Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The movie "There is no license!” Synopsis Cast Evaluation


The movie "There is no license!” Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The absolute recommended movie series this time is “There is no license! "is.

This is a movie that made me laugh and love it when I saw it when I was a boy.

Then "I don't have a license! It is a movie introduction.

The movie "There is no license! is a Japanese movie released in 1994.

Running time is 102 minutes.

Was it 1994? It was an impression of an older movie.

Directed by Tomoyuki Akashi.

the cast is

Hiroshi Nanjo: Hiroshi Tachi

Kyoko Ugai as Yuki Sumida

Gonzo Teruya: Tokuma Nishioka

Ruriko Yuugao as Junko Igarashi

Susumu Nagaike: Taisaku Akino

Morohoshi: Shota Shunputei

Matsuo Okayama: Shizuo Nakajo

Gou Ryouta: Tsurutaro Kataoka

Kazumi Omasa ... Toru Emori


The movie "There is no license!”  Synopsis

Super popular actor Nanjo Hiroshi (Tachi Hiroshi) is a movie star who shuts up crying children. He is an actor who is active as an actor who has both popularity and acting ability, but actually he has a complex.

In fact, Nanjo does not have a driver's license. In the scene where he was driving, he was being towed by a car driven by the staff and was driving every time.

Nanjo tries to hide the fact that he doesn't have a driver's license, but during a photoshoot, his co-star Ruriko Yugao (Junko Igarashi) finds out that he doesn't have a driver's license.

Nanjo begs him to let him get his driver's license in order to get rid of his inferiority complex. However, such selfishness is not allowed in the middle of shooting.

Manager Omasa (Toru Emori) manages to give him three weeks, and Nanjo is allowed to stop filming and participate in a driver's license training camp.

Nanjo promises to return in three weeks and heads to the driver's license training camp.

Nanjo participates in a driver's license training camp, but if the star Hiroshi Nanjo is there, it will cause a big commotion, so Nanjo disguises himself as a dull old man under his real name, Susumu Minami. participate in

However, the training camp is old and run down, and the camp is surrounded by young people. It will end up. The manager's Omasa intervenes and the situation settles down somehow, but Nanjo has only three weeks to obtain a license.

Nanjo, who has stopped hiding the fact that he is a star Nanjo, begins to be teased, but of course his license acquisition is another matter.

That's when Nanjo's film crew helped out.

Nanjo made a place to practice and was able to practice driving at night, and managed to improve his driving skills.

Ugai (Sumida Yuki), a female instructor, also expresses her satisfaction with Nanjo, who is now able to park in reverse.

Nanjo's personal nighttime practice continues, and his driving skills improve, but his nighttime practice is caught by his instructor, Teruya (Tokuma Nishioka). Teruya complained of inequality with other trainees, criticized Nanjo for practicing at night with the power of an adult, kicked out the film crew, and banned Nanjo from practicing on his own.

Temporary license exam. Nanjo's instructor was Teruya, who prohibited him from practicing at night.

If he drives as usual, he should be able to pass. However, Nanjo is distracted by Teruya clicking his ballpoint pen next to him, so he can't concentrate on driving. As a result, Nanjo loses sight of himself as he fails the exam.

However, he passed the exam again, and Nanjo first obtained a provisional driver's license and proceeded safely to road training.

However, another problem awaited Nanjo during the road training.

It's his billboard. The signboard is Nanjo smiling and riding in the passenger seat of a sports car, "Hi. The passenger seat is nice sometimes,' it said.

Nanjo always made a mistake when passing in front of this sign.

During one street lesson, Nanjo urged his weak instructor Vita to reconcile with his wife.

Nanjo, who can't afford to fail the final exam, enlists the help of the film crew to thoroughly investigate the route he will run in the exam.

The instructor who rides on the exam is Teruya, the instructor who prohibited nighttime practice.

Nanjo starts the test and drives the car. Then he didn't have any passers-by and other cars, which are usually many in the shopping street. Seeing this unnatural sight, Nanjo realizes that the film crew is blocking the road.

Then I came to a place where Nanjo was not good at, in front of a sign in his sports car.

What if...

Nanjo smiled and sat in the passenger seat of the sports car and said, "Hi. The passenger seat is also good sometimes,” the sign said,

Nanjo smiled and got into the driver's seat of the sports car and said, "Hi. The driver's seat is really nice.'

Thanks to that, Nanjo was able to clear this difficulty that he was not good at with a satisfied face without disturbing his mind, and passed his exam brilliantly.

Teruya, the instructor, tells Nanjo to become a good actor for the sake of the film crew who have done so much for him, and leaves.

Nanjo also passed the written test at the driver's license center and got his long-awaited driver's license, which was congratulated by the shooting staff.

Filming has resumed without incident.


The movie "There is no license!” Impressions and evaluations

I think there were a lot of Japanese movies in those days that were silly and funny, but they were just amazing. Maybe I'm glorifying the past, but that's how I feel.

This "I don't have a license! is one of those movies that made me think, "Movies are interesting."

Hiroshi Tachi is unquestionably cool, and the film itself is undeniably old-fashioned in terms of the way it's shot and the taste, but that's what makes it even better.

As far as I remember, I watched a lot of TV commercials at the time (laughs).

I vividly remember Mr. Hiroshi Tachi saying, “Please stamp me!”

I think it's a phrase that people of all generations have definitely heard.

This movie left such an impression on me that even when M&O was going to a driving school to get his driver's license, this movie was always somewhere in his head.

For M&O, when it comes to car movies,

Not "Wild Speed", not "Mini-Mini Daisakusen", but "There is no license! What! (smile)

I think there are a lot of people watching. Is there anyone who didn't like this movie? If you haven't seen it yet, please watch it! Of course, I highly recommend it!

The movie "There is no license! 』

I could get a license like I was about to die.

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