Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Running on Empty" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

映画 旅立ちの時

Movie "Running on Empty" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "At the time of departure".

The movie "Running on Empty" is a movie starring the actor River Phoenix, who was very popular for its beauty. It is a very moving product that depicts the bond between a growing boy and his family. River Phoenix, who plays an adolescent youth, is just beautiful and is a movie about family love and romance. It is a masterpiece.

Now, let's introduce the movie "Time of Departure".

The movie "Running on Empty" is an American movie released in Japan in 1988.

The screening time is 116 minutes.

Directed by Sidney Lumet.

The cast is

Danny ... River Phoenix

Annie ... Christine Lahti

Lorna ... Martha Plimpton

Arthur Judd Hirsch

Batterson Steven Hill and others.

It is a movie starring River Phoenix's youth.

River Phoenix plays a life-sized and realistic struggle to grow from a boy to a young man who sways in his dreams with his family and lover, and it is a work that strikes the viewer's heart.


Movie "Running on Empty" Synopsis

Danny, a young man standing in a batter's box at a baseball field in a rural town. The bat that was swung out vacantly cut the sky and Danny struck out, and the game was over. Danny, who is on his way home by bicycle, notices that he is being followed by a car. He rushes to follow him, abandons his bike in the bush and rushes to an emergency family meeting place with his younger brother at his home.

Eventually, the car with his parents arrived, abandoned the house, and left the town with his clothes on, Danny and his family.

In fact, Danny's father and mother are wanted due to the facility bombings that occurred in the past. This incident, which caused a victim, of course, should never happen, but as Danny's parents, they acted on their own ideas and had no intention of causing a victim.

The family then escapes, changing names, changing hair colors, changing towns, and starting life in a new town with the help of affiliated organizations.

Danny has been living this life since he was two years old, so he's completely used to this fugitive life. Also, the kind-hearted Danny did not blame his parents in this life.

Danny has been playing the piano since childhood under the influence of his mother. A school music teacher from a new town spots Danny's musical talent. This music teacher, who appreciates Danny, encourages Danny to go on to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music. However, he was a very impossible proposal for Danny, who had a false name and attended school.

Danny, who was wandering around, was invited to a music teacher's house, where he met his daughter, Lorna. Lorna and Danny, who want to live freely under her strict father, hit it off and fall in love with nature.

But Danny knew. He will have to leave this town soon.

Parents who have begun to feel the danger of living in this town are looking to move to the next town.

Meanwhile, Danny tells Lorna about her upbringing and circumstances because of the music teacher's enthusiastic persuasion and her feelings for her lover.

And he takes the Juilliard exam without telling his parents. As a result of the Juilliard exam, which is said to be extremely difficult, Danny passes.

Knowing this, his mother moves. She secretly meets her own father with her husband and asks if she can take care of her Danny. I don't want to suppress his life and talent anymore.

Leaving means that Danny will be monitored by the FBI and will no longer be able to meet his family.

Even so, it was from her mother's desire to live Danny's life.

However, his father resolutely does not distort his idea that his escape life will continue with the whole family.

One day, the family finally became unable to live in the town they live in and decided to flee to the next town.

Danny waits alone in a vacant lot for his family's car to arrive. Danny had already given up on Juilliard and his lover and decided to live with his family.

Danny arrives there and hurries to load his bike on his bed. When he tried to get into his car, his father opened his mouth ...

What did his father say to Danny ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Running on Empty"

I was writing and almost crying. This work is also my favorite movie. Originally, I met him when I was watching River Phoenix as if I was hungry for his work after I fell in love with it.

The loneliness that River Phoenix always wears and the shadowy part match the role very well, and I think that it is a work that is especially irresistible for River Phoenix lovers. Of course, it's just a movie that you can enjoy.

Personally, my younger brother is also a good character and I love him. Even though he's the younger brother of River, he's not cool at all (laughs), but he's cute! The facial expressions are also very nice. My chest hurts when I see my disappointed face when I hear that I'm moving. He is acting exquisitely even when he farewells to his older brother.

By the way, River Phoenix has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for this work. His delicate performance would have been appreciated. It's a terrible thing at this young age. However, if you think about it, it's not the leading role ... I think it's the leading role ... (laughs)

It is a movie where you can enjoy the delicacy and beauty of River Phoenix. It's a movie that you should definitely watch, and it's an emotional movement. If you are interested, please come!

"At the time of departure"

17 years old. He's still a boy, but an adult

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