Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The movie "Dead Poets Society" Synopsis Cast evaluation

映画 いまを生きる

The movie "Dead Poets Society" Synopsis Cast evaluation

I would like to introduce a recommended movie this time as well.

The movie "Dead Poets Society".

It's a movie that has been handed down as an emotional masterpiece, and it's a movie that adolescents will definitely receive great glory when they see it, and I myself was greatly influenced by it. The cast members, including Robin Williams and young Ethan Hawke, are also very attractive, and it's a movie that makes me really happy to see it.

Let's introduce the movie "Dead Poets Society".

The movie "Dead Poets Society" is an American movie released in Japan in 1990.

The screening time is 128 minutes. Directed by Peter Weir

The cast is ...

John Keying ... Robin Williams

Neil Perry ... Robert Sean Leonard

Todd Anderson ... Ethan Hawke

Knox Overstreet Josh Charles

Charlie Dalton ... Gale Hansen

Gerard Pitts ... James Waterston

And so on.


Movie "Dead Poets Society" Synopsis

In 1959, the school's alumnus, John Keying (Robin Williams), will be assigned to the wellton academy, a boarding elite boys' school.

Strict teachers and students who are under pressure from parents who place excessive expectations on their sons.

John Keying, who has been assigned to the post, is a unique person, preaching to his students the importance of "living in the present" and encouraging the release of his bound heart.

A keying teacher who suddenly gives instructions to the students to break the textbook. There are various things such as interesting things, students who break enthusiastically, students who were upset at first but break the textbook with all one's might. Among them, the student who breaks the textbook neatly using a ruler is a key point for M & O (laugh)

Neil (Robert Sean Leonard), Charlie (Gale Hansen), Todd (Ethan Hawke), etc. are the main students who are confused by the teachings of Mr. Keeding but are becoming honest with their feelings. Then, he reunited the "Dead Poets Society" that he was active when he was a student at this school, created a place to spit out his true feelings, and each of them wondered what he was. I will find out.

With the teachings of Dr. Keeding, Todd, who was shy and reluctant, can spit out his thoughts, and tells Neil, who has a strict father, that if he wants to be an actor, he should challenge. Students who have been tied up only with study gradually realize that asserting themselves and suppressing their feelings are not the only things that are right.

However, the changes in the students are of course noticed by the adults, and the number of adults who have doubts about the teachings of Mr. Keying is increasing.

At one point, an incident that shouldn't happen happens.

Neil, who has begun to pursue the actor's dream, will be on the first stage. However, Neil's father resolutely refuses to admit his path to becoming an actor, and he has no choice but to give up the actor by proceeding with the procedure to convert to the Army Academy in order to force his son's dream to be cut off. Drive Neil into.

Neil, who found the actor's purpose to be absorbed in him, refuses his life himself.

Students who are sad. Ethan Hawke's performance at this time is full of sadness and anger, and I really like M & O.

With Neil's death, the Dead Poets Society also collapses. A student who fears that the school will drop out if the existence of the "Dead Poets Society" is revealed tells the school that Neil's death is the responsibility of Mr. Keeding.

Charlie, angry at this act, hits the student and drops out.

Schools that take the situation seriously can avoid being expelled by calling members of the Dead Poets Society to expel Keying and signing a document stating that "Neil's death is due to Keying." I will press for a transaction.

Everyone knew that Neil's death was due to Neil's father and not to Dr. Keeding, but the students who were afraid to drop out responded to the sign in conflict.

Mr. Keying will be forced out of school and will give his last lesson. The students who betrayed Mr. Keying for himself could not see Mr. Keying's eyes ...

Meanwhile, Todd, who was the most shy and reluctant student, opens his mouth ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Dead Poets Society"

I think M & O first saw this movie when he was in high school. I think it was the first time I saw it in a rental video, but I think it was probably because Robin Williams was out or Ethan Hawke was out.

This "Dead Poets Society" is also one of the movies that will definitely make you cry. .. ..

Even if I write it now, my tears will bleed. I had it on VHS, and of course I had a DVD, and it's a movie I watch many times.

M & O thinks this movie is a movie that will resonate with you no matter how old you are, and it will be enthusiastic for adults to watch, and it will be influenced by Moro if adolescents watch it.

M & O, who was an actor, also watched this movie before becoming an actor, and I think he was greatly influenced by it. Students who yearn for actors appear in the movie, but they are not specifically actors, but above all, "The impulse that happened within me. You should cherish your dreams and dreams. I was strongly influenced by the message.

For a while, I was addicted to reading poetry, but I was influenced by the movies "Dead Poets Society" and "Total Eclipse".

As an aside, I received an email from my brother a few months ago. The content was a sentence that said, "I saw" Dead Poets Society "for the first time in a long time, but it's still the best" (laughs) It's such a good movie.

It is the famous actor Robin Williams who shows a wonderful performance. He sometimes shows a keen eye warmly, and above all, he plays the keying teacher who respects the student's life with a lot of humanity. If there was such a teacher ... it was decided to be the best! It's probably Robin Williams that really reminds me. Robin Williams has a very wide range of swings in one work. This "living now" is also really attractive. .. .. It's sad that I can't see new works anymore, but I'd like to thank you for leaving a lot of masterpieces.

Speaking of the exquisiteness of the face looking at the students at the end ... It is a masterpiece performance that cannot be expressed in words. "Thank you boys" This word remains in my head forever. Oh! I definitely want you to see it!

Young Ethan Hawke also plays an important role. I'm addicted to Todd with a role that looks weak from the looks. The acting that speaks with the courage unique to a shy personality further strikes the hearts of those who are watching. Ethan Hawke has already made a movie appearance before this, but isn't this movie a successful movie? I think it is selfish. The acting is so impressive that I think so. Well, from around this time, the looks are also noticeably cool (laughs).

And the other students and the actors in this movie are all attractive with characters standing, and it is not a bad meaning but an easy-to-understand production. The first student to betray doesn't feel like "Yes! This guy !?" (laughs), but that kind of production is really addictive to this movie. It's fascinating without thinking about anything extra, so it gives a big impression.

It seems that "Living Now" will be staged in Japan and will be staged in October, but the role of Mr. Keying is really ... Ryuta Sato ... Why? ... why? ... I can't. .. .. I think that the number of jobs is reduced because I can only perform in a lively and straightforward manner. But what is Keying Sensei?

Personally, I thought that only Toshiyuki Nishida could play Keying-sensei in Japan. It may be difficult in terms of age now. Anyway, is it Ryuta Sato? He should say, "Glitter in your dreams, crush tomorrow." .. .. I don't feel like watching it, and I'm sorry. .. .. I want you to do your best so that this kind of M & O idea can be overturned.

The movie "Dead Poets Society"

This is a recommended movie, so please watch it! !!

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