Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Mix" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Yui Aragaki Mei Nagano


Movie "Mix" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Yui Aragaki Mei Nagano

My absolute favorite movie series this time is "Mix".

The movie "Mix. was a movie that I was interested in but hadn't been able to watch. Somehow I wasn't intrigued. I was recording the terrestrial Saturday premium, but I haven't watched it for a long time, so I just watched it. It was Eita-san and Aragaki Yui-san, so I only watched it. Also Mei Nagano. But when I saw it, it was better than I expected! I enjoyed it as usual. It made me think that this kind of movie is good.

Now let's talk about the movie "Mix".

The movie "Mix" is a Japanese movie released in 2017.

Running time is 119 minutes.

Directed by Junichi Ishikawa.

the cast is

Tamako Tomita as Yui Aragaki

Hisashi Hagiwara Eita

Yayoi Yoshioka: Ryoko Hirosue

Yuma Sasaki as Yuto Sano

Motonobu Ochiai: Kenichi Endo

Mika Ochiai Misako Tanaka

Akihiko Ejima: Koji Seto

Airi Ogasawara Mei Nagano

Takeru Gotoda Fuku Suzuki

Seiichiro Yamashita Kotaro Yoshida

Fuka Sato・・・Anne Nakamura

Esmeralda Katsuhisa Namase

Hanako Tomita as Yoko Maki

Tatsuro Tomita: Fumiyo Kohinata

Zhang: Hiroyuki Morisaki

Yang: Yu Aoi

Ishihara: Tsukasa Saito (Trendy Angel)

Seiko Sato as Sayaka Yamaguchi

High school student role: Mima Ito

The role of the person himself: Kasumi Ishikawa

The person himself: Jun Mizutani



Synopsis of the movie "Mix"

Tamako Tomita (Yui Aragaki), who received special training in table tennis from her mother when she was a child and was called a genius girl, quit table tennis after her mother died and spent her school days playing as a kogal. After enjoying it, I got a job at Nagisa Technology.

However, she meets Akihiko Ejima (Koji Seto), a star table tennis player there, but Ejima has an affair with Airi Ogasawara (Mei Nagano), a mixed pair table tennis player, and Tamako is abandoned. increase. Ejima was actually Tamako's first love, and not just a meeting, but a reunion.

Tamako retires from the company and returns to her hometown, but she meets a man on a train in the countryside where she is rattled.

The man is Hagiwara Hisashi (Eita), a former professional boxer and Japanese ranker, and Tamako was on the train with a severe hangover from drinking alcohol at the time, so she vomits at Hagiwara.

Tamako, who has returned to her parents' house and spent her time doing nothing in particular, is thinking of selling her table tennis club, which was run by her mother, from her father, Tatsuro (Fumiyo Kohinata). she is spoken Tatsuro says that she has debts, but in reality, she has no debts, and her father's lie is that she wants Tamako to find something to do with her life.

Tamako shows up at the Table Tennis Club and the Flower Table Tennis Club.

There were no traces of her old vibrancy, and very few people came to the club.

The couple who came to the club were Motonobu Ochiai (Kenichi Endo) and Mika Ochiai (Misako Tanaka). My son, who passed away, used to play table tennis, so we are a couple who play table tennis as a hobby and grow cherry tomatoes.

And Tamako's classmate, Yayoi Yoshioka (Ryoko Hirosue), who is a former yan but is now the wife of a doctor.

Yuma Sasaki (Hayato Sano), a truant high school student who likes table tennis, and Hagiwara, who Tamako vomited on the train, were also there.

Hagiwara asks Tamako to pay the cleaning fee, but Tamako refuses if she doesn't pay because you pushed him down.

Hagiwara is divorced and started playing table tennis when she heard that her ex-wife Seiko's (Sayaka Yamaguchi) stepdaughter Shiori joined the table tennis club. She hopes to get her back if possible.

Tamako and Hagiwara decided to play table tennis for the cleaning fee.

When she sees a mixed table tennis pair of Ejima and Ogasawara on TV, Tamako angers her, and she decides to beat the Ejima/Ogasawara pair in the mix.

She immediately contacts her classmate who was mixing in her childhood, but she gives up when she sees her ex-partner who was wonderfully metabolic.

In order to keep the Flower Table Tennis Club alive, Tamako tells the members of the table tennis club that she will participate in the All Japan Table Tennis Championships. She said that she had a lot of potential if it was a mix, so she decided to participate in Ochiai Fufu, Yayoi & Sasaki, and Tamako & Hagiwara. Tamako reluctantly teams up with Hagiwara because her ex-partner was overweight. Hagiwara says on the phone that she will be competing in her daughter's Shiori table tennis tournament.

The Flower Table Tennis Club entered the Kanagawa preliminaries after training hard in a limited period of one month. Tamako reunites with Ejima at the venue.

The Tamako and Hagiwara pair put up a good fight against the prefectural police mix, but Tamako had to withdraw due to a leg injury.

From there, the members returned to their own lives, but one day Tamako apologized to Hagiwara for having to attend the tournament.

There, the two talk about their pasts and open up to each other. When Hagiwara learns about her heartbreak, he says he's going to hit Tamako one-on-one. However, Tamako becomes depressed when she sees Ejima practicing hard.

After that, Ejima and Airi happen to come over to Tamako and Hagiwara who are having dinner. The two start a conversation that makes fun of Tamako without realizing that they are there. The two feel awkward when they realize that Tamako is there. Hagiwara, who was listening to the story, stands in front of Ejima and says, "Don't make fun of someone who lives hard," and the two leave the store.

She tells Tamako that Hagiwara will definitely beat those two in the mix.

The members of the Flower Table Tennis Club have resumed intense training.

Each of them has their own circumstances and devotes themselves to table tennis.

He learns that Zhang (Hiroyuki Morisaki) and Yang (Yu Aoi), who run the Chinese restaurant he frequents, were originally Chinese table tennis players, so they become coaches and the training becomes even more intense.

The Flower Table Tennis Club was supposed to come together and face the tournament, but things changed for Hagiwara and Tamako.

Will Hagiwara and Tamako be able to participate in the tournament as a mix?

Will they be able to avenge the Ejima/Airi pair...?


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "Mix"

It would be nice to have a movie like this! ! It's a movie that I think. It's not a sensational or particularly new movie, but I don't hate movies like this.


Yui Aragaki is an amazing actress.

M&O also likes Yui Aragaki, but why? where? Do you say that it is difficult to answer when asked? Of course, he's not bad at acting, and he doesn't have a certain color to assert, so I think he's a person who naturally exists in any role.

She's not a matchless beauty, and she doesn't have a lot of features,

Everyone likes Aragaki Yui-san (laughs)

Yui Aragaki I've never met someone who doesn't like her. I think it's rare for her to be that kind of actress. I think it has something to do with the atmosphere she exudes, but I don't think there are many celebrities who don't hate her so much. There are times when her poison is attractive, but Yui Aragaki is an actress who continues to be so attractive even without poison, so I don't think there really is another person like this. I haven't watched the current drama yet, but M&O is properly recorded. I also like Ryuhei Matsuda.


Eita is really good at acting.

I think he's still highly rated, but I think he's an actor who deserves more recognition. It shows the range of various expressions in a natural and natural way.

I think he is an actor who can do comical things without overdoing anything.

Even the commercials make me think "this is good~" and watch them. He seems to have a bit of a private life, but as an actor he is very attractive and I love him. He's good at playing the third role too. The drama "The Best Divorce" was the best. Machiko Ono was also good and really great. This time as well, he has performed with a good feeling. I feel that it is similar to the skill I feel for Kiichi Nakai.

When I was an actor, I was at the same shooting site, but I have memories of not being able to say hello because there was no same scene.


Yu Aoi is also amazing.

I have been to see her on stage, and her performances make me think that she was born to express herself as an actress.

This time "Mix. ] But it's not a lot of turns, but it leaves a solid impression, and it's a word that makes me think that I'm good at this role even though I'm very good at delicate roles. M&O also likes Yu Aoi's face!

I truly believe that Nagano Mei-chan will continue to sell quite well. Of course she is very attractive and cute, but I think she is the type that is not hated above all. I think she's the type to be liked by men and women of all ages. I usually like it too. I have high hopes for her future as an actress.

By the way, Koji Seto was also very good.

The movie "Mix" is a movie that you can easily watch, enjoy, and be energized. The cast is also attractive. Recommended movie. please.

Movie "Mix"

A chance encounter changed my life.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation