Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Everybody's Fine" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

everybody's fine

Movie "Everybody's Fine" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie series is "Everyone is fine".

The movie "Minna Genki" is a little-known super emotional movie. It is a work that realistically depicts the bonds and relationships of the family, and it is a truly emotional movement. Gorgeous casts such as Robert De Niro, Kate Beckinsale, and Drew Barrymore are on the list.

Let's introduce the movie "Everyone is fine".

The movie "Everybody's Fine" is an American movie released in the United States in 2009. It is a work that has not been released in Japan.

The screening time is 100 minutes.

Directed by Kirk Jones.

The cast is

Frank ... Robert De Niro

Rosie ... Drew Barrymore

Amy ... Kate Beckinsale

Robert ... Sam Rockwell

David ... Austin Rishi



Movie "Everybody's Fine" Synopsis

Frank (Robert De Niro), who lost his wife and left the house independently and lives alone at home, is looking forward to the children's homecoming more than anything else.

Frank is about to return home for such children and buys a lot of wine and food at the supermarket. Frank can't hide his joy and happily tells the supermarket clerk that the kids will be back.

However, contrary to Frank's thoughts, he is informed by the children that he cannot return home one after another. Frank couldn't hide his disappointment, but Frank decided to visit his children.

Frank's journey to visit each and every child begins.

Frank visits the children in turn. Rosie (Drew Barrymore), who is active in the entertainment world in Las Vegas, Amy (Kate Beckinsale), who is active as a career woman in an advertising company, Robert (Sam Rockwell), who is active as a musician in an orchestra orchestra, and an artist in New York. I will visit the origin of David (Austin Risi) who is active as a musician.

Everyone had their own worries, but they kept lying to not worry about his father Frank. Frank visits the children and notices the children's lies, but he spends his time without digging into it.

But Frank finds out a sad fact ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Everyone is fine"

As you all know, there are many overseas movies that were not released in movie theaters in Japan. Of course there are many boring things, but of course there are also many good works. It's hard to find because there isn't much information, but I'm very happy when I suddenly come across a masterpiece without a previous reputation.

I happened to find the movie "Everybody's Fine" that I introduced this time and watched it because it was starring Robert De Niro, but it was a big cry.

However, I think that various circumstances are swirling whether or not it will be released in Japan, and of course I think that there is a big business aspect, but Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale will not be released in Japan. I was a little surprised. It's very well known, and I think it's pretty amazing that these three people co-starred, but wasn't it the decision that they wouldn't make a hit? I wanted to see it on the screen ...

This "Everyone is fine" is a remake of an Italian movie. This Italian movie has been released in Japan. A little mystery.

And that Italian movie is a homage to the Japanese movie "Tokyo Monogatari". "Tokyo Story" is a work of Yasujiro Ozu. As expected, Yasujiro Ozu of the world. .. ..

Anyway, Robert De Niro is a very wonderful work. It's a real pain to play a middle-aged man or an elderly man from the beginning of the movie when he finds out that children can't go home. And the gentle smile when I meet the children and the kindness of pretending not to notice the children's lies are in my heart. The scene of recollecting children, the hallucination of thinking of a boy I can't meet, and Robert De Niro all impress me.

And of course the kids like Drew Barrymore and Kate Beckinsale are great too. .. .. I love my dad. That's why I lie. Children keep in touch without worrying about it.

It's a movie that really reminds us of the importance of family. And above all, I am impressed. I have watched this work many times, but I am crying every time.

Anyway, what is Robert De Niro? .. .. In the movie "Goodfellas" that I introduced last time, I played such a ruthless role with fear Max.

In this work, it's just warmth Max. It wasn't a matter of time or so, and I realized again that Robert De Niro was a very attractive actor.

Not to mention Robert De Niro, it's a really good movie.

This is a recommended movie. please.

Movie "Everybody's Fine"

It's a trip back to my family.

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation