Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Water Boys" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "Water Boys" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

My absolute favorite movie series this time is Waterboys.

It seems that there are many generations watching the drama series, but it all started with this movie. At the time, I was working part-time at a movie theater, and the movie was gaining popularity with tremendous momentum, and there were many repeaters who watched it at the movie theater over and over again.

Here is the movie introduction of "Water Boys".

The movie "Waterboys" is a Japanese movie released in 2001.

Running time is 91 minutes.

Directed by Fumiyasu Yaguchi (Swing Girls, WOOD JOB!, Adrenaline Drive, etc.)


Satoshi Suzuki・・・Satoshi Tsumabuki

Katsumasa Sato: Hiroshi Tamaki

Hijiri Saotome: Takatoshi Kaneko

Yuichi Ota: Tetsufumi Miura

Takashi Kanazawa・・・Kondo Park

Shizuko Kiuchi as Aya Hirayama

Megumi Sakuma: Kaori Manabe

Sugita Tetsuta Sugimoto

Okama bar's mom...Akira Emoto

Okama bar's Chi mama ... Yu Tokui

Isomura: Naoto Takenaka

Sun Sugiura

Kotaro Tanaka

Ebisu Yoshikazu

Kazue Kakugae

Sawa Suzuki

Yoshimasa Kondo

Naomi Nishida

Shinji Yamashita

Yoji Tanaka

Seiji Iinuma



Synopsis of the movie "Water Boys"

Satoshi Suzuki (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is the only member of Yuino High School's swimming club. The swimming club, which has only him, is on the verge of abolition, and Suzuki himself is about to finish the tournament and retire. Suzuki happened to see a synchronized swimming performance at the same venue and was amazed at how wonderful it was.

A beautiful teacher, Sakuma (Kaori Manabe), comes to the swimming club as an adviser just before summer vacation. The swimming club, which had only Suzuki, was flooded with people who wanted to join the club, but Mr. Sakuma, who specializes in synchronized swimming, suggested that they do synchronized swimming.

Surprised by this, the boys quickly left, leaving only five people, including Suzuki, to join the club.

In addition to Suzuki, there is Sato (Hiroshi Tamaki) who is in a good mood, Saotome (Takatoshi Kaneko) who has a maiden personality, Ota (Tetsufumi Miura) who is thin and admires macho, and Kanazawa (Kondo Koen) who is clearly a hard worker. 4 people.

Sakuma-sensei tells them that they have decided to do synchronized swimming at the school festival. However, Sakuma-sensei is actually pregnant, and she decided to perform at the school festival, and she went on maternity leave.

In the end, the student council decided to use the pool for the school festival as the basketball club's fishing pond, and the five were ridiculed as much as they were ridiculed. To counter this, the five decided to do the synchro by themselves, but the pool was already full of fish for fishing.

He is told that if he collects the fish, he will consider using the pool. You will be forced to pay for the fish.

I promise to reimburse you for the tickets for a synchronized swimming performance at the school festival.

I immediately went to the shopping district to sell the tickets, but no one would buy them because I was fooled by the fact that it was a man's synchronized swimming. Only the folks at the okama bar bought it for me. . .

The five of them were self-taught and practiced synchronized swimming, but of course they didn't know what to do.

He shows the results of his practice to Mr. Sugita and Isomura (Naoto Takenaka), who has prepared fish, but he is forbidden to use the pool when nothing goes well.

During the summer vacation, Suzuki falls in love at first sight with a high school girl named Shizuko Kiuchi (Aya Hirayama) at the cram school he attends, and goes to the aquarium with her on a date. After watching the dolphin show, Suzuki is surprised to see Isomura, who had come to watch the synchronized practice for compensation for the fish, playing with the dolphins.

Suzuki asks Isomura to teach synchro. Isomura listens to Suzuki's wishes and accepts guidance.

Suzuki, who gathered the four people again, talks about the situation and visits Isomura to get guidance at the aquarium.

However, 5 people are forced to do it every day, and they don't seem to teach synchronicity at all. The five of them spent two weeks just cleaning the tank.

Isomura's aim was to make the five people work conveniently for free.

Frustrated by this situation, Sato asks Isomura when he will be practicing synchronized swimming.

Five people who enter the pool and practice synchro practice. Then, the ability of five people has increased. Even though I couldn't swim in Kanazawa, I'm now able to swim.

It was Isomura who was surprised by the unexpected development, but he instructed the five people without showing it on his face.

One day, when the five of them were practicing synchronized swimming at the beach, an ambulance rushed over. Five people were mistaken for drowning and were called for rescue by passers-by. However, this situation became news and the synchronized challenge of the five people became a hot topic.

When summer vacation ended and I went to school, the Synchronization case became very famous due to the effects of the news.

The five people who had been banned from using the pool are summoned by Mr. Sugita, who tells them that the school is inundated with inquiries about the synchronized performance, and asks for permission to use the pool. Mr. Sugita also recognized the efforts of the five of us.

Then, students who want to do synchronicity appear one after another, and the synchro club becomes a club with many members.

The synchro club, which has newly increased members, will focus on five people and practice hard. They, who used to be inconspicuous at school, now lively teach and practice.

However, an incident occurs on the eve of the school festival where the synchronized performance will be held.

While Suzuki is meeting with Shizuko, a fire breaks out at Yuino High School, and Suzuki rushes to school. Luckily it was a small fire, but the hose of the fire engine was connected to the pool. The pool water was used to fight the fire.

The next day, when I try to fill the pool with water, it takes a long time to fill up, so I can't make it in time for the synchronized performance.

The synchro club members, who have endured the inevitable practice, are depressed and cannot hide their disappointment. However, just then, the student council of Sakuragi Girls' High School arrives. They told me that I could use the pool at Sakuragi Girls' High School. On the same day, Sakuragi Girls' High School's school festival was held.

But Suzuki had a problem. Because he was embarrassed, he couldn't tell Shizuko to do synchro. Shizuko is a student at Sakuragi Girls' High School.

When she arrives at Sakuragi Girls' High School, the pool is full of customers. Sugita-sensei, Sakuma-sensei, and the mother of the okama bar are all here to support us.

Suzuki is embarrassed to be seen by Shizuko and says she will not be performing. Sato and the others were surprised by the captain Suzuki's remarks, but the performance started and they headed to acting.

Suzuki was alone behind the pool. Synchro acting has already started. Isomura comes there. Isomura understands Suzuki's feelings, and he tells Suzuki that he really wants to see your performance.

Suzuki jumps into the pool vigorously to the music and joins everyone. I am no longer ashamed. Suzuki dances in front of Shizuko with a lively expression, and Shizuko looks on happily.

Tragedy strikes Suzuki as the team progresses while performing acrobatic tricks. When I failed to jump and fell into the water, the sea bread came off.

Suzuki panicked. That's no wonder, Suzuki is scheduled to pose at the top of the three-stage yagura, the final highlight.

It was Shizuko who saved the pinch.

Will Suzuki and the others be able to reach the climax safely?


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "Water Boys"

Takayuki Yamada, Hayato Ichihara, Eita, Kei Tanaka, and many other cast members who continue to appear in the drama version are still appearing, but this drama series also has this movie "Water Boys". It was born because it existed.

As I wrote at the beginning, at the time of publication,

It was a really big boom.

I think that word of mouth conveyed the fun of it.

Satoshi Tsumabuki was well-known at the time of the release, but it was not enough to invite customers, and Hiroshi Tamaki was completely unknown at that time.

It can be said that the movie gained popularity because of the fun of the movie.

The synchronized performance at the school festival by Saitama Prefectural Kawagoe High School swimming club is a model, but as M&O from Saitama Prefecture, I am happy about this. I'm not particularly from this high school (laughs)

I think the reason why the movie was so interesting is because of Director Yaguchi's power. It appears prominently in "Swing Girls",

He is really good at creating a sense of unity with the audience.

I'm excited to see it on DVD at home! !

And it is a work that must be praised for the actors who are appearing.


He has impressed me with his tremendous amount of practice and effort.

Other than the main five, there is no highlight of their performances, nor is there any exposure that will make their names remembered, but as a former actor, I am deeply moved by the way they maintain their motivation and play their roles firmly. It wouldn't be strange if it rotted.

It seems that it was a pretty tough training camp.

I later became acquainted with some of the actors who were members of the synchro club at that time, and when I heard from them, it seems that the members at that time were on good terms. There must be something special about the friends who created so much and worked hard together.

As for Hiroshi Tamaki, it was a successful career.

The sight of him running with burning afro hair really made me burst out laughing. It's slow motion (laughs).

It goes without saying that Satoshi Tsumabuki is active, but Koen Kondo is also active, and Takatoshi Kaneko is also active in making use of his character.

I don't see Miura Tetsufumi-san these days, but I had the chance to work with him once, and I thought to myself, 'Ohta of the Waterboys~'. At the shooting location, the restroom is a smoking area, and the staff are always there. I miss it.

Anyway, it's a movie that makes you feel refreshed when you want to get well.

And in this movie, of course,

Naoto Takenaka makes us laugh a lot.

For those who have only seen the drama version and those who have not seen the Water Boys yet, this is a movie that I definitely want you to see. Of course, it's a movie that can be enjoyed by those who watch it, no matter how many times they watch it.

Movie "Water Boys"

Men's Synchro! ?

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