Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "The Wolf of Wall Street".

"Wall of Wall Street" is a movie about the half-life of a real businessman, Jordan Belfort. The movie depicted and the revival are depicted with plenty of humor and realism.

This "Wolf of Wall Street" has become a movie that mysteriously energizes after watching it, and it will have a great impact on not only movie lovers but also business people.


Let's introduce the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street".

The movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" is an American movie released in Japan in 2014.

The screening time is 179 minutes.

The original is Jordan Belfort's memoir "The Wolf of Wall Street-My too dangerous life called" Wolf "-"

Directed by Martin Scorsese. A master who oversees "Taxi Driver," "Good Fellows," "Aviator," "King of Comedy," and "Gangs of New York."

The cast is

Jordan Belfort ... Leonardo DiCaprio

Donnie Azov ... Jonah Hill

Naomi Lapaglia Fort ... Margot Lobby

Mark Hanna ... Matthew McConaughey

Peter Debrassio ... Barry Ross Bart

Patrick Denham ... Kyle Chandler

Max Bell Fort ... Rob Reiner

Liber Fort ... Christine Ebersole

Blood Bob Nick ... Jon Bernthal

Chantel ... Christina Cass

Manny Favreau ... Jon Favreau

Jean Jack Sorrel ... Jean Dujardin

Teresa Petrillo ... Cristin Milioti

Nicky Koskov (Ragrat) ・ ・ ・ PJ Byrne

Chestermin ... Kenneth Choi

Lobby Fineberg (Pinhead) ・ ・ ・ Brian Sacca

Alden Gufferberg ... Henry Zebrowski

Emma ... Joanna Lumley

Duein ... Spike Jones

Ted Bee Cham ... Shea Whigham

Toby Welch ... Ethan Suplee

Frank Berry ... Martin Klebba

Hady ... Madison McKinley

Steve Madden ... Jake Hoffman



Movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" Synopsis

1987, New York, USA. Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), who grew up in a middle-class family, married Teresa Petrillo (Cristin Milioti) at the age of 22 and set foot on Wall Street dreaming of getting rich, and LF Rothschild, a prestigious securities company. I joined the company.

If you don't pass the exam, you won't be able to practice securities trading, so the task assigned to Jordan was initially a chore such as picking up the phone.

However, as he started working, Jordan was excited to see the lively inside of the company with angry voices, swearing voices, and storytelling that brought in customers. He is noticed by his slightly nasty boss, but Jordan is loved by Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey), a senior and a savvy securities man.

Jordan and Hannah went out for lunch together. Hannah teaches Jordan the secret to success. She teaches "always relax", "the importance of scratching the trout", "relying on medicine" and so on. Otherwise he would keep spinning around the numbers and go crazy.

Hannah will continue to take care of Jordan and teach her everything. Hannah was like a mentor to Jordan.

After six months, Jordan passed the sales representative exam and was able to start his career as a trader.

It was finally time to wait, and Jordan was excited. However, a big incident occurs soon after starting a career as a trader. Jordan made his debut as a trader on October 19, 1987.

That day will be the stock market crash since 1929. The day of the Devil's Day called "Black Monday" and the day of Jordan's trader debut were the same day.

Jordan has been working hard, but LF Rothschild went bankrupt because of this "Black Monday".

Jordan, who lost his job, was married and was looking for a job in a job information magazine because he had to work for anything.

After hearing Jordan's idea that he could do any job, Teresa advises Jordan that he should work as a trader. But Jordan says no securities firm is currently viable.

Meanwhile, Teresa found a trader job and recommended it to Jordan.

Jordan immediately called the company and headed for it. It was a simple country building that was incomparable to Wall Street.

When asked about the contents, the stocks handled were over-the-counter stocks called penny stocks, and all of them were not listed stocks. When it comes to commissions, Jordan proudly says he was getting 1 percent when he was on Wall Street, but that was a whopping 50 percent commission.

Jordan was surprised and asked if he could get that much, but his boss laughed and replied that he couldn't sell that much in the first place.

However, Jordan, who started work immediately, succeeded in selling $ 4,000 in penny stock easily with skillful storytelling.

The sales colleagues around him were so outstanding that they stopped working and listened to Jordan's talk. After that, Jordan continued to sell penny stocks one after another with Talk as a weapon and immediately began to make a lot of money.

At one point a man talked to Jordan that he was eating alone. He said he lives in the same apartment as Jordan and asked how much he earned by looking at Jordan's luxury cars.

Even though it's the same apartment, Jordan is on the top floor and the man lives on the lower floors. The man who works for a children's furniture store was Donnie Azov (Jonah Hill).

Donnie is astonished at the high price when Jordan answers his income. Donnie didn't believe it, but when he showed me his pay slip, he suddenly said he would quit his job and work for you.

When Jordan showed his $ 70,000 pay slip, Donnie really immediately called the company from a pay phone and left the company. Jordan feels that Donnie is an interesting man, and since then he has been working with him.

Jordan decides to start a company with Donnie.

Jordan, who rented a garage, gathered members. Robbie Fineberg (Brian Sacka) "Pinhead", Chestermin (Kenneth Choi), Nicky Koskov (PJ Byrne) "Ragrat", etc.

However, Jordan was confident that he could create a person who could sell stocks to anyone if he taught him how to do it. Under Jordan's guidance, the members sold their stock while learning the know-how.

In 1991 Jordan founded Stratton Oakmond.

I also made a big logo to gain credibility.

Even during meals, Jordan will teach you sales tips. He sometimes asks, "Sell this pen to me." Brad Bobnick (Jon Bernthal) is a smart guy who tells Jordan, "Sign this paper," and Jordan asks, "What about the pen?" 』And create a situation where you have to buy back.

Jordan, who praised Brad for his excellent supply and demand, wanted him to join him, but Brad had no intention of joining him.

At that time, Brad was struck by the waitress that there was no ketchup on the table.

Employees who learned Jordan's sales talk continued to sell stocks one after another, the number of employees increased steadily, and the office soon became too small and moved to a large place.

I noticed that Stratton Oakmond had grown into a good brokerage firm. Jordan used to make a fool of himself and spend money like hot water every time.

However, that was also a major factor in raising employee motivation. However, the company's morals were completely disturbed.

In addition, the name of Stratton Oakmond is becoming famous on Wall Street, and Jordan is applied for coverage from the magazine "Forbes".

Jordan was willing to respond to the interview, but when the magazine was released, Jordan was likened to "The Wolf of Wall Street", and it was also badly written that he was selling penny stocks. Jordan is indignant.

But his wife, Teresa, soothed Jordan that it would be great to be picked up like this anyway. And the influence of the magazine was considerable, and Jordan, who became a celebrity, was flooded with applicants who dreamed of getting rich.

However, becoming famous makes Jordan noticed by a certain person. It was Patrick Denham (Kyle Chandler), an FBI agent.

Stratton Oakmond continued to grow rapidly and the number of employees continued to grow at a tremendous pace. Jordan decides to invite his accountant, his father Max Belfort (Rob Reiner), to the company for tax purposes.

Max was surprised at how much money was spent and scolded Jordan's executives, but Jordan and his friends, who had been doing well for a long time, couldn't hear at this time.

Jordan and his colleagues ignored Max's advice and continued to use medicine and spend all their time in a ruckus.

At one point, Jordan falls in love during a party. A woman named Naomi Belfort (Margot Robbie), Jordan immediately liked her, and then invited her to eat and Jordan and Naomi spend the night together.

Jordan had Aise with Naomi in the presence of her wife, Teresa, but at one point she was witnessed by Teresa about her affair.

Her angry Teresa decides to divorce Jordan. Jordan, who divorced Teresa, started living with Naomi and gave the luxury cruiser the name Naomi.

There is also a child named Skyler between Jordan and Naomi. Although the number of quarrels has increased, the relationship between the couple has been proceeding smoothly due to reconciliation.

Jordan executives wanted to list the company they found as a new goal.

It was the women's shoes "Steve Madden" designed by Steve Madden (Jake Hoffman) that the arrow of white feathers stood there. Jordan and others are working to list this "Steve Madden", and the day has come when "Steve Madden" will be listed.

But Jordan and Donnie were stubbornly evil. In fact, 85 percent of this Steve Madden stake was owned by Jordan and Donnie. The name is Steve Madden because it is illegal. Naturally, the stock price would rise if it went public, and Jordan and others were planning to make a lot of money. (Of course it is illegal)

FBI agent Denham continued to investigate Jordan and Stratton Oakmond. Jordan, who wants to escape the FBI's pursuit, invites Denham and his buddy to the cruiser to discuss.

Jordan tries to buy Denham, but Denham doesn't get on with this story at all and the negotiations break down.

Denham left the cruiser, saying he would grab his tail, and Jordan accused Denam and his friends of being poor. The FBI's pursuit was definitely sneaking up on Jordan.

Jordan thinks he must somehow hide his secret money and comes up with a deposit with the Swiss bank. However, Jordan, who was told to cooperate in the investigation when the FBI etc. requested cooperation in the investigation, thinks that this method is impossible.

However, when he hears that only the suspect's account is being investigated, Jordan comes up with a loophole in the law.

Jordan wants to work with Naomi's aunt Emma (Joanna Lumley), who lives in London, England. She was Jordan who went to see Emma and asked for her help, but he had to carry a lot of money out of the country.

Since Brad's wife is a foreigner, he will fly back and forth to carry money with the help of his family.

However, when Donnie and Brad got into trouble when handing over cash, police officers saw him scatter a wad of bills and managed to escape, but Brad was arrested. But Brad never broke his mouth and remained silent.

Donnie got a lemon, which is said to be a phantom medicine, and invited Jordan to do it with him. It was so old that the two people took medicine one after another because it was judged that the effect did not appear easily.

However, the effect suddenly appears and Jordan becomes a decent state at once. Jordan gets a call and is instructed to call from a pay phone because the FBI has been tapping.

Jordan manages to drive to a pay phone two kilometers away in a chaotic consciousness, but he doesn't move at all.

He hadn't been able to turn around. However, Jordan learned that Brad had been arrested at this time and that his home had been tapped. He was Jordan who hurriedly returned home with a body that did not hear anything, but he managed to return home while crawling down the stairs without being able to walk.

But when he got home, Donnie used his home phone to call Switzerland. He was Jordan trying to get rid of it, but his body and mouth didn't move as he wanted, and Jordan and Donnie pulled the phone line together, leading to a fight.

Donnie's phone was being heard by the FBI.

In addition, Emma dies to Naomi's aunt who borrowed an account. The issue of inheritance of the money he had deposited surfaced and Jordan traveled to Switzerland on a cruiser. However, in a storm, the cruiser capsized and rescued by an Italian ship passing by. However, Jordan was finally arrested by the FBI after the hidden money was revealed by a collaborator in depositing Swiss money.

There was a way to alleviate the crime by resigning from the president and leaving the company, but Jordan chooses to stay in the company and fight. He was Jordan inspiring his employees, but he wasn't too sweet in reality.

The FBI has negotiated that if you cooperate with the investigation, your guilt will be lightened.

Jordan is forced to choose between selling his companions or paying for himself.

What is Jordan's future ...?


Movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" Impressions and evaluations

From zero savings to an annual income of 4.9 billion yen, this "Wolf of Wall Street" is a movie of Jordan Belfort, who was called the Wolf of Wall Street, but how many times have you watched this movie? It's a work I'm watching.

Originally I loved Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, so it was a movie I watched for granted, but it was a movie I was addicted to watching.

Do you say that this work is full of dreams, but is it also a lesson that you shouldn't be blinded by money alone?

I think many people are watching it, but anyway, it's a "flying movie". Of course, there are many other "flying movies", but since this movie is a true story, it's not odd again.

Leonardo DiCaprio has appeared in movies based on an unusually true story and has played a lot of real people, but as a Leo lover, I want to investigate the person Leo has played every time. It is becoming more detailed.

I'd like to mention all of them, but this time it's about "The Wolf of Wall Street" so let's stop.

And once again, Leo plays Jordan Belfort brilliantly in his innate actor soul, and Jordan Belfort also praises in his own book, "Leo was a genius actor." Among them, Jordan Belfort trained Leo for 8 hours in the scene of selling on the phone in the first half of the movie. First-class actors are also making efforts as a matter of course.

"Wolf of Wall Street" is a movie that brings together customers with genius sales talks, that is, a genius director, a genius actor, and a genius businessman.

The story of the movie itself, which progresses with excitement at a good tempo, is truly directed by Scorsese. And, of course, it makes me laugh in various scenes (laughs) The scene that shows the impatience of Belfort's father who plays Leo makes me laugh aloud no matter how many times I see it (laughs)

In the movie, Belfort is crazy about illegal acts because he is smart, but he reflected properly when reading the book, and now he holds seminars with the genius of the talk as a lecturer. It seems that they are making good use of it.

He seems to have been a little child of Ochano, such as selling scrap stock to make customers feel that way.

I read "The Wolf of Wall Street" again after reading Belfort's book "The Law of Success", but I enjoyed it in a different way, so if you are interested, please read it. I want you to watch the movie from.

In this movie, I sometimes see Leo talking to the camera, but I personally like this production because it's really cool.

Jordan Belfort was all about making money anyway. The amount of money that he couldn't put out just because he was smart was getting more and more unfashionable, and every day in the company, he was making a lot of noise.

However, wrongdoing is judged ...


As with acting, you can see Leo dancing strange dances, Leo with a face like Orautan, Leo with a bright red face with excitement, and anyone who likes DiCaprio as an actor is fresh. But it's definitely a movie you can enjoy.

There is a scene that reminds me of the movie "Basketball Diaries" that Leo starred for the first time, but there is also Leo who was originally said to be a genius, but is it said that it has been further refined? Will do it.

And there are other actors to remember, but they are all fascinating and talented actors.

It's natural, though. Because they are the ones who have won the ridiculous magnification of appearing in a movie of this size in Hollywood. The level is different.

It seems that Jonah Hill was an actor whose guarantee was not high at all at this time. You're the actor who got the American dream with "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Moneyball".

He's an actor who's now digging into the top of the pyramid. That said, I'm really good at it. I'm glad he came out to the world.

I think it's a movie that is packed with various acts and is a lesson in life.

It's a movie that I want to keep in mind as a model of my life, where the good times and bad times of human beings are drawn, the worse things are judged, and the way of climbing up from there is also drawn firmly.

And what's more, it's nice to have a good mix of laughter. It's not a preaching movie at all, but rather full of entertaining elements.

And in the scene of the last resurrected Belfort sales talk seminar, Leo's expression is not the face of Jordan Belfort until now, but a confused face. I was reminded that Leonardo DiCaprio is still a great actor.

Movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"

From zero savings to an annual income of 4.9 billion yen Welcome to a life that is too dangerous.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation