Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Outrage Beyond" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Takeshi Kitano


Movie "Outrage Beyond" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Takeshi Kitano

Today's absolute recommended movie series is "Outrage Beyond".

As it is a very famous movie, you may know, but it will be a sequel to the movie "Outrage".

Why not introduce movies from "Outrage"? I think that, but since I wanted to watch Beyond after a long time, it was suddenly introduced from Beyond.

"Outrage" is also a favorite work!

Then it is a movie introduction of "Outrage Beyond".

The movie "Outrage Beyond" is a Japanese movie released in Japan in 2012. The United States was released in 2014.

The screening time is 112 minutes.

Directed by Takeshi Kitano.


Otomo ... Beat Takeshi

Kazuo Nishino ... Toshiyuki Nishida

Kataoka ... Fumyo Kohinata

Hideto Ishihara ... Ryo Kase

Shima: Kenta Kiritani

Ono ... Hirofumi Arai

Shigeta ... Yutaka Matsushige

Kimura ... Hideo Nakano

Hiroshi Hakusan ... Tatsuo Meitaka

Eijiro Gomi ・ ・ ・ Mitsuishi Lab

Masashi Funaki ... Tetsuji Tanaka

Okamoto ... Shun Sugata

Castle ... Katsunori Takahashi

Lee ... White Dragon

Tomita: Akira Nakao

Katsuhisa Nakata ... Shiomi Sansho

Fuse ... Shigeru Kamiyama

Minoru Kato ... Tomokazu Miura



Movie "Outrage Beyond" Synopsis

Five years since the conflict of the previous Sannokai. The chairman Kato (Tomokazu Miura) and the young head of Ishihara (Ryo Kase) have expanded their power, threatened and used politicians.

Police, who were worried about the existence of the Sannokai who had too much power, is in charge of detective Kataoka (Fumyo Kohinata) and intends to decrease the power of the Sanno -kai. Kataoka will have Shigeta (Yutaka Matsushige) as a partner.

Kataoka lets Tomita (Akira Nakao), the executive of the Sanno -kai, to the Hanabeikai, the largest power in Kansai, and intends to lose Kato's losing, but since the Sanno -kai and the Hanabeikai were connected behind the scenes. The contact to the meeting is barre, and Tomita is erased.

Kataoka himself is threatened by the Sanno -kai to avoid strangely moving, but tells Otomo, who was once a Otomo and traitor, that Otomo (Beat Takeshi) is alive. Ishihara, who was told that Otomo was dead, changes his blood.

Kataoka will try to fight the Sanno party with Kimura (Hideo Nakano), who has already released the source of Otomo who is in the prisoner.

In the past, Otomo and Kimura were rubbed, but Kataoka was in between and settled, and he wanted to revenge the Sannokai for the two reconciled people, but Otomo was not reluctant.

Kataoka drives a bullet to Sannokai, and Ishihara believes that it is the work of Otomo who was released as Kataoka's aimed. Ishihara, who is afraid of Otomo's revenge, gives an order to find Otomo and erase it.

In the elevator, Otomo is hungry by the assassin, but his life is saved. The assassin who could not be killed was scolded by Ishihara and ordered to erase it again.

Kimura was ordered by Kimura and was a bodyguard of Otomo (Kenta Kiritani) and Ono (Hirofumi Arai) apologized for not being able to protect them, but they were to return to Sannokai.

Otomo, who was not reluctant to struggle, took action after seeing the death of the two young people who had their bodyguards and the anger of Kimura's sadness.

Otomo and Kimura went to a cup from the Hanbishikai, but Otomo was sharpened by the opponent's high -handed attitude, and it was a quick start. Kimura, who thought it was bad as it was, chewed his finger on the spot and took the kejime.

Although he did not officially receive a cup, Kimura and Otomo, who received assistance from the Hanbishikai under the water, abducted Funaki (Tetsuji Tanaka), who became an executive of the Sannokai, and Kato killed his predecessor. Exhale what other people have done. Funaki had been collected by executives on condition that he was confidential because he saw the whole story.

The Hanabishi -kai, who received the tape with the testimony of Funaki, tells Kato of Sannokai about the tape. And if the tape is sent from Ishihara, the executive of Sannokai, it will be a lie.

Kato, who began to think that he was betrayed by Ishihara, was upset violently, and he began to think that Kataoka had done what was done by Ishihara.

On the other hand, Ishihara visits Kimura and tries to make a suggestion to erase Otomo together. Ishihara didn't even think that Otomo and Kimura were reconciling.

Ishihara, who meets Otomo, is incontinent for fear and asks for forgiveness, but she is attached to the chair with a rope and is left in the batting center and continues to receive the ball, and she is a person who does not return.

Funaki's voice crosses to all the Sannokai executives, and Kato completely loses his power.

Kato loses his legs from the chairman's seat, and the Hanabishi -kai enters, and the Sanno -kai and Kimura are hand -made.

Kato, who has lost his legs from the chairman's seat, becomes a person who does not return by Otomo.

Kataoka visits Kimura Gumi, and tells Kimura that Kato has to put in the shape alone because he has done this. He asks him to submit his weapon and not.

Under Kimura, which was said, Kataoka's former subordinate, Kato's former subordinate, appeared in the office of the group, and Kimura became a person who would not return.

Shigeta, who is so disgusted by Kataoka's way of non -humanity, leaves Kataoka for not having to get a job.

Otomo appears at Kimura's funeral.

The fate of Otomo who took revenge on Kataoka ...


Movie "Outrage Beyond" impressions and evaluation

I would like to check first, did you understand the synopsis? (smile)

You may have written for the first time in such a movie, but it's hard (laughs) I'm worried that the name of the role and the name of the organization is wrong. I think it's okay. However, I am a little worried whether everyone will come with reading the synopsis.

M & O is a generation who knows when V -Cinema was also lively, but in fact, I haven't watched such a system, that is, I don't watch any of the polar movies at all, but I want to watch only Director Takeshi Kitano. I rarely watch it. Oh, I'm watching Takashi Ishii's Gonin series. Masanobu Ando also appears in Gonin Saga.

I like "Outrage" in such M & O. I watch the previous work and Beyond several times, and sometimes I want to watch it asexually. After all, do men have such a favorite part of the world? M & O is a pretty pacifist. Oh, of course, I think there are many women who like this kind of love.

After all, the outraging is

It's interesting. Simply.

There are many casts who have a good performance, and there are places where the lines are sorrowful or smiling unintentionally.

It's a complex story, but it's a very fun movie with a simple and clear place.

However, it is called Takashi Tsukamoto in the previous work, this time Kenta Kiritani and Hirofumi Arai are the role of Choi.

This is not the only thing that's so much, so there are still many Takeshi Kitano fans. I think there are many actors who want to come out a little.

Katsunori Takahashi is a level that you do not notice if you are bad.

Even so, I understand that Toshiyuki Nishida is really good. It's really scary in this movie to make it interesting and let me know in other movies.

This seems to be an actor.

According to what I heard, Mr. Nishida is a good actor who is also a good actor, but it is said that Mr. Kitano asked me to ask, "Please do not do anything extra." 。

Akira Nakao may be the previous work, but it seems that it was interesting because the play was too cool and Takeshi Kitano was hard to keep laughing (laughs). But Akira Nakao has a really good taste and it's very good.

Kokuriken is also very good while making use of Mitsuishi -san. With a sad character somewhere.

I think the reality is that the image of the previous work "Outrage" is quite strong. The dialogue "Konoyaro!" Is now like a specialty (laughs)

However, this "Outrage Beyond" is a very interesting and interesting movie, so I would like you to watch it.

Movie "Outrage Beyond"

Everyone is a bad guy, complete.


-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation