Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Kids Return" Synopsis Cast Evaluation 【Takeshi Kitano】


Movie "Kids Return" Synopsis Cast Evaluation 【Takeshi Kitano】

This absolutely recommended movie is "Kids Return".

Recently, Masanobu Ando's appearances have been introduced, but since Masanobu Ando does not know when he will change his mind and his exposure will decrease, I will introduce a lot of appearances now that he is energetically appearing.

This "Kids Return" is Masanobu Ando's memorable debut work, and the credit also says (newcomer). And this "Kids Return" many newcomer awards will be totally disappointing, and will continue to be active after that.

Let's introduce the movie "Kids Return".

The movie "Kids Return" is a Japanese movie released in 1996.

The screening time is 108 minutes.

The director is Takeshi Kitano. This is the sixth directorial work. He is a director who has been highly acclaimed in many movies such as "Violent Cop," "BROTHER," "Kikujiro no Natsu," and "Zatoichi."

The cast is

Masaru Miyawaki ... Ken Kaneko

Shinji Takagi ... Masanobu Ando

Hayashi ... Moro Morooka

Jim's chairman ... Hatsuo Yamaya

Team leader Ryo Ishibashi

Young head ... Susumu Terajima

Kazuo ... Kanji Tsuda

Company boss ... Sei Hiraizumi

Taxi passenger ... Ren Osugi

Homeroom teacher ... Leo Morimoto

High school student who gets caught ... Kankuro Miyato



Movie "Kids Return" Synopsis

High school students Masaru (Ken Kaneko) and Shinji (Masanobu Ando) are so-called bad guys who are not good at it and are just playing pranks even if they don't go to class. If anything, Masaru is the relationship between the two big brothers.

Katsuage was also a daily routine, but one day Masaru was quickly defeated by a boxer brought by the Katsuage partner.

Masaru, who finds out that he is a boxer and decides to learn boxing if he cannot finish losing, invites Shinji to join him and enters the boxing gym together. At the boxing gym that I joined, there is a boxer who has blown Masaru, and it becomes a touch of air. Masaru and Shinji work hard to practice boxing while causing a dispute.

However, Shinji, who was forced to start boxing halfway by Masaru, has a surprisingly talented boxing talent and is expected, and he himself will also develop his boxing talent.

Shinji beats Masaru even in sparring. Jim's trainers are convinced of Shinji's talent by pulling out an unlearned counter.

Masaru, who has to admit that Shinji is better than himself, quits boxing.

There was a different distance between Masaru and Shinji, and there were days when we didn't meet, but Shinji continued boxing. Shinji was lonely when Masaru was gone.

One day, the two meet again by chance at a coffee shop, but Masaru becomes a gangster and uses it as a gangster.

Classmates who graduate and start walking their respective paths. Shinji continued boxing, talked about his professional debut, and his talent was growing steadily.

One day, Masaru, who has been promoted as a yakuza, comes to the boxing gym.

Masaru tells him that he will meet again when he becomes the leader and Shinji becomes the champion.

However, there are obstacles to Shinji's boxing life, which seemed to be going well. Jim's senior Hayashi (Moro Morooka) gives Shinji bad advice such as tips on foul play, and when he invites him to drink alcohol even though he has to restrain himself, Shinji says, "Drink and spit." Will be corrupted more and more.

Because of Hayashi, Shinji can't lose weight as much as he wants, and he loses weight by taking the laxative given by Hayashi, and loses in an important game in poor condition. Shinji is also loved by Jim's chairman.

An incident occurred in which the leader who was indebted to Masaru was shot, and Masaru was vengeful, but the group decided to do it comfortably.

However, Masaru rants to the chairman because he gets hot quickly, and he is lynched by his big brother Susumu Terajima in order to make a mistake and suffers a serious injury.

As the days go by, Shinji and Yakuza, who are quitting boxing, wash their feet and meet again by chance, riding two bicycles and running in the school playground as before.

Masaru asks Shinji, "Are you still doing it? Boxing," but Shinji replies, "No, no more." Masaru told Shinji that he was looking for a job.

Shinji opens his mouth.

"Mah, I wonder if we're done."

Masaru who responds to it.

"Stupid! It hasn't started yet!" He said.


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Kids Return"

First of all,

Joe Hisaishi's music is really amazing.

It shouldn't be heard, and if you listen to music that matches the movie too much, the scenery of the movie will come to you. I want a soundtrack, just like art. I don't have it.

By the way, the movie "Kids Return", which I have loved since that time, has a different emotional feeling when I watch it as an adult.

I think it's a movie that gives many people a sense of nostalgia and courage.

What ends and what begins depends on your thinking. The exchange of the last two lines that makes me feel such a thing

It has been handed down as a saying.

M & O is no exception, and I really like the exchange of the last lines.

And I also want to touch on

Masanobu Ando made a spectacular debut as a newcomer.

It can be said that it is a great selection.

In this work, Masanobu Ando

He has won the Japan Academy New Face Award.

It's a good-looking guy ... I want to teach a child who has just learned the word that this is a good-looking guy.

And "Kids Return" where you can see Ken Kaneko's still clumsy acting that you can hardly see now. The feelings of a young day when you lose to the person you thought you were winning with your talent and your pride is hurt and you run away unintentionally are painfully transmitted.

The most popular movie "Kids Return" directed by Takeshi Kitano

I confidently recommend it to those who haven't seen it yet, and how about those who have seen it for the first time in a while?

If you watch it now, you may feel different emotions. Or rather, that possibility is great.

This is a recommended movie. please.

Movie "Kids Return"

Ma-chan, I wonder if we're done.

Stupid! It hasn't started yet!

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation