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Movie "Taboo" Synopsis Cast Evaluation |Ryuhei Matsuda debut work

映画 御法度

Movie "Taboo" Synopsis Cast Evaluation |Ryuhei Matsuda debut work

The recommended movie this time is "Taboo".

"Taboo" is a memorable debut work by Ryuhei Matsuda, who is now an indispensable part of the Japanese film industry. With a presence that overwhelms the viewer with a feeling of air and bewitching that can not be thought of as his debut work, it is a big nod that director Nagisa Oshima eagerly aspired to appear.

Now, let's introduce the movie "Taboo".

The movie "Taboo" is a Japanese movie released in 1999. A work depicting the Shinsengumi from a unique perspective.

The screening time is 100 minutes.

The original is Ryotaro Shiba.

The director is the master Nagisa Oshima.

The cast is

Sozaburo Kano: Ryuhei Matsuda

Tashiro Yazo: Tadanobu Asano

Soji Okita: Shinji Takeda

Hijikata Toshizo: Beat Takeshi

Isami Kondo: Yoichi Sai

Inoue Genzaburo: Jiro Sakagami

Yamazaki Susumu: Tommy's Ya

Hyobei ​​Sugano: Koji Matoba

Kashitaro Ito: Masato Ibu

Tojiro Yuzawa: Tomorowo Taguchi

In addition, Uno Kanda, Yoji Tanaka, Susumu Terajima, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Shun Sugata, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, etc.

The original is Ryotaro Shiba's "Shinsengumi Blood Wind Record". This novel is a collection of short stories, and the movie "Taboo" is a visualization of the two works "Sousaburo Bangs" and "Sanjo Isoranto" contained in it.

In Ryotaro Shiba's work, my personal favorite is "Moeyo Ken," which depicts the life of Toshizo Hijikata of the Shinsengumi, but this "Shinsengumi Blood Wind Record" is also the most interesting. Of course, the movies "Sozaburo Bangs" and "Sanjo Isoranto" are also interesting, but all the other short stories included are also interesting, so I highly recommend this book.

The movie "Taboo" is unique among the many Shinsengumi-related movies. The theme of the novel is male-colored, and the depiction is not straightforward. It will be unfolded at.


Movie "Taboo" Synopsis

Shinsengumi who will recruit new soldiers. It was Soji Okita (Shinji Takeda), one of the best swordsmen in the Shinsengumi, who was witnessing many applicants to determine the power of swordsmanship.

Among the applicants, recruitment applicants with remarkable beauty will appear.

It was Sozaburo Kano (Ryuhei Matsuda) who wore a bewitching atmosphere.

Sozaburo, who also had the power of swordsmanship, passed the test and joined the Shinsengumi.

The bewitching atmosphere and beauty of the director, Isami Kondo (Yoichi Sai), who has no masculine feeling, made his face loose. The deputy director, Toshizo Hijikata (Beat Takeshi), who saw it, wonders, "Mr. Kondo shouldn't have a masculine feeling ...".

Other soldiers are also interested in the beauty of Sosaburo Kano, and one soldier approaches Sosaburo to have a relationship. It was Yazo Tashiro (Tadanobu Asano) who joined the army at the same time as Sozaburo. In the original story, this Tashiro Yazo is described as a man with a ugly tooth, but it is played by Tadanobu Asano.

However, Sozaburo rejects Tashiro. Sozaburo begins to be argued by other soldiers.

At one point, Tashiro and Sozaburo are ordered to witness. It was thought that Sozaburo had a lot of skill in swordsmanship, but it was Tashiro Yazo who won the game. Upon seeing it, Toshizo Hijikata is convinced that the two have a relationship and leaves the place with the thought that "these guys are big".

At one point, Sozaburo was asked to train by Inoue Genzaburo, but Inoue's sword skill was not good and Sozaburo was stronger, so Sozaburo practiced while adjusting. I got it. However, the practice is seen by two ronin, and the level of swordsmanship is ridiculed.

In this situation, which should not be the case for the Shinsengumi, Hijikata orders Inoue and Sozaburo to take a break.

The two of them headed for a slaughter at night, but Soji Okita, who was worried, followed him. Although the two confront the Ronin, Inoue is injured in front of his skillful opponent, and Sozaburo is also injured in his forehead. However, Soji Okita, who rushed in late, slashed the Ronin. Soji Okita's arm was terrifying.

Tashiro was worried about Sozaburo who was injured, but Yuzawa (Tomorowo Taguchi), a soldier, turned to jealousy for the two. Yuzawa, who wants to have a relationship with Sozaburo, says he will kill Tashiro Yazo, but Yuzawa will be found dead the next day.

Hijikata determines that the crime was committed by someone in the Shinsengumi and investigates it.

The director, Isami Kondo, orders Sozaburo to take Susumu Yamazaki (Tommy's Masa), who is observing, to the Yukaku to give the woman experience. Sozaburo refused, but he was attracted to the goodness of Susumu Yamazaki and headed for Yukaku together. However, Sozaburo never experienced a woman in the Yukaku.

However, one day, Yamazaki is attacked by someone. Yamazaki who responded and repelled the opponent picks up the petite dropped by the opponent. Hijikata concludes that the criminal is Tashiro Yazo from the petite that he dropped. Yamazaki was ordered by Kondo to invite Sosaburo to the Yukaku, but from the outside, he seemed to be persistently inviting Sosaburo. He decides that the crime came from Tashiro's jealousy, and that it was Tashiro who got Yuzawa.

The director, Kondo, orders Sozaburo to kill Tashiro Yazo. Hijikata and Okita will follow Sozaburo.

Hijikata once asked Sozaburo, "Why don't you cut your bangs forever?", But Sozaburo just answered, "I'm making a wish."

Sozaburo and Tashiro Yazo start slashing in front of Hijikata and Okita who are far away. Tashiro denies that Yuzawa slashing and Yamazaki attack are not himself. Looking at the situation, Hijikata thinks that Tashiro is not the culprit.

The end of the slashing between Tashiro and Sozaburo ...

What are the thoughts of Hijikata and Okita?


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Taboo"

The movie "Taboo" whose trailer had a tremendous impact. I remember that one shot of director Nagisa Oshima was reflected and the words "Have you ever killed a person?" Came out. The M & O at that time was "Hey! I thought, but no, I was really into the movie. It's a movie with an indescribable atmosphere, and there aren't many scenes that make your voice go wild, so it's a movie that is quiet but fascinating.

Casting is especially interesting. I can't say anything about the age setting, but mysteriously, I'm really into it. In particular, it seems that Shinji Takeda, who plays the role of Souji Okita, was Don Pisha for me, and I like the Shinsengumi and read a lot of novels, but Souji Okita is so selfish that Shinji Takeda comes to mind. was.

Beat Takeshi, who plays Hijikata, is also very nice, but it's hard to hear the lines! It's a pity that there are many times when it's hard to hear unless the volume is raised considerably.

Tommy's Masa, who plays the role of Susumu Yamazaki, is also better than I expected (excuse me), and Yoshiaki Fujiwara is also good. Director Nagisa Oshima has the impression that he is good at making the most of the actors.

And what should be noted is Ryuhei Matsuda.

Director Nagisa Oshima seems to have made an appearance by persuading Ryuhei Matsuda, who was in the third year of junior high school at the time. At that time, Ryuhei Matsuda was crazy about soccer and had no experience in acting.

Ryuhei Matsuda will be a second-generation talent in the world. However, this person should not be categorized in such a frame. M & O is Ryuhei Matsuda's favorite actor, but the reason is that "the aura and atmosphere he wears are ridiculous." I think this is largely due to what I was born with. He has a legendary actor as his father, and his mother is also an attractive person and actress, so he is bewitching and has a sharpened blade-like feeling. Ryuhei Matsuda, an actor, has a rare talent.

Even though it is a debut work in this "Goho degree", it gives off an aura suitable for the leading role. He also matches the role of Sozaburo Kano, and brings out a bewitching beauty. I don't think he's a dexterous actor, even now, in terms of acting. However, Ryuhei Matsuda is fine with that. It would be nice if Ryuhei Matsuda was there. He is a precious person in the present age with the qualities of a so-called "movie star".

I don't want Ryuhei Matsuda to be dexterous as an actor, and I don't want him to be a technician.

I want you to witness the charm of Ryuhei Matsuda shown in this "Taboo".

Movie "Taboo"

Am I crazy?

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