Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Pulp Fiction" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie Pulp Fiction

Movie "Pulp Fiction" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The recommended movie this time is "Pulp Fiction".

This "Pulp Fiction" is one of the most famous and popular films directed by Quentin Tarantino, but it's definitely an interesting movie because it's making a name for itself. Personally, when I first saw it, it was so interesting that I was shocked.

Let's introduce the movie "Pulp Fiction"

The movie "Pulp Fiction" is an American movie released in Japan in 1994.

The screening time is 154 minutes.

Directed by Quentin Tarantino. He has produced many masterpieces such as "Reservoir Dogs", "Django" and "Kill Bill".


Vincent Vega ... John Travolta

Jules Winfield ... Samuel L Jackson

Mia Wallace ... Uma Thurman

Butch Coolidge ... Bruce Willis

Fabienne ... Maria de Medeiros

Marcels Wallace ... Ving Rhames

Marvin ... Phil LaMarr

Brett ... Frank Whaley

Roger ... Burr Steers

Fourth man ... Alexis Arquette

Pumpkin ... Tim Roth

Honey Bunny ... Amanda Plummer

Reims ... Eric Stoltz

Jody ... Rosanna Arquette

Jimmy ... Quentin Tarantino

The Wolf ... Harvey Keitel

Colonel Koontz ... Christopher Walken

Buddy Holly ... Steve Buscemi



Movie "Pulp Fiction" Synopsis

A robbery occurs at a cafe in Los Angeles, USA. The robbery was attempted by a couple of Pumpkin (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer). This couple has been robbing, not the first offender.

The scene changes.

Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Swinfield (Samuel L. Jackson) are two living gangsters. Their boss is a man named Marcels Wallace (Ving Rhames).

One day Vincent and Jules, who were ordered to dispose of the three thugs who betrayed the organization, head to their apartment. They are shot by the thugs as they step in, but for some reason their bullets do not hit Vincent and Jules, and they give the traitor to the Blood Festival.

Jules says it's a miracle that he didn't hit a single shot at the end of the crisis, and the religious Jules thinks he's retiring from the gang as a hint of something.

Leaving the room with the black suitcase ordered, Vincent and Jules drove with their acquaintance Marvin (Phil LaMarr).

However, when Vincent is messing with the gun, the gun suddenly goes out of control. The unintentional discharge hit Marvin's head, and Marvin died instantly.

Vincent and Jules, who are in trouble because the car is full of blood, rely on their acquaintance Jimmy (Quentin Tarantino), but they get angry at their stupid deeds.

Reluctantly, the two contact their boss, Marcels. Marcels then introduces Zawolf (Harvey Keitel), who is called a cleaner, and leaves the corpse and car to Zawolf.

Vincent and Jules decide to go to the cafe for breakfast. This cafe is where pumpkins are plotting to rob.

Vincent is ordered by boss Marcels to deal with his wife, Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman), while she is away. Vincent and Mia go out to eat, enjoy dancing, and have a nice atmosphere, but Vincent can't help the boss's wife and put up with it.

However, Mia, who tried Vincent's medicine, fainted and became an emergency.

Vincent hurriedly asked Reims (Eric Stoltz) with Mia, who was unconscious. Reims is a drug dealer.

With Lance's first aid, Mia regains consciousness. Mia told Vincent that this should be a secret for only two people.

The scene changes.

Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) is a boxer but over-the-top boxer who receives money in advance at the request of a match-fixing match from gang boss Marcels. But Butch wins in a match that he has to lose.

Butch was betting money on winning and got a lot of money. Of course, Butch doesn't think he'll be free to do this.

He immediately tries to escape with his lover Fabienne (Maria de Medeiros). But he forgets to bring her watch, which Fabian was told to bring from Butch. The watch was a keepsake of Butch's father. Butch is aware of his danger and returns to his apartment to pick up his watch.

What was waiting for Butch there ...


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "Pulp Fiction"

Tarantino's films are almost all my favorite movies, but the ones I remember most are "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction".

I saw such "Pulp Fiction" for the first time in a long time.

Only the work that has the memory of the best movie, with the fear of "what if I watch it now?"

Result is…

It was a difficult move!

As expected, director Tarantino.

After all the masterpiece does not fade! !!

Of course, it's a movie I've watched many times in the past, but there are some things I don't remember, so I usually enjoyed it like it used to be.

One of my favorite things about Tarantino's film is to take a dull conversation seriously, but this time too, it's great because it's studded (laughs).

Among them, the scene where John Travolta is surprised and curious about the price of Shake is quite a point (laugh) By the way, in terms of Reservoir Dogs, it is still a conversation about Like a Virgin at the beginning (laugh)

This movie is by far the best and I like Travolta. Of course, it's cool, but the feeling of being out of place is also the most interesting (laughs), and it's a pure character who seriously faces anything. And it's cool without complaint!

I think it was a very revolutionary movie as a work.⁇ I remember that movies with crossing time axes were popular in the late 90's and early 2000's, but it was a run. I think not.

So when I first saw "Pulp Fiction," I usually remember being excited. I was excited to say, "Is there such an interesting movie?"

There were a lot of interesting movies up until then, but it seems that the kind is different. It's not like the level is different, but the label is different.

And, of course, the cast is also a gathering of gorgeous members, all of whom are actors in the class who can play the leading role. I mean, you're starring (laughs)

Samuel L. Jackson has a strong feeling of playing with a little restraint. No, I always play with Chitin, but ... Samuel L. Jackson seems to be solid because Travolta, who plays the role of a partner, is a slightly different role. That said, it's not Matomo (laughs)

Uma Thurman also has a mysterious feeling, and there is also a human touch in it, so I think that he is good after all. I'm not personally attracted to it in terms of looks.

Bruce Willis is also pretty good in this movie. It's a great match. I really like the expression when I hit John Travolta out of the bathroom. However, the facial expression of Travolta at this time is also excellent, that is, both of them are performing the best.

Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth are already Tarantino's works, so it's a charm of stability. I wanted you to have Bushemi too. I'm not talking about it, but I wonder if it was the "taxi driver" who first saw Harvey Keitel. I think so. I wanted to see "Taxi Driver" for the first time in a long time. De Niro's Mohawk.

That's why the "Pulp Fiction" I saw for the first time in a long time was still the best!

I'm sure the "Reservoir Dogs" that I've seen for the first time in a long time is the best. I have to watch it.

it's recommended. please.

Movie "Pulp Fiction"

Stop at the times.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation