Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "King of Comedy" Synopsis Cast Evaluation|De Niro&Scorsese Work


Movie "King of Comedy" Synopsis Cast Evaluation|De Niro&Scorsese Work

The absolute recommended movie series this time is "King of Comedy".

There is no dull work in the tag team of Scorsese and Robert De Niro.

This movie is no exception.

It's a super funny movie.

"King of Comedy," in which Robert De Niro plays an unsuccessful comedian, is an act full of madness. It is a movie that is sad, and there are parts that sympathize with the feelings. The movie is highly rated by movie fans.

Here is the movie introduction of "King of Comedy".

The movie "King of Comedy" is an American movie released in Japan in 1984.

Running time is 109 minutes.

Directed by Martin Scorsese (Director who has made countless masterpieces such as Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Gangs of New York, Wolf of Wall Street, etc.)

the cast is

Rupert Pupkin: Robert De Niro

Jerry Langford Jerry Lewis

Rita Keen Diane Abbott

Masha Sandra Barnhard

Cathy Long Shellyhack

Director: Martin Scorsese


Scorsese is also appearing in this work! And the fact that Scorsese's family also appears is gorgeous or unique (laughs)

But it's a nice casting movie where all the roles are Scorsese's works.


Movie "King of Comedy" Synopsis

Popular comedian Jerry (Jerry Lewis) used to be surrounded by hordes of fans when he left the TV station after a TV appearance.

On this day as well, a large number of fans rush into the car, but surprisingly, Marsha (Sandra Bernhard), an enthusiastic fan of Jerry, lurks in the car and hugs Jerry with emotions. .

Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro), an avid Jerry fan, intervenes and chases Marsha away to save Jerry.

Pupkin brazenly gets into the car, and Jerry has no choice but to get out of the car with Pupkin on board.

Jerry gives a handkerchief to Pupkin, who said he was injured when he helped.

Pupkin doesn't want to miss this chance, so he desperately sells himself to Jerry.

Pupkin is an aspiring comedian who desperately wants to sell.

However, Jerry is fed up with such sales pitches and tells Pupkin to "call the office later" in order to treat Pupkin appropriately, and sends Pupkin away.

Pupkin, who doesn't think he's been properly treated, goes to the bar where Rita (Diane Abbott), the woman he admires, works and tells him that Jerry has arranged for him to appear on TV. (Pupkin's selfish delusion) And invites Rita to go to Jerry's villa together.

Rita looked at Pupkin in disbelief.

Pupkin called Jerry's office as he was told, but he couldn't get through, and Pupkin, who was frustrated, rushed directly to Jerry's office.

However, he was unable to meet Jerry there, and the reception staff told Pupkin, who was still persistent, to bring a tape of his own comedy.

Pupkin was finally convinced and left the office.

Leaving the office, Jerry's obsessive Marsha is waiting for Pupkin and asks her to give Jerry her letter. Pupkin despises Marsha, but what they have in common is that they are chasing Jerry, and Pupkin can only be seen as an avid fan like Marsha.

Pupkin returns to his house and tapes her gossip. Pupkin's delusions continue, and he imagines himself chatting on a fancy set.

I really like the scene where Pupkin's mother talks to Pupkin while they are recording to tape and Pupkin goes mad because her mother's voice is on the tape.

Pupkin takes the recording tape to the office and hands it to the staff.

Pupkin fantasizes about Jerry praising Pupkin's talent and running up to stardom. Pupkin's inability to distinguish between reality and delusion gets worse.

Pupkin visits the office again to get feedback on the tape, but is dismissed by the staff.

He persists in wanting to hear from Jerry himself, but is finally kicked out by security guards.

Pupkin, who has lost sight of the gap between delusion and reality, takes Rita to Jerry's villa. Pupkin goes up without hearing the restraint of the servant.

Jerry, who was playing golf, receives a call from a servant and returns to the villa to meet Pupkin.

Jerry reveals his disgust at Pupkin's excessive behavior. Rita reads her mood and tells Pupkin to go home, but Pupkin presses Jerry for his thoughts on the tape.

Jerry gets impatient and tells Pupkin that he told him to call the office as an excuse to get rid of him.

Pupkin has all his delusions shattered.

But Pupkin walks out, saying that he doesn't depend on anyone, let alone be depressed.

Marsha and Pupkin, two Jerry fanatics, team up to kidnap and imprison Jerry.

Pupkin wants to make a TV appearance with Jerry hostage, and Marsha wants to spend time with Jerry.

Pupkin threatens Jerry, who has been kidnapped, and persuades him to call the producers of the TV show and let him appear on the show.

Jerry apologizes to Pupkin for his behavior, but Pupkin resents Jerry for not listening to the tape, and binds Jerry with duct tape and leaves.

Pupkin triumphantly appears in the recording studio for a TV appearance.

Pupkin pleads guilty to kidnapping to a waiting detective. However, he never tells Jerry's whereabouts, and promises to hand Jerry over once the program ends, and the program is recorded as it is.

On the other hand, Marsha is asked by Jerry to untie the packing tape, and Jerry knocks Marsha down and runs away.

After finishing recording, Pupkin goes to the bar where Rita is, according to the broadcast time of the program he appeared in a few hours later. He promises the detective that he will release Jerry once the broadcast ends.

Then the broadcast begins, and Pupkin proudly watches himself on TV with Rita.

Pupkin did a great job getting the audience laughing on the show.

She lets Rita see herself, and Pupkin, who has made her television appearance, is taken away by detectives to her satisfaction.

"I'd rather be a one-night king than end up in the abyss"

Pupkin's wish was fulfilled.

Pupkin is sentenced to six years in prison and will serve.

What will happen to Pumpkin after that?


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "King of Comedy"

It's my favorite movie.

Even Leonardo DiCaprio said in an old interview that this "King of Comedy" is "a movie that should be rated higher".

Although he believes he has talent, he never sees the light of day, and I think that the loneliness and stubbornness of a man who has grown older is beautifully depicted in this movie. increase.

Of course, crime is wrong, but I am moved by the action and belief of a man who can no longer distinguish between reality and delusion.


You will be reminded of the greatness of Robert De Niro.

It's hard not to love this seemingly selfish, conveniently delusional child Rupert Pupkin.

I think this is the power of Robert De Niro.

Of course, Scorsese's directing ability and the splendor of the surrounding cast are also great,

M&O believes that without Robert De Niro, he would not have been such a compelling character.

Thinking back, when M&O had just started acting, and how many years had passed since he started acting,

I had no idea how great Robert De Niro was.

He didn't understand why he was hailed as a great actor.

However, there was a time when he was suddenly reminded.

When I notice the naturalness and reality, the effective way of presentation, the air that oozes out, and the acting that seems to be just alive, what can I say...

The scales fell from his eyes, or rather, he became like a fish out of water.

I wonder if the usage is right? (laughs)

The term De Niro approach is very famous, but many people are conscious of weight gain and loss, but De Niro simply lives the role he plays, and as a result, M&O says that think. When playing the role of a taxi driver, it is different to actually work as a taxi driver and live in the city set in the area where the character was born.

Regarding this, Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida said that in Japan, the fee for one movie is not high, so you have to work multiple jobs, so you can't do it. I'm even more surprised because it seems that they were doing the same thing in the indie movie.

It seems that in "The Untouchables" he plucked his hair instead of shaving it.

It's a startling level.

And back to the movie,

It has heart-pounding and funny scenes, heartbreaking and thought-provoking.

I would love for you to see it.

Movies that M&O proudly recommends,

"King of Comedy"

I'd rather be a one-night king than end up in the abyss.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation