Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "My Sons" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Director Yoji Yamada

映画 息子

Movie "My Sons" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Director Yoji Yamada

This time, we would like to introduce the gem of the Japanese movie "Son".

The movie "Son" is a Japanese movie that M & O confidently introduces, depicting the good old Japan, the bond between parents and children, and the pure love of young people.

It is a movie that reminds us of the greatness of director Yoji Yamada, and the acting of the performers is also a masterpiece with wonderful laughter and excitement. It is a movie that has won the movie award almost completely.

Let's introduce the movie "Son".

The movie "Son" is a Japanese movie released in 1991.

The screening time is 121 minutes.

Director ... Director Yoji Yamada.

Original ... Makoto Shiina "Warehouse Worker"


Akio Asano ... Rentaro Mikuni
Tetsuo Asano ... Masatoshi Nagase
Seiko Kawashima ... Emi Wakui
Taki-san ... Kunie Tanaka
Reiko Asano ... Mieko Harada
Toshiko Asano ... Miyoko Asada
Tadashi Asano ... Ryuzo Tanaka
Kato ... Ikariya Chosuke
Ironworks Chief ... Sato B
President of the shipping company ... Leonard Kuma
Terao ... Tatsuo Matsumura


Movie "My Son" Synopsis

The time is 1990. Tetsuo Asano (Masatoshi Nagase), a young man who works part-time at an izakaya in Tokyo without any particular dream or purpose. When he finishes his work as usual and returns home in the morning, he is ordered by a phone call from his father (Rentaro Mikuni) to return to his parents' home for his mother's first anniversary.

When Tetsuo returns to his parents' house in Iwate, his father ridicules Tetsuo's life in Tokyo as a life he does not know what he is doing. Tetsuo also told his father's agriculture, "In Tokyo, if you carry coffee in a cooler environment, the hourly wage is 800 yen. That's how the economy works, now Japan is. " Tetsuo feels loneliness and anger in his heart even for his father who praises his good brother.

(Tetsuo is from Iwate and currently lives in Tokyo, but he is a young man who has no accent in Iwate, and even a part-time job at an izakaya can mistake "shishamo" for "salmon".)

Returning to Tokyo, Tetsuo decides to change his job, quits his part-time job at a tavern and starts a part-time job at a small ironworks. Tetsuo was disappointed with the hard work from the first day, but he fell in love with the clerk at the delivery destination at first sight. He was Seiko (Emi Wakui), who was always lonely in the office in a dim warehouse. Tetsuo is exhausted, but the power of love makes him feel better.

Tetsuo, who works hard, is loved by the leaders called Uncle (Ikariya Chosuke) and other members of the ironworks, and he feels rewarding and begins to live fulfilling days.

To Tetsuo, the chief of the ironworks (Bsaku Sato) proposes that he should become a contract employee from a part-time job. The ironworks are surprised by Tetsuo who is willing to accept it. One person instinctively asked, "What do you like about such a tough job? I ask Tetsuo.

On the other hand, Tetsuo seriously said, "I wanted to work sweaty. After working all day and sweating in the bath, I worked today too! I thought. That's good. 』Answer. A member of the ironworks who burst into laughter.

Then, a member who goes out for a drink to celebrate Tetsuo's employees. Tetsuo laughs a lot and spends a fulfilling life, but only his love for Seiko afflicts Tetsuo.

At one point, Tetsuo decides to write a love letter to Seiko. Tetsuo had talked to Seiko many times until now, but every time Seiko just smiled without saying anything.

At one point Tetsuo asked Seiko, "Why? Why don't you say anything? If you hate it, you can hate it. I'm sorry, please shut up. " "Don't play. It's a real feeling. " Tetsuo leaves the place with a love letter.

Tetsuo heads for the usual delivery the day after handing the letter to Seiko. Tetsuo enters the warehouse where Seiko is in tension, but Seiko is absent.

An aunt who works at the factory rushes to sign Tetsuo, who has to get an autograph on the slip. "Oh, what happened to the woman who is always there? Tetsuo asks.

Tetsuo was told by her aunt that she was on vacation, but at that time she was also told that Seiko was a deaf woman. Tetsuo finds out why he didn't reply no matter how many times he spoke.

A person named Taki (Kunie Tanaka) always drove the delivery that Tetsuo was doing, and Tetsuo was in the passenger seat and went around the delivery destination, but at one point Taki was injured in an accident while driving. To know.

Tetsuo visits Taki-san, who is entrusted with a sympathy from a member of the ironworks and is receiving medical treatment at home. Tetsuo talks to Taki, who is more energetic than expected. At this time, Tetsuo tells Taki about Seiko for the first time. "Do you know the woman who is always in the warehouse? "When.

Taki knows that Tetsuo is in love with Seiko and she happily teases her, and she also knows that Seiko is deaf and tells Tetsuo how cute she is.

Tetsuo who hears it and reveals his regret and screams.

"Taki-san! How many people do you think you are? Deaf person? Isn't it good! What's wrong with that! Isn't it good! Isn't it good! !! Isn't it good! 』\

Tetsuo screaming and crying. He was Taki who was surprised and upset by the appearance of Tetsuo for the first time.

At one point, Tetsuo's father came to Tokyo for a gathering of warriors. He was a father who stayed at Tetsuo's brother's house, but his father, who was worried about Tetsuo's life, visited Tetsuo.

He was a father who invited Tetsuo to go out to eat out, but Tetsuo refused and went shopping with his father at a supermarket to cook at home.

When Tetsuo's room arrives, his father is introduced to Seiko by Tetsuo. Tetsuo is buying a fax machine for her deaf Seiko.

Tetsuo tells him that he is going to get married because he is seriously dating Seiko. No matter how much you oppose it, it's useless. Tetsuo tells his father. My father asked Seiko, "Will she really be with this child? I hear.

My father's feelings are ...

The words my father said to Tetsuo ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Son"

It is said to be straightforward.

M & O loves this movie "Son"! !!

I really like it!

When I first saw this movie, I strongly wanted to be a pure and clumsy man like Tetsuo Asano, played by Masatoshi Nagase.

It is a movie that makes you realize the importance of straightness that loves people. I think this is exactly what it means to wash your mind.

Masatoshi Nagase and Emi Wakui are just good. Of course Rentaro Mikuni is also good. Kunie Tanaka is so sharp that it's good. All the performers are attractive and just good. It's a movie like a textbook.

It's a movie that makes you feel hot in your pure heart and changes what your family is and how you treat your family in the future.

In today's world where there are many useful things, I have no intention of denying them, but I see this "son" that my heart is convenient and does not have to be new and should not be again. I strongly think that it is.

Think you were deceived and watch it! I recommend it with confidence. please.

Movie "My Sons"

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