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The movie "Don's Plum" DiCaprio's phantom appearance

Don's Plum

The movie "Don's Plum" DiCaprio's phantom appearance

The movie "Don's Plum" was shot from 1995 to 1996. It is a work released in 2002 in Japan, and it is an unreleased work in the United States.

It was a movie that became a hot topic after a trial, but it was not a movie originally made for commercial purposes, but an independent film-like movie made by close actors.

Leo was probably an actor who got a reasonably high amount of money at that time with a fairly low budget, but maybe it is an exceptionally cheap money and maybe he is appearing without a guarantee. It seems that director R.D. Bob was also a long-time friend.

Under such circumstances, DiCaprio has become so popular that it captivates women all over the world, so the story goes on to open it to the public, not to mention as a business.

Tobey Maguire is also a famous actor in Hollywood and Japan at this time. If DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire co-starred, it would be a hit.

The director side is going to talk about such a thing to release the movie, but of course DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire waited for it to develop into a trial, and as a result it was not released in the United States. It must have been like that in my M & O memory.

However, of course I understand the situation, but ... I can't see such a beautiful Leo ... It's a shame as a fan ...


The movie "Don's Plum" released in Japan

It was released in Japan in early 2002. I was really grateful for this. I think DiCaprio was unwilling, but ... Certainly, I remember that it was released at a single movie theater called "Cinema Rise" in Shibuya. I don't think it has been released nationwide.

By the way, I think it was a cinema rise, but for this movie, I was doing an event to screen Leo's old movie all night under the title "At that time Leo is". Of course M & O went to see. It was the best ♪

"At that time we" is published in Asia and Europe as well as Japan.


What is the actual evaluation of the movie "Don's Plum"?

The screening time is 89 minutes, which is a little short, so you will never get tired of watching it.

I wanted to write a synopsis as usual, but in reality, this movie doesn't have as much synopsis as I write.

It is customary for good boyfriends to gather at the so-called family restaurant in Japan on weekends, but there is a rule that you have to take a girl to go to the family restaurant, and as usual one night. It is a story in which members who gathered with a girl weave a conversation peculiar to youth.

It's such a movie, so it's almost one situation. And it's a movie full of reality that young American children are talking like this, but to put it the other way around, it may be a boring movie for some people. If you like Jim Jarmusch's movies, you may like them. Jarmusch fans may get angry, but as a taste.

How is the actual evaluation! ?? It seems that you can hear the voice, but since M & O is a person who loves Leo, it will be interesting if Leo appears! !! I'm sorry···. However, Leo actually has a shadow in his heart in this work, but he plays the role of being strong and hurt others in order to hide it, and the goodness of Leo at this time is abundant.

DiCaprio of this era exposes the rare innocentness. If you like, please click here.

And not to mention DiCaprio, you can also enjoy the cute Tobey Maguire in this movie. She plays the role of vegetarian charmingly.

It's a story that causes a lot of trouble, but the young people who dawn as usual with the words, "It's a funny story after 10 years." It's a youth movie that reminds you of your youth. It's a much better work than the usual romance movie aimed at Japanese junior and senior high school students.


The movie "Don's Plum" that you may not be able to see other than buying

I have a DVD, so I'm sure it's on a DVD, but I think there aren't many places to rent it. Speaking in Tokyo, it is a level that may be in TSUTAYA in Shibuya. It seems to be even more difficult to find when it comes to stores that sell.

Then what about the video distribution service? Probably not. I have almost experienced most of the major video distribution services, but I have never found one ... In that case, I have no choice but to buy it online, but if you want to see it until you buy it, I would love to see it. It is a highly recommended work for those who want to see the appearance of young Leo.

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