Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "MURDER IN THE FIRST" Synopsis Cast Evaluation【true story】

Movie "MURDER IN THE FIRST" Synopsis Cast Evaluation【true story】

My absolute favorite movie series this time is ”MURDER IN THE FIRST”.

To put it bluntly, the movie ”MURDER IN THE FIRST” is a heavy movie. It's a heavy movie, but I've watched it over and over since the day I first saw it.

It is a movie based on the true story of the abuse that occurred at Alcatraz Prison and the closure of Alcatraz Prison.

Kevin Bacon's acting, which pushes you to your limits both mentally and physically, is always moving. Gary Oldman's great acting is also a masterpiece movie.

Now let's talk about the movie ”MURDER IN THE FIRST”.

The movie "Prosecution" is an American movie released in Japan in 1995.

Running time is 122 minutes.

Directed by Mark Rocco.

the cast is

James Stanfill Christian Slater

Henry Young: Kevin Bacon

Milton Glenn Gary Oldman

Mary Envis Davids

Byron Stanfill Brad Dourif

Henkin Steven Toborowski

Brunch - Keira Sedgwick


Movie ”MURDER IN THE FIRST” synopsis

Henry Young (Kevin Bacon), a young man who lived a poor life with his sister, one day stole money for his sister because he could not stand the poverty. The amount he stole was $5.

Henry is caught and imprisoned. He was imprisoned in Alcatraz Prison, which was built on a solitary island and was said to be impossible to escape from.

Henry is sentenced to 25 years in prison for stealing $5.

Henry attempts a jailbreak at the temptation of his prison companion. However, the jailbreak ends in failure due to betrayal.

Henry is put in solitary confinement for three and a half years. Henry's spirit is undermined little by little in a cell where sunlight does not reach and a simple meal.

Henry is released from solitary confinement and continues to be abused. Among them, deputy prison warden Milton Glenn (Gary Oldman)'s abuse is insane. It will be cut.

One day while eating in the cafeteria, Henry finds a prisoner who betrayed him during his escape. put away. Henry's spirit was already beyond its limits.

Henry will be put on trial for the incident. New lawyer James Stanfill (Christian Slater) visits Henry as Henry's lawyer.

At first, Henry doesn't open up to James at all, and James is annoyed by Henry's attitude that he can't talk, but James' persistent approach gradually shrinks the relationship between the two.

James hears about Alcatraz's abnormal abuse from Henry and decides to accuse Alcatraz and fight.

As James gets to know Henry, he becomes more sympathetic to him, and he is determined to fight through this trial himself.

However, antagonizing Alcatraz prison was the same as antagonizing the nation of America.

James and Henry's appeal received a lot of attention from all over the world. However, the opponent who turned into an enemy is too big and various pressures and harassments fall on James and the people around James.

James, who fought a reckless fight, left his brother Byron, a lawyer, and even his lover Mary (Envis Davids).

James struggles while losing something important. The trial gradually changed the flow, and there was a possibility that Henry, who had been sentenced to death, would be sentenced to manslaughter.

But suddenly Henry refuses to win the case. Henry asks James to put him to death. Henry preferred the death penalty to a lighter sentence.

James tries to persuade Henry, but he doesn't change his mind. He persisted in wanting the death penalty.

As a last resort, James takes Henry to the witness stand at trial.

At the trial, Henry took the stand and said, 'I don't want to go back there. I'd rather die than go back there,' he exclaims in a voice squeezed from his heart.

Henry cries and begs to be put to death. Henry was terrified of what would happen if he was returned to Alcatraz prison.

That cry struck a chord with those at the trial, and Henry was sentenced to manslaughter instead of being put to death, resulting in Henry and James winning their trial against Alcatraz. Alcatraz Prison will be under investigation to investigate the actual situation.

Henry was trying to straighten himself out as he made his way back to prison.

His body had become visibly disfigured after being forced into solitary confinement for so long. Henry was yelling "I won!"

Returned to prison, Henry's fate is...

What his courage changed...

Movie ”MURDER IN THE FIRST” Impression & Evaluation

When was the first time I saw it... I wonder if it was when I was in high school. I remember her chest hurting anyway.

It's a movie I've seen countless times since then.

No matter how many times I watch it, it feels like my heart is gouged out.

Of course, it depends a lot on the content of the work, but in addition

It also depends a lot on the acting of the actors.

Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, etc. still give a shock with the expression of acting.

Kevin Bacon, in particular, is a performance that deserves an Academy Award.

And after all Gary Oldman and Christian Slater are wonderful.

These talented performers make the most of each other. I wonder if it's just aiming for it as a result.

And for that matter,

Foreign movies really don't compromise on actors and extras.

I feel like it's a big difference with Japan. Japanese extras are really...

Kevin Bacon is of course one of my favorite actors, and I often co-star with my favorite actors, so I've been watching his appearances for a long time.

”MURDER IN THE FIRST” might be the best.

Kevin Bacon is an actor who shows different faces in many roles, but he hasn't been as shocking as this ”MURDER IN THE FIRST”.

Kevin Bacon was originally trying to be marketed as a handsome actor, but he seems to have become an acting actor as a result.

It's a movie that honestly has scenes that make you want to look away from him. But even so, there is definitely something worth watching in this movie ”MURDER IN THE FIRST”.

To be honest, it's not a light or heavy movie, but it's a wonderful work, so if you haven't seen it yet, I definitely want you to see it. I recommend it with confidence.

Recommended movie. please.


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