Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "The Basketball Diaries" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "The Basketball Diaries" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "Basketball Diaries".

The movie "Basketball Diaries" will continue to shine as the first movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In a movie where you can see Leonardo DiCaprio wearing an innocent glow, he shows the acting that only Leonardo of this era can do.

Let's introduce the movie "Basketball Diaries".

The movie "Basketball Diaries" is an American movie released in Japan in 1996.

The screening time is 102 minutes.

Directed by Scott Calvert.

The cast is

Jim Carroll ... Leonardo DiCaprio

Mickey ... Mark Wahlberg

Jim's mother ... Lorraine Bracco

Swifty ... Bruno Kirby

Pedro ... James Madio

Diane Moody ... Juliet Lewis

Reggie ... Ernie Hudson

Bobby ... Michael Imperioli



Movie "The Basketball Diaries" Synopsis

Jim Carroll (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a high school basketball star who attends a Christian high school. He has a good relationship with his mother (Lorraine Bracco) in a single-mother family and writes poetry that does not show anyone any hobbies other than basketball.

He was a popular character and was loved by everyone, but he wasn't serious about it, and he was devoted to playing badly with his fellow basketball team.

He felt happy and well every day, but one day his best friend Bobby (Michael Imperioli), who had been hospitalized, died and he witnessed his death for the first time. Jim was sad and thought about life, but thanks to his colleagues, he overcame his sadness.

However, I gradually became addicted to the drugs I was playing with his friends, and when I realized that I couldn't live without them.

One day Jim's head was filled with drugs rather than basketball, and he didn't listen to him when he was asked by a friend of the basketball club who recognized Jim's talent.

Jim was originally suspected of using medicines, but in one game he accidentally took medicines before the game, causing a series of mysterious behaviors during the game. .. This reveals the use of drugs and forces Jim to leave.

Jim, who was kicked out of the basketball club, which was worth living due to drugs, will drop out of school as it is.

Knowing everything, his mother is furious and Jim leaves home. Her mother saw off Jim leaving the house in tears.

Jim, who goes without money, becomes a homeless person who lives only for drugs with his bad friends.

Jim and his friends commit crimes to get drugs. I'm guilty of stealing cars and making money to buy medicines. My friends disappear from the surroundings when they are caught by the police.

Pedro (James Madio) is caught by police in a stolen store. Jim left Pedro and ran away so he didn't get caught.

It was Reggie, a black man I met in street basketball, who used to take a break to save Jim. Regis and Jim are friends who sweat each other as rivals in street basketball.

Reggie, who had suffered from drugs a long time ago, confined her in her room while feeding her to save Jim.

Jim suffers from drug withdrawal symptoms, but Regis turns his mind away from the drug.

Regis tried to get Jim back on track by complimenting Jim's poems. Jim gradually escaped from withdrawal symptoms and seemed to escape from addiction, but still remembering the charm of his medicine, Jim escaped from the room while Reggie was away.

Jim tries to get the medicine, but he has no money at all. So he has no choice but to sell his body to gay men in public toilets on the subway and get money.

He then reunites with Mickey (Mark Wahlberg), who belonged to the same basketball club and was doing medicine, and contacts the seller to get the medicine. Jim and Mickey got the medicine, but the medicine was fake. Mickey is furious and chases the seller.

Mickey, who was cornered on the roof of the building, pushed the drug dealer off the roof and killed him, and was caught by the police.

Jim can't stand the withdrawal symptoms and visits his mother. Jim's mother talks to Jim with a chain on the door. Jim asks his mother for money because he goes far away.

Her mother kept praying to God for Jim after Jim left home. Jim's mother calls the police and she tells her that the robber is coming home.

Jim is swearing at her mother outside the front door with dirty words. A mother who sheds tears while listening to the words. Jim will be taken away by the police who arrive soon. Jim is sent to a rehabilitation facility and succeeds in cutting off his medicine. After leaving the facility, Jim reunites with Pedro.

Jim apologized for his past when he left Pedro and ran away. Pedro says he doesn't care, and he invites Jim to do it with him because he has a pretty good medicine right now.

Can Jim win the temptation ...


Movie "The Basketball Diaries" Impressions evaluations

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Mark Wahlberg, who made his first appearance in the movie, appears as a friend.

Originally Leonardo DiCaprio was highly regarded for his acting ability. He has the ability to tell Robert De Niro that he is the only one in the audition for "This Boy's Life", which first appeared in the movie in earnest. After that, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," which played the role of Johnny Depp's younger brother.

"Basketball Diaries" is the movie in which Leonardo DiCaprio, who is such a talented group, made his first appearance.

It was rumored that River Phoenix was supposed to play this work, but River Phoenix became a person who never returned, and DiCaprio got a white arrow.

Perhaps because of that relationship, DiCaprio will have the catchphrase "River Phoenix II" for a while. DiCaprio, on the other hand, said, "Because he was a great man. It makes me feel uncomfortable when told that way. I'm honored. I was commenting.

This "Basketball Diaries" is a movie adaptation of the autobiographical novel of real-life poet and musician Jim Carroll.

Jim Carroll himself also has a cameo appearance in one scene.

I think that many people haven't watched this movie, but the first thing I want to say loudly is that I want you to witness DiCaprio at a young age.

The expression of beauty, purity, and ramming is the perfect performance, all of which are exquisitely mixed to give off a terrifying glow.

DiCaprio has caused Leonardo Fever all over the world with "Romeo & Juliet" and "Titanic", but for me, this "Basketball Diaries" and the next starring "Total Eclipse" are better. attractive.

It's a character that I can't help but love because of its strength and delicacy.

It depicts the horror of drugs to the fullest, and it is a work that perfectly expresses the conflict of the boy's heart.

Another thing, Leonardo DiCaprio is actually quite good at basketball (laughs), but he is good at having a delicate body. The textured face after deciding a three-point shot is also the best (laughs) Dribbling is usually good and just cool.

Even so, DiCaprio has been said to be a genius actor for a long time, but he really thinks so when he sees this work.

I think he was a person who should be a star with looks, atmosphere, acting ability. I'm really glad that he was able to meet people who are well-received, including Robert De Niro, and let the world know about their existence.

I don't think it's necessary to write about his success after that, but Leonardo DiCaprio when he was young is also an actor who is really worth seeing, so I definitely want you to see this work.

Movie "Basketball Diaries"

I want to be pure.

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