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The Banana Fish Ashlinks model was River Phoenix

River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves

The Banana Fish Ashlinks model was River Phoenix

Recently, I wrote on my blog that the manga "Banana Fish" that I was addicted to a long time ago is popular again.

After all, the relationship between River Phoenix and Ashlinks, the main character of "Banana Fish", has changed to conviction.

In the blog the other day, I remembered that it was true when I was reading Banana Fish at that time, but there was a person who mentioned the relationship between River and Ash in the comments! thank you!

And this time, I got more evidence, so I took the pen again like this. I took the pen or started hitting the keyboard.

River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves

バナナフィッシュ リバー

Together with clothes! !! !! It's a picture and a picture that makes you want to dig in (laughs) For those who don't know, the picture above is the picture from the movie "My Private Idaho". Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix. As an aside, my domain name is inspired by this movie. But for me, who loves River Phoenix and Ashlinks, I'm really happy. I was quite surprised by this picture and the picture (laughs)

No, this is also certain. I think the sync rate is about 90% (laughs) Both Ashlinks and River Phoenix are really attractive. You can feel the author's love for River Phoenix.

It was written by Akimi Yoshida, the creator of Banana Fish, about River Phoenix.

It feels like "Stand by Me," "Mosquito Coast," "At the time of departure," "My Private Idaho," etc. are written. River Phoenix It's a piece that strongly feels love.

In other words, what do you want to say!

Banana Fish lovers, and those who are about to read!

If you read it after learning about River Phoenix, there is a great possibility that it will become even more interesting! !! !!

And people who like River Phoenix but have never read Banana Fish. If you like River Phoenix, there's a good chance you'll enjoy reading Banana Fish! !!

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