Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Napoleon Dynamite" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "Napoleon Dynamite" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Do you know the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" that took the world by storm in America?

Released in the United States on a fairly small scale, the number of theaters showing it increased rapidly due to word of mouth, and it won the Best Picture Award at the MTV Movie Awards 2005.

As an aside, it was Dakota Fanning who announced the winner on stage. Dakota says, "Napoleon Dynamite! It was cute to announce.

When I was in America, it was popular, and when I returned to Japan, I bought a talking figure of the main character and a ballpoint pen (laughs).

Hollywood stars and celebrities wear the T-shirt "Vote For Pedro" (one vote for Pedro) that appears in the play.

Here's a preview of the movie "Napoleon Dynamite".

Such a movie "Napoleon Dynamite" is an American movie released in the United States in 2004. It is a work that has not been released in theaters in Japan.

Running time is 82 minutes.

The director is Jared Hess ("Napoleon Dynamite" is a short film he made when he was a student that was expanded into a feature film).

the cast is

Napoleon Dynamite Jon Heder

Kip Dynamite: Aaron Reuel

Rico: John Gries

Pedro Sanchez Efran Ramirez

Debbie Tina Majorino

Carlinda Dynamite Sandy Martin


Movie "Napoleon Dynamite" Synopsis

Napoleon Dynamite (John Heder), a dull-looking high school student, is teased every day at school.

Napoleon has an older brother, Kip (Aaron Reuel), who is withdrawn and addicted to chatting. Kip is 32 years old.

Napoleon lived with his grandmother Carling (Sandy Martin) and his older brother Kip.

One day, a transfer student Pedro (Efran Ramirez) comes to school and Napoleon and Pedro become friends. The two began to be together all the time, and even went home together.

One day, my grandmother's curling bone broke while she was out, and she couldn't go home for a while. Her uncle Rick comes to Napoleon's house instead of her grandmother. Rick is also quite a songwriter.

For the upcoming dance party, Napoleon and Pedro, who of course have no partner, discuss.

Pedro invites a woman named Debbie, who sells misanga, and gets the OK. Napoleon goes to Tricia's house to invite a woman named Tricia. At Tricia's house, Rick is doing door-to-door sales to Tricia's mother. and ordered to go to a dance party.

On the day of the dance party, Rick, who was supposed to be driving to the venue, does not show up, but Pedro and Pedro's delinquent cousins ​​help Tricia and Pedro to the venue safely.

Unfortunately, Napoleon was unable to dance with Tricia at the dance party...

At that time, Pedro finds a poster recruiting students to run for student council president, and Pedro decides to run for president. Napoleon hears this and decides to support Pedro as much as possible.

However, like Pedro, the opponent who ran for student council president was a powerful enemy named Sunny.

Just then, his brother Kip's chat partner arrives in town. Kip's chat partner hands over a cassette tape to Napoleon, who secretly had a dance lesson (pretty intense) alone at his home.

On the day of the student council president election, Pedro's speech falls apart in front of Sunny's impeccable speech and the crowd that favors Sunny. Pedro ended up saying, "If I become student council president, my dream will come true." Everyone was convinced that Sunny would win.

Just when it seems like this is all over, Napoleon decides to dance on stage for Pedro. (Election speeches have fellow showtime. It's like a cheering show.)

Napoleon hands over the cassette tape he received from Kip's chat partner to the sound man.

Napoleon illuminated by spotlight alone on stage.

The students at the venue were in a rush as Napoleon danced lightly to the music. That dull Napoleon has begun to dance, which is disturbing.

Napoleon dancing cool and cool (but it's funny lol)

However, the end of the last song does not mesh with the dance, and the last does not end beautifully, and Napoleon leaves the stage embarrassed.

However, the audience gave a standing ovation of applause.

Thanks to Napoleon's show that captured the hearts of the audience, Pedro won the victory and became the president of the student council.

Movie "Napoleon Dynamite" Impressions and Evaluation

It's so funny! It's a movie that I'm sure the production cost is cheap, but it's interesting without that.

Characters such as Napoleon Dynamite are also full of humor and keep the viewers from getting bored. By the way, my real name is Napoleon Dynamite (laughs). I really like the scene where you ask

It's a movie full of surreal laughter like that.

The last dance scene gives me goosebumps.

I also like how Napoleon Dynamite is drenched in sweat practicing his dance at home. I drink with a good expression (laughs)

Wouldn't it be nice to do something like this once in a while? Recommended.

Movie "Napoleon Dynamite"


But it's really a great name lol


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