Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Phone Booth" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "Phone Booth" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The absolute recommended movie series this time is Phone Booth.

The movie "Phone Booth" was a movie that I saw at the movie theater when it was released, and it was highly rated by those who saw it, so I had high expectations for it. It was a movie. It is a novel movie with a thrilling development and only the situation of a telephone box. It's a groundbreaking and solidly entertaining movie.

Let's introduce the movie "Phone Booth".

The movie "Phone Booth" is an American movie released in Japan in 2003.

Running time is 81 minutes.

Directed by Joel Schumacher

the cast is

Stu Colin Farrell

Inspector Ramey Forest Whitaker

Kelly Shepard Radha Mitchell

Pam ..... Katie Holmes

〇〇〇・・・・・・・・Kiefer Sutherland

Following "The Last King of Scotland", which was previously introduced in the must-recommend movie series, this is the film starring Forest Whitaker.

However, the lead is Colin Farrell, and this Colin Farrell shows us a wonderful performance again.


Synopsis of the movie "Phone Booth"

Stu (Colin Farrell), a show business propaganda man who treats people well and has a good mouth, seems to be living a life of smooth sailing.

Stu walks into a town phone booth and calls a new actress, Pam (Katie Holmes), who is trying to seduce her using her position. In the middle of her phone call with Pam, for some reason, a delivery pizza arrives at her phone booth. The oblivious Stu treats the pizza delivery man and drives him away.

Stu fails to ask Pam out on a date, but after hanging up on her, the phone in the booth he was using rings, and Stu unintentionally picks up her phone and answers the phone.

A man's voice is on the other end of the phone telling him that he's watching Stu now, that he should stay out of the phone booth, and that he knows Stu is married and has a wife, Kelly (Radha Mitchell), and that he's getting married. He says he knows he's trying to seduce Pam, even though he's already there.

The man tells Stu that he will call Pam now, and her call is cut off. Incomprehensible and confused Stu. The phone in the phone booth rings again in no time. Stu picks up the phone.

A man and Pam are talking on the other side of the phone, and the man also talks to Stu. However, no matter how much Stu apologizes to Pam, Stu's voice does not reach Pam.

The man tells Pam that Stu is married, that Stu is calling from her phone booth to avoid logging on her cell phone, and she tells Pam that Stu is doing something he feels guilty about. increase.

The man then orders Stu to call her wife, Kelly, and tell her everything she has been doing.

Stu calls Kelly as he is told, but the phone box is used by prostitutes in the city as a means of communication, and the prostitutes yell at Stu not to interfere with business and to get out quickly.

To Stu, who is irritated by the violent upset and screaming prostitutes, the man

"I will kill you if you hang up"

I will tell you. He tells Stu that he is still aiming the rifle, and shoots the toy next to the phone booth with the rifle. In addition, the infrared scope is aligned with Stu's chest, and Stu, who has confirmed that the infrared scope is aligned with himself, is violently distraught.

Before long, Leon, the manager of the prostitutes, gets angry at Stu for interfering with their business, and breaks the glass of the phone booth and tries to drag Stu out. The caller shoots Leon with a rifle and Leon collapses. It is completely unknown where the man is shooting from. The prostitutes think that Stu shot Leon and make more noise.

Stu secretly tries to call the police on his cell phone, but the man finds out and shoots him. Stu bleeding from the ear.

The police rush to the scene of the shooting, and Stu is surrounded by them. Stu is believed to be the one who shot Leon.

The head of the police force, Inspector Ramey (Forest Whitaker), speaks to Stu and begins negotiations.

The man on the phone gives Stu support to rant against Inspector Raimy. Of course he can't tell that he's being manipulated by the guy on the other end of the phone.

Curious about who Stu is calling, Inspector Raimy tries reverse detection, but can't find the man who is the best at calling.

Stu is broadcast live on TV by the media as a criminal who shoots people and barricads himself in a phone booth. Kelly tells Inspector Ramey that she received a call from a man she didn't know.

The man tells Stu to tell Kelly that he tried to cheat on her, and she promises to open up if she does. To do.

However, the man does not release Stu, who has fulfilled his promise. Realizing this, Inspector Ramey tells Stu to talk to the man at the phone booth, and Inspector Raimy, who senses the situation, searches behind the scenes for the sniper.

Stu, who doesn't have a gun, thinks he won't be the culprit if he is investigated, but the man orders Stu to put his hand in the ceiling board of the telephone booth. A gun was hidden there.

A man orders Stu to pick up the gun. If you pick up a gun, Stu will be shot dead by the surrounding police.

Stu squats down in resignation and calls Kelly on his cell phone unseen. Kelly gives Inspector Raimy her own phone, and Stu cleverly phrases it to imply that her sniper is there. Convinced, Inspector Ramey orders an urgent search of the surrounding buildings.

The man endorses Stu again. He turned to the television cameras and told him to confess how sinful he was.

Stu does what he is told to do and confesses in front of the TV camera and exposes his disgrace, hears the man's voice saying he will shoot Kelly, and yells at him to shoot me and jumps out of the phone booth.

The atmosphere of the site is tense...

What is Stu's fate... What is the man's identity and purpose...?


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "Phone Booth"

When I first saw it, Colin Farrell was my favorite actor at the time, and I felt like I saw Forest Whitaker at the movie theater.

I saw "Phone Booth" for that reason, but this is really,

It's so funny!

I later found out that the movie was 81 minutes long, but after watching it, it didn't feel that short at all.

Of course it makes sense.

It's not boring at all, and above all, it's not an exaggerated expression,

It is a movie that makes you feel like you are there.

While it is one situation with a thrilling development

You can taste the high-quality excitement.

And Colin Farrell is great again! ! I especially like M&O's expression when he touches the gun on the ceiling of the telephone booth, from the feeling of being caught up in the beginning to the feeling of being flustered. It's like ah. It's actually not comical at all, so don't worry (laughs)

I believe it was around this time that Britney Spears and Colin Farrell were rumored for a bit, and at the beginning of the movie, Stu, played by Colin, said something like, "I'll prepare tickets for Britney," and American movies are like this. I remember thinking that the place was nice. In Japan, you don't often see pranks like that.

And although it's not very credible, I heard rumors at the time that Stu was going to be Robert De Niro, but Colin Farrell. Because De Niro is still too old.

I honestly wanted to see De Niro's, but I sincerely think that Colin Farrell was good.

It's that much fun and Colin Farrell is good too! !

Forest Whitaker shows us a completely different character from "The Last King of Scotland" and makes us realize that he's an actor. In chronological order, it's the other way around. . . Personally, I really like Forest Whitaker's uneasy face.

Katie Holmes is the ex-wife of Tom Cruise. From that moment on, I thought M&O was cute. I didn't become a fan.

It's 81 minutes, so you can watch it casually, and above all, I promise you that it will be the most interesting.

Movies that M&O proudly recommends,

"Phone Booth"

If you hang up, you will be killed.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation