Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Ping Pong" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Taiyo Matsumoto


Movie "Ping Pong" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Taiyo Matsumoto

My absolute favorite movie series this time is "Ping Pong".

"Ping Pong" was released when Yosuke Kubozuka was at the peak of his popularity, and there were many fans of the original work, so it was a very popular movie at the time. Mr. Yosuke Kubozuka is wonderfully addicted to it, and the surrounding cast such as Mr. Shido Nakamura, Mr. Naoto Takenaka, Mr. Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Mr. ARATA is also wonderful and it is a work that can be enjoyed very much.

Now let's talk about the movie "Ping Pong".

The movie "Ping Pong" is a Japanese movie released in 2002.

Running time is 114 minutes.

Directed by Fumihiko Sori. "Ping Pong" is his directorial debut.

the cast is

Peco: Yosuke Kubozuka

Smile... ARATA

China: Sam Lee

Dragon: Shido Nakamura

Akuma: Koji Okura

Butterfly Joe Naoto Takenaka

Obaba Mari Natsuki

Ohta: Yoshiyoshi Arakawa

Tago: Kondo Park

Police Officer Suzuki Matsuo

Player's father: Shinji Yamashita

Player's mother: Mako Ishino

Couple: Kanji Tsuda

Couple: Erika Mabuchi

Staff: Jiro Sato

Student: Sho Tomita

Boy: Shota Someya

It's also gorgeous. And the actor who played the role of Choi at that time sold well later.


Synopsis of the movie "Ping Pong"

Childhood friends Peko (Yosuke Kubozuka) and Smile (ARATA). Peco helped Smile when he was being bullied, and Peko is a hero in Smile's heart.

The two are members of Katase High School's table tennis club. However, Peko's table tennis skills are the best, but he didn't show up in the club activities much and spent all his time at the table tennis hall run by Obaba (Mari Natsuki) and devoted himself to betting table tennis.

Smile, who learned table tennis from Peko, is actually quite talented. However, Smile himself shows that he has no fondness for table tennis.

Butterfly Joe (Naoto Takenaka), an adviser to the table tennis club, saw through Smile's talent, but Smile didn't show his true ability.

The inter-high preliminaries begin, and of course Peko and Smile participate, but Peko loses to his childhood friend Akuma (Koji Okura), who entered the prestigious table tennis school Kaioh Gakuen.

Smile faces China (Sam Lee), an international student from China at Tsujido Gakuin, in a close battle, but loses due to Smile's non-greedy personality.

After defeating Peko, Akuma challenges Smile to a match. Akuma thought that if he could beat Smile, he would be recognized by Dragon (Nakamura Shido), the Inter-High Champion at Kaioh Gakuen. Smile is respected even by dragons.

However, Akuma is easily defeated by Smile.

Akuma can't win against Smile no matter how hard he tries.

Unable to sort out her feelings, Akuma got into a fight that night and was expelled from school.

Smile is told by Dragon that it's ugly to cut corners against a serious opponent, and Butterfly Joe persuades him to reach the top, and Smile finally becomes serious about table tennis.

On the other hand, Peko quits his table tennis due to the shock of defeat. However, Akuma persuades Peko to continue, and she picks up her racket again.

Peko, who was trained by Obaba and has grown even more, will participate in the inter-high school one year later.

Smile is coached by Butterfly Joe and performs at Inter-High.

Peko's opponent is China. Having endured the special training, Peko defeats China and faces Kaioh Academy's Inter-High Champion Dragon.

After defeating the dragon in a close battle, Peko faces Smile in the final.

It's the final match between two childhood friends.

Peko has been Smile's hero since childhood.

Confronting Peko, who has regained his confidence and spirit, Smile says, "Welcome back. Hero,” he muttered.

How Smile and Peco's match will go...

And then fate...


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "Ping Pong"

Do many people watch this movie? I think that there are quite a lot of people who are over 30 years old and watch it.

As I wrote at the beginning, Mr. Yosuke Kubozuka's popularity over the past few years has been incredible.

The king of Ikebukuro's West Gate Park, who was recognized for his ability in the movie GO, and also appeared in a TV drama with Mr. Hideaki Takizawa, also known as Tackey, who is a crazy cherry blossom that can't be denied that he went a little overboard.

Personally, I liked Yosuke Kubozuka's movie "Makai Tensei" at the time.

And it must have been this "Ping Pong" that Shido Nakamura was exposed outside of Kabuki. He should have been selected in an audition.

I think the director of this movie is very good. It's fun to watch how it's filmed, and I get really excited when I see something with a sense of dynamism.

And I would like to commend Mr. Yosuke Kubozuka who played the role of Peko so well. Peko is not a role that can be done so much. I think that Mr. Yosuke Kubozuka, who is showing himself without discomfort, is wonderful as an actor.

Yosuke Kubozuka is definitely one of my favorite actors. I want to watch the movie when he is in it.

And for me, the name of Naoto Takenaka's role is just Butterfly Joe, and as someone who likes Naoto Takenaka, it makes me laugh (laughs) because it will grow (laughs). (Laughs) My official name is Koizumi.

And Koji Okura, who played Akuma, was an actor who was still known to those in the know at the time, but when I saw this "Ping Pong", I thought, "This guy is really good, he's attractive." I remember the As expected, it is only found in Kerarino ~.

And of course I didn't notice it when I saw it at the movie theater,

Did Shota Someya appear?

Or rather, the cast members are usually quite gorgeous. Isn't there a lot of actors who wanted to appear? This movie.

The scene of the match between Peko and Dragon is really impressive and fun, and the drama of each character is also depicted, so it's a very enjoyable and entertaining movie that you won't get tired of.

I can Fly!! is famous, but I

reaction! Reflection! Sound speed! acceleration! Faster! Faster!

I really like

It is a movie that I highly recommend.

Movie "Ping Pong"

The hottest summer is coming!

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