Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Interview with the Vampire" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "Interview with the Vampire" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "Interview with the Vampire".

The movie "Interview with the Vampire" is a collection of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and the gorgeous cast of Cress Chancerator. Kirsten Dunst has also appeared in Antonio Banderas. As a story, I personally like it very much and it is a sad and ephemeral story.

Let's introduce the movie "Interview with the Vampire".

The movie "Interview with the Vampire" was released in Japan in 1994.

Directed by Neil Jordan

The screening time is 123 minutes.

The original is "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice.

The cast is

Lestat de Lioncourt ... Tom Cruise

Luido Pointe Durack ... Brad Pitt

Daniel Malloy ... Christian Slater

Claudia ... Kirsten Dunst

Armand ... Antonio Banderas

Santiago ... Stephen Rea

Yvet ... Thandiwe Newton

Gambler ... John McConnell

Madeleine ... Domitiziana Giordano

St. Claire ... Laila Hey Owen



Movie "Interview with the Vampire" Synopsis

In a room, writer Malloy (Christian Slater) turns a tape recorder and begins an interview. The interviewee is a young man named Louis (Brad Pitt) who looks beautiful.

Louis opens his mouth and begins to talk about himself being a vampire, how he became a vampire, and that he has been alive for 200 years ...

Losing his wife and children and losing the energy to live, Louis is attacked by the vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise) and is forced to choose between life and death. Louis, who chose to live, is made a vampire by Lestat and gains an immortal body.

Vampires whose blood is the source of life. Lestat continues to attack humans, but Louis continues to have a human heart and cannot attack humans, and can only be nourished as a vampire from animals.

But Louis's patience didn't last long, and he finally sucked the blood of the girl Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) who lost his mother. Moreover, Lestat turns this girl Claudia into a vampire.

Louis loves Claudia like her father. However, Claudia is dissatisfied with her body, which she does not grow old (does not grow) even though her heart has grown into an adult woman, and she blames "Why do I not grow up?" .. She finds out that it was Lestat who made her a vampire, and she amplifies her hatred for her. Louis had her confession towards Claudia, but Lestat did not deal with her dissatisfaction given eternal life. Claudia gently embraced her regrettable Louis. She had Claudia her love for Louis.

She plans that Claudia will bury Lestat from the world. Louis will also cooperate with Claudia. Claudia prepares a French boy as a proof of her reconciliation and presents it to Lestat as a gift. She was Lestat sucking the blood of a captive French boy, who was already dead. Dead human blood is extremely poisonous to vampires. Lestat struggled, while Louis and Claudia dropped Lestat into a swamp and buried him from the world.

Louis and Claudia, who lost Lestat, head to Europe in search of a vampire companion. However, Lestat, who thought he was dead, reappears in front of them. Lestat lived by sucking the blood of the creatures that live in the swamp. But this time Louis set fire to Lestat and made Lestat dead.

After traveling to Paris, Louis and Claudia meet the vampires Armand (Antonio Banderas) and Santiago (Stephen Rea). These two vampires gathered other vampires to create a vampire theater and hit the box office. Louis is fond of Armand and is invited to this vampire theater, but the vampires have the ability to read and are informed that Louis and Claudia have killed Lestat. In the vampire world, killing his companions was a deadly sin.

Claudia wants a new partner and asks Louis to make a woman named Madeleine (Domiziana Giordano) a vampire as her mother. Madeleine was a sad woman who lost her child. Louis makes Madeleine a vampire, but Louis and Claudia, who are labeled as killing her companions, are attacked by other vampires. Louis was captured, and Madeleine, who became Claudia and a vampire, was put out in the sun and turned into ashes.

Armand finds out that Louis is in captivity and rescues him. Louis hurriedly went to help Claudia, but Claudia was already ashes and couldn't do anything about it. Losing his dear Claudia and saddened, Louis forgets himself and goes mad. And he kills all the vampires in the theater. Louis left Paris, leaving only Armand, and returned to the United States alone.

Things in the world are advancing steadily. At one point, Louis reunites with Lestat in the ruins of the scent. Lestat was still alive. However, I couldn't keep up with the rapidly changing times and was completely weakened. Louis left Lestat and left.

The interview with Louis Vampire is over. After listening, Daniel tells Louis that he wants to be a vampire, and he begs him to be a vampire. However, Louis refused this request because he was suffering from tremendous sadness and suffering as he became a vampire, and frightened Daniel and left.

Daniel gets even more scared in the car ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Interview with the Vampire"

Speaking of bean knowledge first, the role of the interviewer played by Christiansborg was originally planned to be played by River Phoenix. However, as River Phoenix passed away, Christian Slater was to play the role. River Phoenix was a strict vegetarian and an actor who focused on animal welfare, but Christian Slater seems to have donated the appearance fee of this "Interview with the Vampire" to the animal welfare organization that River Phoenix had instructed. ..

And before Christian Slater was decided, Leonardo DiCaprio was eager to appear in this "Interview with the Vampire". However, I was decided to be a Christian Slater because I was too young to play the role of an interviewer.

Christian Slater is also a great actor and a favorite actor, but I really wanted to see River Phoenix acting as an interviewer. And I really wanted to see Leonardo DiCaprio playing the role of an interviewer.

However, this movie is a casting that makes me wonder how beautiful the cast was.

Brad Pitt on Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst on Antonio Banderas. After all vampires must be beautiful. The cast of this "Interview with the Vampire" is said to have cleared the beauty firmly, or it shines with a surplus of beauty.

Brad Pitt was already steadfast in his popularity at this time because of its beauty, but this "Interview with the Vampire" has shown a new dimension. A beauty different from "Riverlands Through It".

However, "Interview with the Vampire" cannot be seen only in the beauty of Brad Pitt. Tom Cruise also enthusiastically plays vampires in a charming, bewitching and sometimes wild and beautiful way. I especially like the lines of the movie Lestat (Tom Cruise).

"Oh ... Lui.Lui.Still beautiful ..."

It's really cool.

And both Antonio Banderas and Kirsten Dunst are shining beautifully. Kirsten Dunst is rude to say that he is a child actor, but his presence is amazing. Later, "Cheers! "Virgin Susie", "Spider-Man", "Marie Antoinette", etc., she has made a name for himself as an actress all over the world, but at this time she has already shown a glimpse of the atmosphere.

And the movie itself, to be honest, it's interesting! The story, direction, atmosphere, and casting are of high quality, and I think it's a movie that you can usually be satisfied with. I still enjoy watching M & O, but it was shockingly interesting, especially when I first saw it. I have it on DVD now, but I had it on VHS before that.

Movie "Interview with the Vampire"

If you have the courage, let me know. All of our love.

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