Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "The Last King of Scotland" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "The Last King of Scotland" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

My absolute favorite movie series this time is The Last King of Scotland.

It's a movie that gives you a thrilling feeling no matter how many times you watch it. Perhaps I have seen many movies, but it may be the most exciting movie.

It is a movie that is waiting for such a thrilling development. Forest Whitaker is terrifying. I fell in love with an actor named Forest Whitaker in a child movie.

Here is the movie introduction of "The Last King of Scotland".

The movie "The Last King of Scotland" is a British movie released in Japan in 2007.

Running time is 121 minutes.

Directed by Kevin McDonald

the cast is

Idi Amin Forest Whitaker

Nicholas Garrigan James McAvoy

Kay Amin Kerry Washington

Stone: Simon McBurney

Sarah Merritt Gillian Anderson

Forest Whitaker won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for this role.

If you watch the movie, you'll understand, but I'm showing a deserved performance after winning an award. It really scares me.


Synopsis for "The Last King of Scotland"

Nicholas (James McAvoy), a Scottish young man who graduated from medical school, decides to leave the country due to a feud with his father.

Nicholas, who has no idea which country to go to, closes his eyes, turns the globe, and decides to go to the place he pointed. His finger pointed to Uganda in East Africa. Especially Nicholas, who was fine anywhere, went straight to Uganda. Wherever he could leave the country would have been fine.

When Nicholas arrives in Uganda, the country is at a turning point and Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) has just become president.

Nicholas meets with Merritt, a local doctor, and begins treating the local people. However, Nicholas does not have any ambitions, and he spends his days indifferently.

Meanwhile, Amin, who has become president, visits the village and Nicholas goes to hear a speech. Amin's powerful speech fascinates the villagers.

On the way back, Nicholas is called in by the military to treat Amin's injuries in the accident.

When Nicholas tells Amin that he is Scottish, Amin likes Nicholas because Scottish people are brave.

Because of this, Nicholas is invited by Amin to become his doctor.

Nicholas abandons his job as a doctor in the village and goes to the presidential palace.

When he becomes the president's personal physician, Nicholas' life changes forever.

Nicholas treats his son and receives a Benz as a reward, and when the president's car is attacked while Amin is in the Benz, he ends up like Otori and saves Amin.

Because of this, Amin's trust in Nicholas grows day by day.

Amin, who is wary of being assassinated, reacts sensitively to the fact that his plan of action is leaked, and begins to lose trust in his aides.

So Amin makes Nicholas, whom he trusts, his close aide, and Nicholas rises in position from the chief physician.

British diplomats and others visit Nicholas, who has obtained such a position. I decided to return to my country and told him about it.

However, Nicholas leads a depraved life succumbing to his desires, such as a life without any inconvenience, alcohol, and women.

However, while Nicholas is living like that, Amin's position deteriorates at a tremendous speed, self-inflicted.

Amin, who had committed massacres, was criticized by the world.

Fearing an assassination, Amin is mentally cornered, trusts only Nicholas and other people who are loyal to him, and keeps his subordinates quiet.

Nicholas is terrified that he too will be killed by Amin, so he tells Amin that he will return to his country. But Amin gently persuades Nicholas.

However, while Nicholas was out, his passport was confiscated, and he was legally unable to leave Uganda.

A desperate Nicholas ends up having an affair with Kay, one of Amin's wives. Kay becomes pregnant with Nicholas' child.

Frustrated, Nicholas looks for a place to get an abortion, but it doesn't exist in Uganda.

Amin finds out about Kei's pregnancy and kills him.

When Amin asks for headache medicine, Nicholas tries to assassinate Amin by giving him poison instead. However, Amin, who is suspicious of the medicine because of Nicholas' behavior, tries to give it to another human. Frustrated, Nicholas stops taking the pills, which exposes the assassination attempt with poison.

Nicholas is lynched and devastated. Amin further orders his men to take Nicholas' life.

Nicholas thought that this was the end, but when Amin's subordinate took his eyes off him, Junju, Amin's previous doctor, saved him. Junju asks Nicholas to expose all of Amin's wrongdoings. If you, a white man, made it public, many people would believe it.

Will Nicholas be able to escape Uganda?

The fate of Amin and Nicolas...


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "The Last King of Scotland"

This "The Last King of Scotland" is already full of tension and fear.

It is a movie that should be highly evaluated for the director's skill because the direction is also excellent, but above all

Forest Whitaker's performance is incredible.

The atmosphere, the appearance, everything is scary. . .

Forest Whitaker's left and right eyes are originally different sizes, but that's also scary.

What's particularly amazing about it is that it's not the fear expressed by acting like raising your voice or going berserk. The seemingly gentle feeling and the ruthless feeling that appears and disappears in it knocks down the viewer with fear.

I think that this is a trick that can not be done without considerable acting ability.

Forest Whitaker in "Fonbooth" is completely different. No, "Fon Booth" is also good. It's my favorite movie.

If you watch this movie, I'm sure you'll understand what M&O is saying.

I highly recommend it! ! I want you to watch it!

Recommended movie. please.

"The Last King of Scotland"

The scariest thing is human nature

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation