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The movie "The Blind Side" Synopsis Cast Evaluation【true story】

映画 しあわせの隠れ場所

The movie "The Blind Side" Synopsis Cast Evaluation【true story】

This absolutely recommended movie is "The Blind Side".

The movie "The Blind Side" was a work I watched with the intuition of "Oh! Looks good!". Before I watched this movie, I heard in detail the rules of American football from a friend who was playing American football, so I thought that I could enjoy the American football movie in a different way than usual. When I actually watched it, did you say it was as I expected? It impressed me more than I expected. It's a movie that warms your heart and you can't watch it without tears.

Let's introduce the movie "The Blind Side".

The movie "The Blind Side" is an American movie released in Japan in 2010.

The screening time is 128 minutes.

Directed by John Lee Hancock


Leigh Anne Tuohy ... Sandra Bullock

Michael Or ... Quinton Aaron

Sean Thuy ... Tim McGraw

Mrs. Sue ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Cathy Bates

Collins Tui ... Lily Collins

S.J Thuy ... Jae Head

Burt Cotton ... Ray McKinnon


It is a true story based on the episode of Michael Or, who succeeded as an American football player from a disadvantaged situation.

Sandra Bullock in this movie

Academy Award for Best Actress

Golden Globe Award for Best Actress

National Screen Actors Guild Leading Actress Award

Broadcast Film Critics Association Leading Actress Award

Has won the award.

It's no wonder that I won so many awards, and I felt that the place to evaluate was different from Japan. More on that later.


Movie "The Blind Side" Synopsis

A black boy, Michael Or (Quinton Aaron), has no father, and his mother is separated because he is drowning in medicine, and his friend's father takes care of him, but he is able to attend high school. Because of his gentle personality, which makes me feel awkward, I was forced to live like a homeless person.

Michael in a T-shirt and shorts despite the cold season. He only changes clothes with one T-shirt in a plastic bag.

One night, Michael was heading to the school gym for warmth. Lee Ann (Sandra Bullock), who happened to be there by car, stopped her car and talked to her because she was worried about the boy wearing light clothes in the cold.

At first, Michael lied that there was a place to live with care, but when Lee asked to tell the truth, she confessed that she had nowhere to go.

Lee, who is no longer crushed, puts Michael in the car of her husband and her son and takes him home to prepare a place to sleep.

She was worried that she was right or that something was stolen, but when she went to the room where Michael was sleeping the next morning, Michael carefully folded the bedding he used and already I was leaving Lee's house.

Knowing Michael's gentle personality that she shouldn't bother her as much as possible, Lee chases Michael and invites him back into her house.

She thought she had to get her clothes for Michael, and Lee went shopping with him, but Michael insisted that she had her clothes. Michael heads to the house where he lived with his mother with Lee.

It was a district where life was too harsh.

Lee decides to let her unaffiliated Michael stay at her home by talking to her husband Sean (Tim McGraw).

Michael begins living with the couple, their daughter Collins (Lily Collins), and their young son SJ (Jae Head). In particular, he lived in harmony with S.J., who was still young, and Collins was a high school student who attended the same high school. Life continues.

Michael, who has improved his study results, joins the American football club because of his good physique.

Eventually, Lee and Sean became official guardians of Michael, and Michael, who had never had an ID card, wanted a driver's license, so he granted his wish and even gave him a car.

However, Michael, who was driving with S.J in the gifted car, causes a traffic accident. Michael defies S.J, and S.J is surprisingly mild to the police.

At first, Michael didn't understand the rules of American football and couldn't make the most of his blessed physique and abilities due to his gentle personality, but he soon became able to demonstrate his strength under the guidance of a young S.J. ..

Michael showed his full potential in a match. S.J is filming the match and sending the video to a well-known university.

Then, all American football officials at the university want Michael, and a battle for Michael is fought. The directors of the university came to talk to Michael at home, but Michael was just smiling and hardly talked, and it was always a young S.J who talked (laugh) So all the directors were in such a state Give S.J the privilege of being able to enter together at each match (laughs)

But Michael isn't good enough to go on to college, and Lee hires Mrs. Sue (Cathy Beitz) as her tutor. Michael seems to be at a loss, but with the encouragement of Mrs. Sue, she has achieved a level of achievement that allows her to go on to college.

Michael decides to attend the University of Mississippi, the alma mater of Lee and Sean.

However, partly because the couple had a strong love for their alma mater, some people said sadly that they might have taken care of them as guardians in order to send powerful American football players to their alma mater. When Michael appears and hears it, he gets confused and leaves the house.

Lee looks for Michael and visits Michael's old home. The night before, Michael was insulted by his old friend in the same district, beating down a leader who was doing something wrong. A leader who insults Michael this time when Lee asks if he doesn't know where he is. Lee exclaims, "Insulting my son is the same as insulting me."

Lee is contacted by Michael and heads for Michael.

He asks Michael, "Did you pick me up to get me into the University of Mississippi?"

"You are free to decide anything. You can go to the University of Tennessee anywhere. If you want to be a cafeteria clerk, that's fine," he replies gently.

Michael goes on to the University of Mississippi, which was originally planned, with a clear feeling.

When asked why he chose the University of Mississippi, Michael smiled with a refreshing smile.

"Because my family went to the university!"

I will answer.

Michael, who was so successful that he was selected as an American football player at the university, was nominated in the first round of the draft, and he will move his field of activity to professionals.


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "The Blind Side"


It was really good to see ... it was a movie that seemed like that.

It's an M & O that is usually weak in true stories, but when I watch this "The Blind Side", it also appears in the last part of the movie.

Life really changes with the opportunity

It also reminds me of that.

Of course, Michael's gentle personality and pacifist part are also major factors in his success, but at that time, if he wasn't heading to the school gym for warmth in light clothes and cold, and Lee wouldn't be there by car. Then

Michael may have had a different life.

Or rather, it would have been a different life with a high probability.

I was made to think about such a place.

And what's good about this movie

It's not designed to impress you strangely.

It's the same as the theme, and because it's a true story, these works are often made to make customers cry, but there is no such feeling in terms of directing or acting of actors. It's a movie that impresses me while watching natural things.

Sandra Bullock has won such a leading actress award, but she doesn't have any exaggerated acting and no appeal. After all it is good that such performance is evaluated. Japanese movies often become acting appeal when it comes to moving, and I often see patterned screaming performances, so I think that it is wonderful that Sandra Bullock's performance is highly evaluated. It is.

And, of course, as a movie, it is a movie that gives courage, and above all, a movie that warms your heart and promises to impress you.

A movie that M & O confidently recommends to watch

"The Blind Side"

A small encounter gave birth to great happiness.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation