Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "This Boy's Life" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "This Boy's Life" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "Boys Life".

"This Boy's Life" is a movie that Leonardo DiCaprio was found in Robert De Niro at the audition.

It's a movie based on a true story, in which Robert De Niro is scared anyway, and Leonardo DiCaprio is a good performer of an adolescent boy. This is Leonardo DiCaprio's first movie appearance. Strictly speaking, he has appeared in other works as a bit part, but the full-scale appearance will be the first appearance that this movie should commemorate.

It is a valuable movie that you can see from the young Leonardo DiCaprio's regent hairstyle to the flattop. It is a very high quality movie as a work.


Let's introduce the movie "Boys Life".

The movie "This Boy's Life" is an American movie released in Japan in 1993.

The screening time is 115 minutes.

Directed by Michael Caton Jones. He oversees "Suspect," "Tears of Rwanda," and "Basic Instinct 2".

A movie adaptation of Tobias Wolff's autobiographical novel.

The cast is

Tobias "Toby" Wolf ... Leonardo DiCaprio

Dwight ... Robert De Niro

Caroline ... Ellen Barkin

Arthur Gale ... Jonabretchman

Pearl ... Eliza Dushuk

Norma ... Carla Gugino

Roy ... Chris Cooper

Chuck ... Tobey Maguire

Marian ... Kathy Kinney



Movie "This Boy's Life" Synopsis

America in the 1950s. Her mother Caroline (Ellen Barkin) has moved to Utah with her son Tobias "Toby" Wolf (Leonardo DiCaprio). The man I was dating fled to use violence. She was a woman Caroline wasn't lucky enough to get along with a bad guy.

Toby was a boy who longed for the bad things that adolescent boys tend to have, and was also having problems at school. One day before Caroline's lover Roy (Chris Cooper) visits. Roy gives Toby a present and Toby is obediently pleased, but Roy and her mother Caroline begin to love each other in her bedroom, and Toby feels uncomfortable.

Eventually Caroline moved to Seattle to leave Roy. Beginning with her life in Seattle, Caroline met a new man named Dwight (Robert De Niro). Dwight is a gentle and polite man who is ready-first, and Caroline is attracted to Dwight. Caroline, who she thought she needed her father for Toby, would remarriage with Dwight.

However, when he remarries and starts living together, Dwight suddenly changes from a gentlemanly personality to an arrogant personality.

Toby was also hit hard by Dwight, her hairstyle was changed from regent to flattop, the money earned from the newspaper delivery was taken and treated badly, but Caroline did not side with anything and Toby was lonely. I feel it. Toby becomes friends with his fellow Boy Scout companion, Arthur Gale (Jonabretchman). Arthur was a medieval boy.

Toby wants to get away from Dwight and wants to leave the town. He doesn't want to spend his whole life in this town, so he considers enrolling in a prestigious school. She was the cause for leaving the town. But Toby's grades were so bad that she couldn't even take the exam normally. Toby asks Arthur to steal his gradebook from school. Arthur hates it, but he steals his report card. Toby manages to qualify for a prestigious school by forging her gradebook.

She successfully passed Toby's prestigious school. However, for a short while, Dwight was very jealous of Toby, and Dwight's violence against Toby escalated.

Watching it, her mother feels the limits and decides to leave Dwight with Toby. Caroline and Toby have left Dwight. I just couldn't step forward, and once I took action, it was easy.

Toby left Caroline to go to a prestigious school.

After a lot of experience, Toby even published her autobiography.


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "This Boy's Life"

Robert De Niro is very scary. What is this person's acting ability really? I'm so scared that I'm thrilled to see it. There is a slowdown. There are many feelings of being surprised, and I honestly think, "I can never live with such a person ...".

Ellen Barkin is also a famous actress, and she plays with reality and charm. She makes me think that this kind of person seems to be like this, so I really think it's amazing.

And Leonardo DiCaprio, his acting ability has been amazing since this time. I think he is an actor who is particularly good at expressing conflicts and anguish, but from this time on, I can't help but feel his natural talent. It may be natural because I told Deniro "Let's make this child" at the audition from a considerable number of people. Deniro seems to have fallen in love with Leo's talent from around this time, and he introduced him to Martin Scorsese and said, "I'm sure I'll work with you in the future." In fact, Scorsese and Leo are a great combination, so Deniro is really amazing. And the impersonation of Dwight played by Robert De Niro in the play is also excellent, and it makes me strongly feel that he is really full of talent.

Of course the movie itself is also good. I think it's a movie that teaches us the importance of taking action without giving up in any situation. And I think I can feel a little nostalgic for myself when I was adolescent and when I was in rebellion.

It's a movie that still resonates with people who are in a situation where they can't take a step even if they want to start something.

This is a recommended movie. please.

Movie "This Boy's Life"

Eventually the boy becomes an adult. Leave that day in my heart.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation