The eldest daughter of three sisters. The actress she plays is Candace Cameron.

Her official name is Donna Joe Tana, but she's abbreviated as DJ.

She often calls her Donna Joe when Danny gets really angry.

There is only her eldest daughter and it is basically solid, but the jealousy when only her eldest daughter's sisters are loved is drawn very realistically.

She is also a family of three men raising children, so there are many times when she can't understand her feelings, and thanks to DJ, it can be said that she has become accustomed to treating Danny and her two remaining daughters. So I think the girl who had the hardest time was DJ.

When she was in middle school, she couldn't make friends with her and even ate lunch alone in the phone box.

She sometimes remembers and feels lonely because she has a strong memory of her mother, Pamela.

She often quarreled with Stephanie, who was close to her age, but she took good care of her third daughter, Michelle.

She is a solid person who can learn karate and study. She is a childhood friend of Kimi of the same age who lives next door.

She has a gluttonous boyfriend named Steve.

She is taught to drive by Jesse when she gets a driver's license, but she has an accident while practicing.

Uncle Jesse's teaching at that time was, "This car is called Sally. It doesn't mean anything. Start the engine ... feel it. And ... roll ... It can be said that it was Jesse's fault, not DJ's fault, that caused the accident.

Jesse was in parenthesis mode because the DJ praised Jesse.

And there is only a longevity drama, so it will grow so much.

She has grown up to be a beautiful woman. From the middle of the drama, she has become a reliable eldest daughter.


Bohemian second daughter [Stephanie Tanner]

Tana-The second daughter of three sisters. The actress she plays is Jodie Sweetin.

She is innocent and cheeky, but Stephanie has an exquisiteness that she cannot help but love. She is often abbreviated as Steph.

"Come on! !! Was her habit, and when she said this line in the sequel, Fuller House, she cheered (laughs).

This yellow outfit is from the Bee Club (like a boy scout?) And has been passed down from generation to generation by her three sisters.

She is often a DJ, and she is good at adults. Her swing is very large and easy to understand when she is in high tension and when she is disappointed.

She is the most energetic of the three sisters and is a young but mood maker.

When Steph herself was young, she often said to her sister Michelle, "I'm just crazy about Michelle!", But since she grew up, she's a big sister to Michelle, and she's kind of smiling. I feel like I'm about to cry (laughs)

A younger sister who consults with her sister's DJ about her romance.

She grows up with Steph and she's really cute.


[Michelle Tanner], the idol of the Tanner family, the third daughter

Needless to say, the idol of the well-known drama "Full House". Tana-The third daughter of three sisters.

The actresses she plays are Mary Olsen and Kate Olsen. Michelle was acting as a twin.

Not to mention those who know it, but as you can see from the photos of strangers, it's an idol of the Tana family with an extraordinary cuteness.

She grows up obviously spoiled, which is often the case with the youngest.

She tries to be strict with Danny and others, but she often gets sweet.

She had a hard time just putting her to sleep, and even though she tried to lock her in her room and put her to sleep, when she saw Michelle crying, Danny said, "Poor! I'm hungry for contact with humans! I said, and opened the door easily.

She was still a baby when Jesse and Joey came, so she was in a way a toy from two people who didn't even know how to change diapers.

She started talking and walking after the drama started.

Because it was such a baby. Maybe I've been with the performers since I was a baby, so the Tana family should be quite special to Michelle.

She often shouted and spoiled Jesse Oita.

It's funny to be spoiled by two older sisters.

After entering kindergarten, she talked a lot and had many friends who often came to visit her house.

Anyway, everything is cute and I think everyone will be fine if Michelle is at home (laughs)

In fact, there are many times when the Tana family has been healed and helped by Michelle since she was still unable to speak.

After Michelle grew up to some extent after the middle of the drama, I think she was in a position that could be called the leading role. That said, everyone in Full House is the protagonist.

Currently, she is a sister and has succeeded in business and is truly a celebrity.

Due to his busy work, he has not appeared in the sequel "Fuller House".

There is a scene in the Fuller House drama where the Tana family talks to Michelle at the camera, so I don't think it's a disagreement.

I personally think that there is absolutely no disagreement because I think the bond is extremely strong.


Tanner's pet dog [Comet]

Tana-family dog. Golden retriever.

Born in Jesse's bed. His name was given by DJ.

In the sequel Fuller House, Comet Junior Junior, the grandson of Comet, will appear.

He was loved by everyone.

He is undoubtedly a good member of the Tana family.

Becky, Nicky & Alex, Steve and Kimi will write again at the next opportunity.

"Full House" that doesn't stop when you look back

There is a part that I yearn for such a life,

It will definitely continue to be loved.

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