Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "THE CURE" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "THE CURE" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The recommended movie this time is "THE CURE".

I think the movie "THE CURE" is a movie that people who were older than junior high and high school students know in 1995. It was a pretty famous movie around me. It can be said that it is a movie that has reigned for a long time as a monumental movie of emotional movies. It's a movie that impresses me so much. It is also a work in which the late actor Brad Renfro is shining now.

Let's introduce the movie "THE CURE".


The movie "THE CURE" is an American movie released in 1995.

The screening time is 97 minutes.

Directed by Peter Horton.

The cast is

Eric ... Brad Renfro

Dexter ... Joseph Mazzello

Linda ... Annabella Sciorra

Gail ... Diana Scarwid

Dr. Stevens ... Bruce Davison



Movie "THE CURE" Synopsis

The main character, Eric (Brad Renfro), who lives with his mother, has few friends, and his mother's affection is not enough, and he spends his days eating frozen foods and chocolate bars.

One day a boy and his mother move next to Eric's house. The boy who moved next to me was a boy named Dexter (Joseph Mazzello) who was infected with HIV.

Eric was sometimes told by his mother not to play with the boy next door because of AIDS, but when he first avoided Dexter, he learned that he would not be infected by air, and Eric told his mother secretly that he would not play with Dexter. I started to play and spend every day together.

Eric, who had no friends with him, wanted a friend, so Dexter filled that loneliness.

Eric seriously wants to cure Dexter's illness as a child, feeds candy and chocolate bars, decocts various growing grasses and makes Dexter drink, and notes the effect. ..

However, Dexter's mother, Linda, visits Eric's house and asks Eric to report what kind of grass Dexter had had a seizure with the grass he had decocted and drunk. Eric presents the notebook that kept his record. Linda receives a note from Eric without getting angry and returns to Dexter. Eric was told by his mother Gale that he was playing with Dexter because of this. Her mother Gale is furious and she rebukes her while beating Eric.

After that, Eric said, "A drug that works for AIDS has finally been discovered! He travels to New Orleans with Dexter to visit the researcher who discovered the drug. The distance was about 400 kilometers.

Eric and Dexter went on a journey with the adults they met on a boat, but the adults had a hard time traveling while playing, and Dexter's medicine was running out, so hurry up. Thinking he had to, Eric steals money from the adults and decides to go on a journey by other means.

However, Eric and Dexter are found by adults. Although she desperately escapes, she is cornered and threatened with a knife. At that time, Dexter cut his finger to protect Eric and pointed his bloody hand at the adults, saying, "I'm AIDS. My blood is very poisonous. If you get even one drop, you'll die. "

Adults turn their heels and run away desperately. Dexter said, "Don't come!" To Eric, who was worried about Dexter who cut his finger and tried to approach him. 』And stop Eric with a rare and harsh tone. It was from Dexter's thought that his favorite Eric shouldn't have any chance.

The journey is terminated and Dexter enters hospitalization. Of course, Eric goes to the hospital room every day. The two come up with a prank play that surprises the doctor by pretending to be dead.

A play in which a nurse rushes to call a doctor when he sees Dexter who does not move without answering with his eyes closed, and when the doctor approaches, he screams and gets up. This play surprised doctors and nurses, and Dexter and Eric were laughing.

One day, they had a meeting to play as usual. Eric cries and tearfully complains that his friend suddenly closes his eyes and gets stuck, and a doctor rushes there.

But the good times didn't last forever.


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "THE CURE"

I was writing and I was crying. The main cast is by no means large, but the acting of the two boys and their mothers is particularly striking. Eric's mother is thoroughly heeled, but she plays well, which makes others stand out.

The two boys and Dexter's mother always exquisitely create a warm atmosphere, especially the mother Linda, who is warm and inclusive, but prepared for her son's death, but of course sadness. It skillfully and realistically plays the feeling of always having.

Joseph Mazzello, who plays Dexter, is also said to be a genius child actor, so he still invites tears with his wonderful acting. There is no doubt that it was the result of this performance that made the impression so far.

And for Brad Renfro, his goodness, reality, and non-acting traits are also demonstrated in this movie.

His performance, which never exaggerates, including reactions, but surely strikes the viewer's heart, was quite rare, and it can be said that it is a wonder considering that he is a child actor.

Brad Renfro made his debut in the movie "The Client" with Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones.

This "THE CURE" became famous in Japan, had many fans, and made a photo book in Japan.

Taking advantage of the shadowy natural character, he played Brad Pitt's boyhood in the movie "Seventeen" and the movie "Sleepers", which he co-starred with Kevin Bacon. In the movie "Golden Boy" that co-starred with Ian McKellen, the actress Ian McKellen also recognized his talent.

Everyone was looking forward to his success as an actor.

After that, his personal life became rough, but he was active in movies, although the number was small.

However, Brad Renfro died at a young age because he could not recover from his rough private life. He was quite shocked when he saw the news that passed away. Most of his appearances have DVDs, and he liked it so much that he had a photobook.

I have the impression that this is often the case for Hollywood child actors.

The reality that Brad Renfro is no longer in the world and the goodness of this work called "My Friend Forever" make me especially cry.

It is definitely a masterpiece that should be handed down.

I was in a hurry to grow up. To save you.

That summer day when you died, I knew the true meaning of tears.

Movie "THE CURE"

This is a movie I definitely want you to watch.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation