Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Goodfellas" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "Goodfellas" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "Goodfellas".

"Goodfellas" is a movie adaptation of the non-fiction work "Wiseguy" released in Japan in 1990, which Martin Scorsese took a megaphone. A movie about a real person who lived in the mafia world.

The cast is a gathering of gorgeous casts such as Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci.

The screening time is 145 minutes, which is a little long. The DVD I have for M & O was bought in the early days, so I have to turn it over even though it's a DVD (laughs), but of course, regardless of the length of the screening time, it's a sweaty development in a blink of an eye. 145 minutes pass too much.

The movie "Goodfellas" is highly evaluated by movie lovers and is often cited as one of his favorite works. I think it is no exaggeration to say that its profound taste and exciting development will leave a name in history.

Let's introduce the movie "Goodfellas".

The movie "Goodfellas" is an American movie released in Japan in 1990.

The screening time is 145 minutes.

Directed by Martin Scorsese. He oversees "Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull," "Aviator," and "Gangs of New York."

The cast is

Henry Hill ... Ray Liotta

James Jimmy Conway ... Robert De Niro

Tomide Vito ... Joe Pesci

Karen Hill ... Lorraine Bracco

Paul Pauly Cicero ... Paul Sorvino

Frankie Carbone ... Frank Sivero

French ... Mike Starr

Billy Butts ... Frank Vincent

Morris Molly Kessler ... Chuck Row

Tadisicello ... Frank DiLeo

Tony Sirico ... Tony Sirico

Stax Edwards ... Samuel L Jackson

Sundi ... Debi Mazar

Rosie ... Illeana Douglas

Spider ... Michael Imperioli

It seems that Vincent Gallo is participating as an extra.



Movie "Goodfellas" Synopsis

The main character, Henry (Ray Liotta), was born and raised in the environment of the town from an early age, and naturally longs for the mafia. He started running the Mafia in Brooklyn, New York at the age of 11 and is doing well? He will gradually be given a big job.

He is recognized and loved by the powerful mafia, and Henry teams up with Tommy (Joe Pesci) and Jimmy (Robert De Niro) to make a lot of money.

He was a successful gangster in a cash robbery at Kennedy International Airport, earning an unprecedented amount of money, but in this case his gear begins to go crazy.

It was such a big incident that many people were involved, so fearing that phragmites would be attached, the people involved were killed one after another to seal their mouths.

In addition, Henry tries to smuggle drugs, which was illegal in the Mafia organization to which he belonged, and it gets caught up in the organization, and Henry who breaks the Mafia rules is rippled. The amount of money he was given by his long-time boss was only 300,000 yen. Henry said it was "the price that was attached to my life."

Henry, who has been with him since he was a child, is erased, and Jimmy, who he trusted, is scared of not knowing when to erase himself.

Henry's actions are ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Goodfellas"

It's a mafia organization that has all the people who can't be seen if Tommy is the first one, and I'm wondering if it's going to be sharp when I watch it (laughs) Also, as is common in Scorsese movies, any supporting role person It's terrifyingly realistic and humane, and of course the actors gathered are like Martin Scorsese.

Ray Liotta, who played Henry, became my favorite actor in this movie. It's nice that the eyes are beautiful anyway, but above all, the play is good. When it's cool, and the tempered play is the best. Scenes that have already given up their lives in their hearts show a different look. I think this movie would have been much less appreciated if Ray Liotta wasn't attractive. It can be said that Ray Liotta played a great role.

And Joe Pesci also shows the acting of The Joe Pesci (laughs) Joe Pesci left a big impression in the movie "Raging Bull" by De Niro Scorsese duo, but this "Goodfellas" is also the best. Anyway, Tommy is short-tempered and snappy, but Joe Pesci gives him a more human touch because he cares for his mother. To be honest, Tommy's end, played by Joe Pesci, is both lonely and sad.

Next is Robert De Niro.

Robert De Niro, who played Jimmy, is showing a performance that ordinary people would not be able to do. I never make a loud voice, but I'm super scared. This is not something that can really be done. I think it's because I'm leaving a part that I don't know what I'm thinking. There is a scene where I keep kicking the fallen opponent anyway, but Deniro who keeps kicking with no expression is only a fear. Also, personally, there is a scene where Deniro wears reading glasses in a scene where he is talking with Ray Liotta, but the effect of these reading glasses is tremendous. For the first time, I learned that reading glasses can be a tool to bring out fear (laughs). I'm super scared. Of course, Ray Liotta, who plays the other role, is acting well, so the synergistic effect is great, but it's scary to watch it (laughs) Robert De Niro It's a work that you can see firmly here. Recently, I don't play such a role very much.

The movie itself is an exciting work, but personally I get even more excited at the very end. Martin Scorsese is not odd! I thought, but what is it ... MY WAY sung by Sid Vicious plays from the middle of the end roll. This is Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols. It is Sid Vicious, which is said to be synonymous with punk. Scorsese's sense of bringing Sid Vicious to this movie is not odd.

This is a work I definitely want you to see.

Movie "Goodfellas"

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