Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Marvin's Room" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

marvin's room

Movie "Marvin's Room" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "Marvin's Room".

The movie "My Room" is a movie adaptation of the play "Marvin's Room". The Japanese title is "My Room", but the original title is still "Marvins Room" in the movie.

The Japanese title "Marvin's Room" is said to be the title given to the hit movies "My Friend Forever" and "My Friend Memory". I think that this "My" series is titled without any discomfort, which is rare for Japanese titles. "My Friend Forever" was also a good title that matched the content.

Let's introduce the movie "Marvin's Room".


The movie "Marvin's Room" is an American movie released in Japan in 1997.

The screening time is 98 minutes.

Directed by Jerry Zaks.

The cast is

Lee ... Meryl Streep

Bessie ... Diane Keaton

Hank ... Leonardo DiCaprio

Charlie ... Halscardino

Ruth ... Gwen Verdon

Marvin ... Hume Cronyn

Dr. Wally ... Robert De Niro

Bob ... Dan Hedaya

Charlotte ... Margo Martindale



Actually, when Robert De Niro co-starred with DiCaprio for the first time in the movie "This Boy's Life", the plan had already been set up, and it seems that De Niro himself asked him to appear in DiCaprio.

It took a while to realize, but it's an episode that shows how De Niro fell in love with DiCaprio's acting talent. By the way, Robert De Niro said in an interview with a magazine that "the name Leonardo DiCaprio will soon be known all over the world" even before Leo became famous at all. A terrifying foresight.

Immediately after co-starring, he introduced to the famous director Martin Scorsese, "I will definitely work with you in the future."

Considering that Leo and Scorsese have produced many masterpieces as a result, Deniro's achievements are really great.

"Marvin's Room" is a work that beautifully expresses family ties, facing death, and adolescent conflicts.


Movie "Marvin's Room" Synopsis

Lee (Meryl Streep) who divorces her husband who was a racer and raises two sons with one female hand

One day, her rebellious son Hank (Leonardo DiCaprio) sets fire to his home and is admitted to a juvenile training school (correction facility). Lee and Hank often collide with each other because they don't know how to handle adolescent Hank. At that time, her sister Bessi (Diane Keaton) was informed that she had leukemia.

Lee heads to her parents' home in Florida with Hank, who was temporarily discharged from the hospital, and her second son, Charlie, to be tested for her bone marrow transplant to save her sister. However, Lee was estranged from her parents' home and she returned home for the first time in 20 years.

Without marrying her sister Bessi, she took care of her father Marvin and her aunt Ruth. It was also true that Bessi had a selfish reflection of her sister Lee's bohemian way of life, and somewhere in her heart she had mixed feelings towards her sister Lee.

The sisters were a little nervous at the reunion after a long absence, but they gradually collided with each other and broke down.

Hank had a refracted heart during the rebellious period, but as he talked to the kind-hearted Bessi, he opened his heart. Bessi sometimes comes into contact with Hank severely, but for the first time, Hank touches an adult who faces himself firmly and shows his weaknesses.

However, relentlessly, the conformity test for bone marrow transplantation for Bessi's leukemia was reported by doctor Wally (Robert De Niro) that all Lee's families were also incompatible.

The actions taken by Lee and Hank, whose hearts are changing ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Marvin's Room"

In addition to the splendor of the story, what I would like to highlight is the "luxury of the actors".

It's a rare work where acting actors are gathered.

Meryl Streep Diane Keaton Leonardo DiCaprio Robert De Niro (laughs) All of them are Academy Award-winning actors, that is, Oscar actors. * DiCaprio has not received any awards at this time and has only been nominated (Gilbert Grape). But it's amazing that he's already been nominated at this age.

And each of these actors' performances fascinates the viewer, and from the actor's point of view, it is truly an area of ​​art. It seems that you are enjoying the exquisite expression and the things that are born by feeling the other person's role without overdoing it. It goes without saying that Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton are truly real and convincing, and the scenes of sisters colliding with each other, understanding each other's feelings, and even casual conversations can be seen as real sisters. The roles of static and dynamic are also scary.

Leonardo DiCaprio challenges two of those acting masters, but I think that it is this "My Room" that is full of Leo's acting specialty and goodness, and it is wonderful for great co-stars. Has a strong presence in. You can see Leo who has further evolved the part that was a little rough in "Basketball Diaries" and "Beyond the Sun and the Moon". In particular, the scene where Leo, who was questioned in the scene of Diane Keaton and the two of them, unintentionally expresses his weakness and true intention, is a really wonderful scene.

It seems that Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton became completely mellow in such DiCaprio, and both of them praised Leo both acting and humanly. I think it was the result I expected for Robert De Niro.

Anyway, it's a wonderful human drama. I've always wanted to use a masterpiece that has been handed down more.

Movie "Marvin's Room"

Opening the room of my heart is a life that will soon disappear

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation