Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Teiichi no Kuni" Synopsis Cast Evaluation|Live-action movie

映画 帝一の國

Movie "Teiichi no Kuni" Synopsis Cast Evaluation|Live-action movie

The recommended movie for this M & O is "Teiichi no Kuni".

The movie "Teiichi no Kuni" was a movie that had been a hot topic since its release, but it was a work that I hadn't seen in a movie theater. I watched it on DVD later, but to be clear, it was fun. I would like to write my impressions, but it is a movie that I would like to applaud the performers.

Let's introduce the movie "Teiichi no Kuni".

The movie "Teiichi no Kuni" is a Japanese movie released in 2017.

The screening time is 118 minutes.

The original is Usamaru Furuya's manga "Teiichi no Kuni".

Directed by Akira Nagai. "Inu no Eiga" "Judge! ] And so on.

The cast is

Teiichi Akaba ... Masaki Suda

Mitsuaki Sakakibara ... Jun Shison

Dan Otaka ... Ryoma Takeuchi

Yosuke Sasaki ... Amane Okayama

Kikuma Togo ... Shuhei Nomura

Nezu 243 ... Toshihisa Hagiwara

Okuto Morizono ... Yudai Chiba

Roland Himuro ... Shotaro Mamiya

Mitsuhiko Koma ・ ・ ・ Katsuhiro Suzuki

Keigo Doyama ... Ryo Kimura

Yujiro Nonomiya ... Tomohiro Ichikawa

Tamasaburo Miyama ... Gaku Matsumoto

Josuke Akaba ... Kotaro Yoshida

Mimiko Shiratori ... Mei Nagano



Movie "Teiichi no Kuni" Synopsis

Teiichi Akaba (Masaki Suda) became a first-year student at the prestigious high school, Kaitei High School, and was strongly impressed by the greetings of the student council president at the welcome party for new students, and decided to become the student council president himself. increase. As the name implies, Kaitei High School was a prestigious school that trained Navy officers. Currently, it is a school that reigns as a school that produces many bureaucrats.

Teiichi's father, Jousuke (Kotaro Yoshida), was also a graduate of this Kaitei High School. However, Jyosuke was defeated even though he fought for the student president election while attending school with the father of Kikuma Togo (Shuhei Nomura), who attends Kaitei High School as well as Teiichi. It was a form of chasing. Becoming the student council president of Kaitei High School had a great influence. Jyosuke was thinking of giving his son Teiichi an elite education and relieving his resentment. Teiichi was a child who loved the piano, but he was brought up with the task of studying hard.

Teiichi, who was aiming for the position of student president, had to be able to join the council first. To enter the council, he must first become a class president or clothing class president in class. Teiichi had graduated from junior high school with excellent grades, and since Jyosuke had made a solid donation to the school, he was able to easily become the class president. However, when Teiichi joins the council, his self-confidence begins to fluctuate when he sees the members who are too strong. The council will first select the next student council president. If you can do your best to become the next student council president here, the position of the next student council president will come closer. In other words, it is essential to hire a senior who is likely to become the next student council president.

Teiichi tries to take in Roland Himuro (Shotaro Mamiya), who feels that he is the closest to the student council president, but he is disturbed by his nemesis, Kikuma. At the speech, Kikuma tried to get in the way of Teiichi, but Dan Otaka (Ryoma Takeuchi), who should also be a rival, sent out a rescue boat. Otaka is a man who has no greed or ambition and hates bending, and grew up in a poor family environment, which is rare at Kaitei High School. Such a goshawk was an attractive man with a strong desire from his classmates. Otaka recommends Okuto Morizono (Yudai Chiba) as the next student council president, and Teiichi recommends Roland. Teiichi excites his friends for Roland and shows off drums, etc. Roland likes Teiichi. However, Roland was dissatisfied with Otaka's failure to push himself. Roland gives Otaka a suggestion to push himself instead of letting Kim say something and taking over the debt of Otaka's father. Otaka was shaken by this proposal for a moment, but he hit Roland who made such a proposal and rejected it.

As such, Teiichi begins to wonder if Roland is the right student president. Moreover, Teiichi's father, Yusuke, and Roland's father were in a business conflict. Kikuma tells Roland about that. Teiichi installs a bugging device to protect his position and hears Roland and Kikuma talking about using themselves and throwing them away. Teiichi leaves Roland and decides to push the forest garden that Otaka is pushing. Teiichi will perform Mayim Mayim to increase the supporters of Morizono. However, Roland began to distribute bribes to his students and gathered supporters with cowardly hands. Morizono and Roland are about the same in popularity, and it's hard to tell which one will go.

In the unlikely event that Roland loses, Kikuma uses his father's power to arrest Teiichi's father's concession on suspicion of bribery. The arrest of Teiichi's father, who was an executive of the Morizono team, drastically reduced the popularity of Morizono. Teiichi will be desperate. He just wanted to go to the arrested Jyosuke and play the piano! He hit the feelings he had put up with for many years. Teiichi does not go to school and spends self-deprecating days without doing anything. Otaka came to Teiichi and hit him with harsh words to awaken him.

Thanks to Otaka, Teiichi regained his vitality, and on the day of the student organization election, Teiichi went to school and tried to vote. However, Kikuma appears again and interferes with Teiichi. Teiichi and Kikuma will be in a brawl. Kikuma told Teiichi that he had always felt inferior to Teiichi. Kikuma hated Teiichi, who had won much more than himself. Teiichi couldn't vote because of this brawl. Roland, who was thought to have the upper hand but has a problem with humanity, was betrayed, and Morizono and Roland were tied. The decision will be made by the current student council president, and Morizono was selected as the next student council president.

The fate of Teiichi is ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Teiichi no Kuni"

The movie "Teiichi no Kuni" is a movie that I didn't know the original and didn't watch. But I was a little interested because the notice seemed to be interesting. I was really interested in the movies of high school romance, which are often based on manga, because I don't really feel like watching them. After all, I don't have a good consciousness that I don't like hair or I'm not good at it. For the time being, I have to watch it and give my impressions. As a result, it was very interesting.

The performers are really gorgeous, and many talented people such as Masaki Suda, Shuhei Nomura, Ryoma Takeuchi, Shotaro Mamiya, Jun Shison, Yudai Chiba, Mei Nagano, Kotaro Yoshida, etc. are appearing.

Personally, first of all, Ryoma Takeuchi is too cool! I thought. First of all, the role of the movie is a very attractive man, but this was Ryoma Takeuchi's addiction. I think he was very good at doing it. Isn't this really an increase in female fans? It was a charm of the feeling. Nice casting! Both "Rikuo" and "Black Forceps" look good and scary.

Shotaro Mamiya has a friend of the actor who co-starred with him a long time ago, and it seems that he was a fledgling person at that time, but it seems that he was very good at that time. Even in this work, I play a difficult role firmly. It was a performance that tightens firmly where it is tightened. I wondered if he wanted to play more. It's an interesting play, isn't it? When I saw Roland Himuro, I felt sad, so I think that's the charm that his goodness made.

Yudai Chiba is just a baby face to be mixed with this member! !! I thought, but it existed without any discomfort. I think it's okay for this person to keep his actual age undisclosed. Looking at the actual roles, I was convinced that I used Yudai Chiba. I think this is a role played by people of real age, and it was great that I knew where I was standing and didn't do anything extra. I think it's hard to find a substitute for Yudai Chiba in this work. I love Yudai Chiba of this work. ⇒ Somehow, Yu Chiba has come to love people.

Masaki Suda has already shown various faces in various works, so I honestly didn't think "Oh!", Which is new, but his goodness is fully demonstrated. I think he's in the handsome actor category, but he loves acting and facial expressions that don't seem like that at all. I think his attitude has had a great influence on other actors of the same age. You're really pulling the generation.

Mei Nagano is really cute, isn't she? He doesn't show up in the play at all, but he's a very necessary person, and this is a role that can only be achieved if he's cute. I thought that the number of shooting days was very short (laughs) It seems that I can shoot the scene of the tin can phone with Teiichi at once. The end roll is also cute. I think it was more difficult than the main story because it was a dance that seemed to be choreographed unexpectedly.

I enjoyed it very much as a work! I'm glad I saw it.

Why did you enjoy this seemingly stupid work? Not to mention the director staff, I would like to applaud the cast who took the plunge in this work.

If you tell a lie, it will be true! I think he put it into practice. If you doubt what you are doing, the viewer will be instantly cooled down, and I think that is the life of such a work.

I think Masaki Suda's enthusiasm was also indispensable to the work. There is no doubt that he is pulling this work with the heat max. Shotaro Mamiya's Roland Himuro is a particularly unrealistic character, but I think it was because he played it seriously.

And the most decent Otaka bullet played by Ryoma Takeuchi. Ryoma Takeuchi naturally played this with reality, so other roles were even more appealing. His presence was very big in the whole work.

I think that if they were played in such an interesting movie as much as they could in their youth, they wouldn't be scared anymore. I think that this kind of play can only be done if serious things are made, so I think that some people are already at a very high level.

I would like you to select good works and perform a lot of them to make Japanese movies more and more exciting.

I have high expectations from now on! !!

This is a recommended movie. please.

Movie "Teiichi no Kuni"

Ambitions never stop! !! !!

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation