Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

MOVIE ”Hardball” Synopsis Cast Evaluation


MOVIE ”Hardball” Synopsis Cast Evaluation

The recommended movie introduction this time is "Hardball Ground".

The movie "Hardball" starring Keanu Reeves, which many people may not know

I don't think the movie "Hardball Ground" was so much talked about when it was released, and I don't remember being crowded when I went to the cinema. But this movie may be the one I cried the most so far.

It's a moving movie, and it's a story about the growth of men and boys who became coaches for youth baseball.

Now, let's introduce the movie "Hardball Ground".


The movie "Hardball Ground" is an American movie released in Japan in 2002.

The screening time is 106 minutes.

Directed by Brian Robbins.

The cast is

Conor O'Neill ... Keanu Reeves

Elizabeth Wilkes ... Diane Lane

Ticky Tobin ... John Hawkes

Matt Highland ・ ・ ・ DB Sweeney

Jimmy Fleming ... Mike Magloan

Miles Penfield II ... A Delon Ellis Junior

Jefferson Albert Tips ... Julian Griffith

Andre Ray Petes ... Brian Hahn

Jamal ... Michael B Jordan

Clarence ... Christopher Lofton

Coffey Vance ... Michael Perkins

Ray Ray ... Brian Reed

G Baby ... Dwayne Warren

Duffy ... Graham Becker



Movie "Hardball Ground" Synopsis

Those who are addicted to sports betting lose the Conor O'Neill (Keanu Reeves) bet and have huge debts. Every day he spends his restless days chased by debt collectors and even feels the danger of his life.

He asks his friend Jimmy Fleming (Mike McGrone) for help in repayment of the debt, but Jimmy pays O'Neill the coaching fee on condition that he coaches the youth baseball team Kikanbus, who is taking care of him. Make a suggestion to pass.

O'Neill isn't enthusiastic at all, but he takes on the coach of youth baseball because he really needs money.

He starts coaching lazily, but the boys he meets are black children who spend their days in insecure areas, scared of conflicts and the sounds of pistols.

Baseball is the only source of the boys' hearts, and O'Neill learns about the boys' family environment and circumstances, gradually communicates with the boys, and begins to find out the significance of his existence as a coach.

Meanwhile, O'Neill got a lot of money in a basketball gambling aiming for a one-shot reversal, succeeded in repayment of the debt in full, and even if he repay it, the money will still be in hand.

Originally, the youth baseball coach took over to repay the debt, so people around me thought that O'Neill who had finished repayment of the debt would definitely quit the coach, but O'Neill and the boys have already developed a bond. rice field.

O'Neill decides to wash his feet completely from his gambling life.

O'Neill takes the boys to a major league stadium to watch live baseball. Boys who are very excited about the big league that they see live for the first time.

Kikanbus who gained strength to win the tournament from a weak team. The youngest G baby enters the batter's box in place of the asthmatic boy in the final.

G Baby is a cute cheeky boy who has a small body but is a mood maker of Kikanbus and was loved by everyone. Originally he was not qualified to participate because he was young, but G Baby enters the batter's box because there is no player who can put out a pinch hitter for the last-minute Kikanbus.

He replaced the boy who had an asthma attack.

G Baby who loved the team called Kikanbus more than anyone else. O'Neill considers G Baby and sends it to the batter's box, saying, "Don't overdo it. You don't have to swing the bat."

However, a young G baby who boldly swings a bat. His hit made Kikanbus a brilliant victory and qualify for the championship.

Tragedy strikes members of O'Neill and Kikanbas, who were supposed to be doing everything well.

The action chosen by the members of Kikanbus to overcome the sadness is ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Hardball Ground"

I don't remember watching TV commercials at that time because I think I wasn't really talked about except for starring Keanu Reeves.

The theater I went to see was probably Ikebukuro's Cinema Rosa, so I think it was open to the public.

So maybe I was invited, so I think I saw it with the feeling that I should look at the leaflets.

I will never forget it. I went to see it with a female director who was indebted to me in a student movie at that time, but I cried so much that I was surprised myself, and on the way back from the movie theater, "I will never go to see the movie again." I was told.

Apparently I was crying too much and the chair was trembling all the time so I couldn't concentrate at all (laughs) I'm sorry. But it didn't help. I bought a DVD and watched it many times at home, but I never cried. I will cry no matter how many times I see it.

It's such a "hardball ground", so I definitely want people who haven't seen it to see it.

I don't think Keanu Reeves is a very good actor, and of course I don't hate it, but I don't really like the work starring Keanu Reeves. "My Private Idaho" is also my favorite movie because I like River Phoenix.

But, I love Keanu Reeves in this work. It's the best. It makes me laugh, and the harmony with the children's acting is wonderful.

I also watch making, but in fact the boys really love it. In the interview, I was delighted that "I can't believe the people in The Matrix talk normally."

And the characters and acting of these boys are indispensable to the splendor of this movie. This is of course for boys, but I think the director's skill was also very great.

I hope you will see "The Ground of the Sun".

This is a recommended movie. please.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation