Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Sumo Do,Sumo Don't" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "Sumo Do,Sumo Don't" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The absolute recommended movie series this time is "Sumo Do,Sumo Don't "is.

The movie "Sumo Do,Sumo Don't" is a movie that makes me laugh with my stomach no matter how many times I watch it. There is no doubt that it is a movie that will make you laugh a lot, but it is also a movie that has a solid story and gives you an impression. That's why the comical part is also interesting.

Well then, "I was shikofunja. It is a movie introduction.

The movie "Sumo Do,Sumo Don't" is a Japanese movie released in 1992.

Running time is 105 minutes.

Directed by Masayuki Suo (Fancy Dance, Shall We Dance?, Still I'm not doing it, etc.)

the cast is

Akihei Yamamoto: Masahiro Motoki

Tomio Aoki: Naoto Takenaka

Toyosaku Tanaka: Hiromasa Taguchi

Haruo Yamamoto: Masaaki Takarai

Smiley Robert Hoffman

Natsuko Kawamura as Misa Shimizu

Fuyukichi Anayama: Akira Emoto

Torao Kumada: Naomasa Rokupei


It's a great movie and I still enjoy watching it even now.


The movie "Sumo Do,Sumo Don't" Synopsis

Akihei Yamamoto (Masahiro Motoki) is a fourth-year student at Kyoritu University who is about to graduate. Akihira has already decided to get a job at a first-class company, and all that is left to do is enjoy the rest of his university life.

Since Akihira didn't attend any of Anayama's classes, Akihira is told by Anayama that he can't give him any credits.

Akihira begs Anayama because he can't graduate if he doesn't get the credits, and if he can't graduate, he won't be able to get a job.

Anayama suggests to Akihira that if he participates in a sumo club match, he will get credit. Anayama is an adviser to Kyoryu University's sumo club.

For his graduation, Akihira promises to appear in a sumo club match.

In fact, the sumo club at Kyoritu University is on the verge of abolition, and the only member of the club is eighth grader Aoki (Naoto Takenaka), who is repeating a year.

Aoki loves sumo from the bottom of his heart. However, he has never won a match, and the cause is diarrhea due to nervousness, which makes it impossible to play a proper match.

Akihira accepts Anayama's conditions and joins the sumo club where Aoki is.

Tanaka (Hiromasa Taguchi), who is fat and has a good physique but has a timid personality, and Haruo (Seiaki Takarai), Akihira's younger brother, also decide to join the club and fall in love with Haruo at first sight. Masako, who is overweight, also joins the club as a female manager.

Kyoryu University is beaten down by such a miscellaneous member's match, and is reprimanded by the alumnus of the sumo club who came to watch the match. To Kumada (Naomasa Rokupei), who shows his anger, Akihira declares that he will definitely win the tournament next time.

There are three months until the next university league match.

The days of intensive training at Kyoryu University's sumo club have begun.

Meanwhile, British student Smiley (Robert Hoffman) joins the sumo club. However, Smiley, unable to understand the cultural differences, persistently refuses to show his buttocks and ends up wrestling in tights under the mawashi.

The sumo club will hold a training camp at his parents' house in the countryside of Anayama, and learn sumo from Anayama, who was a student yokozuna.

Then came the tournament. The rules do not allow Smiley to participate in tights, but she still refuses to take off her tights, and Smiley repeatedly loses by default.

However, Kyoryu University's sumo club, which has gained strength, manages to win.

Then came the finals.

Haruo, who had been winning for a long time, lost, and on top of that, he got injured.

When Smiley sees that, she rips off her tights and enters the match wearing a mawashi, which she hated so much, and wins brilliantly.

Aoki, who had never been able to win, was attacked by severe diarrhea with the signal of the rest of the hack. You'll be dressed up and win in style. Aoki rushed to the toilet without saying goodbye and sat on the toilet bowl, sobbing by himself at his first win.

Kyoryu University won the championship brilliantly and advanced to the league changeover match.

However, Haruo has a broken bone and is in no condition to wrestle. Then Masako, the female manager who is in love with Haruo, stands up. Her fat Masako bandages her chest and hides her womanhood and fights hard in competitions.

Aoki and Akihira also struggle.

What will happen to the Kyoryu University sumo club?


The movie "Sumo Do,Sumo Don't" Impressions and evaluations

Speaking of director Masayuki Suo, the first thing that comes to mind is Shall We Dance? I think there are many people who think of. Of course, “Shall We Dance? ” is also a masterpiece.



" Sumo Do,Sumo Don't" is also the best! !

Or rather, Suo's movies are all interesting, but I especially like them. “Fancy Dance” is also very good, but M&O is “Sumo Do,Sumo Don't"is better.

when i first saw it,

I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt.

That and this too,

It's Naoto Takenaka's fault.

Aoki, played by Naoto Takenaka, is very sensitive to pressure and loses his stomach quickly. Naoto Takenaka's acting is ridiculously funny (laughs)

According to M&O, Director Suo couldn't help laughing at Naoto Takenaka's acting, and the director's laughter was picked up by the microphone, and he couldn't stand it, so he said "OK, start" from a great distance. There are some anecdotes.

And Mr. Naoto Takenaka himself was often asked for comedy elements, so there was a time when he was worried that he was going too far and didn't know what to do.

From Director Suo

Naoto Takenaka doesn't overdo it.

He said that he was really saved.

It's a very good relationship.

And of course, the movie itself is a lot of fun. It's not just laughter. There are many scenes that give you goosebumps, and we promise to impress you.

It's not a heavy movie, so it's a very recommended movie when you want to refresh.

Director Suo graduated from Rikkyo University, but the university of the main character of the movie is Kyoritu University. From such a place, it will make me sick.

I think many people over the age of 35 have seen this movie.

How about watching it again after a long time?

And for those who haven't seen it yet, it's a movie that I want to recommend.

"Sumo Do,Sumo Don't"

I took my clothes off.

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