Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Celebrity" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

映画 セレブリティ

Movie "Celebrity" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

An absolutely recommended movie series, this time "Celebrity".

"Celebrity" is a movie in which DiCaprio, who appeared in Titanic and became popular, appeared, so it was a movie that became a hot topic at the time of its release in Japan. However, in addition to DiCaprio, it is a movie that is quite topical because it is a movie directed by Woody Allen and starring gorgeous casts such as Kenneth Branagh and Charlize Theron. And it's actually an interesting movie.

Let's introduce the movie "Celebrity".

The movie "Celebrity" is an American movie released in Japan in 1999.

The screening time is 113 minutes.

Director ... Director Woody Allen. "Annie Hall," "Hannah and Her Sisters," "The Earth is a Woman," "Everyone Says I Love You," etc.

The cast is

Lee Simon ... Kenneth Branagh

Robin Simon Jody Davis

Nora ... Winona Ryder

Super model ... Charlize Theron

Brandon Darrow Leonardo DiCaprio

Vicky ... Gretchen Mol

Real Estate King Trump ... Donald Trump himself

Philip Datlov Larry Pine

David ... Hank Azaria



Movie "Celebrity" Synopsis

Movie shooting site. The word HELP is floating in the sky. The leading actress was acting under that letter.

Lee Simon (Kenneth Branagh), a writer, came to the shooting site to interview the leading actress. Lee called out to Nora (Winona Ryder), an aspiring actress who participated in the extra, and picked her up.

The interview with the leading actress Nicole Oliver begins, and Lee visits the house where Nicole was born and raised with Nicole. Nicole tells us that she was dreaming of an actress and had posters of her actress in this room. Lee, a girl lover, tries to touch Nicole, but she is treated lightly and she is not dealt with.

The scene changed and a priest came out of the church. The priest is a popular person and many people ask for his signature. This priest was a famous priest who also appeared on TV.

There was a middle-aged woman in the church who was exhausted to see. It was Lee's wife Robin (Judy Davis).

Robin had a mental illness, and Lee, tired of Robin, had an affair with Robin's best friend, a woman. Robin was tired of her divorce dispute and decided to live in a church sanatorium.

Lee came to cover a fashion show. She has a model that stands out among the good-looking models.

She was smoking when Lee was about to return, and the model spoke to Lee. She is talked to by a supermodel (Charlize Theron) and Lee is intimidated.

She told Lee that Lee was in her vintage Aston Martin and the supermodel wanted to ride that car. She will go to the party with Lee taking the supermodel.

She was in a good mood and the supermodel kissed Lee while driving. She also has a stern look that makes Lee anxious about her. However, Lee mistakenly operates the steering wheel and thrusts it into the window glass of the show window.

She was afraid of making a noise, and the supermodel was furious at Lee and got out of her car and left.

Lee's wife, Robin, visited her after being recommended by her acquaintance for her cosmetic surgery. There was just a TV interview, and Robin was picked up by the show's producer Tony (Joe Mantinha).

Tony tells Robin that he doesn't need plastic surgery and invites him to go to the preview. Robin goes to the preview with Tony, but by chance Lee comes to the preview for her job. Robin, who is mentally unstable, loudly cursed Lee at her preview.

She was thinking Lee. She thinks that going to her reunion was the cause of her divorce.

Seeing her old friend marry her young blonde daughter, she got married early, she wondered if she couldn't complete her youth, She was thinking of regaining her youth.

Robin's job was a teacher, but she quit her job as a teacher and started working at a television station. He had a close relationship with TV producer Tony.

A neat young man was rampaging in a hotel room against a young woman. He is about to come to the police.

It was Hollywood star Blaudon Daro (Leonardo DiCaprio) who was rampaging. Lee was trying to get into this actor named Brandon.

Lee wants to step up from a writer to a screenwriter, and he wants Brandon to like his script and make it into a movie. Brandon is a very free-spirited man who takes Lee to a fuss party or casino, where he is forced to take part in a bet and incurs a large debt.

Lee lamented that she couldn't keep up, saying that Brandon couldn't be a good screenwriter like that. He got a bad script from Brandon, but it didn't seem realistic to use Brandon to make a movie.

Robin visited a whore's acquaintance to discuss his lack of technique. Robin had no experience with men other than Lee and consulted with the whore to please Tony. The whore gave Robin a lecture.

Lee was about to start living with a woman named Bonnie (Femkeyansen).

Lee wrote his self-confident script. Lee, who attended the publication party of an acquaintance, reunites with Nora, who had previously come to the shooting site as an extra.

She had Nora present with her lover, but she took a sneak peek at Lee. Lee lied to Bonnie when she went shopping and went to see Nora. She honestly tells Bonnie that Lee, who met Nora, fell in love with her and she had a favorite person when she got home.

She had just received Bonnie's luggage in preparation for her cohabitation. Her angry Bonnie threw her script, which Lee diligently wrote, into the sea.

Robin, meanwhile, had a good job and was a reporter, and she was supposed to marry Tony. Robin is escaping as he celebrates his wedding.

Robin expresses his thoughts to the fortune-teller who happens to pass by. Robin was scared of being too happy. And he was also afraid that he wouldn't be in balance with the perfect Tony.

Her Lee made Nora her leading actress in the production of her own script. Lee visits the scene.

She was pretty tightly binding Nora, and Nora was sick of her. The relationship between the two was about to end.

After that, various negative events happened around Lee ...


Impressions and evaluations of the movie "Celebrity"

Under the direction of Woody Allen, Kenneth Branagh, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, etc. gathered and I think that it was a work that was quite talked about, but the impression was that it was not so widely advertised at the time of its release. It's an impression.

As an M & O, Winona Ryder appeared for the first time in a long time at that time, "Oh! !! "so I thought. I used to be a pretty popular actress.

I think this movie is the ultimate movie that adults can especially enjoy. Human humor, desire, jealousy, affection, sorrow, etc. are never lightened and comically drawn, and it is a movie that must be called Woody Allen. It is a work that I truly think is of high quality as a movie.

Kenneth Branagh's versatility is also really wonderful, showing the play unique to an actor who is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. It is different from the play that is simply drawn in or admired that it is good, or it exquisitely points out the point of "how it looks, how it should be shown, how it is more interesting". increase. M & O I remember that I fell in love with Kenneth Branagh in this movie. The facial expressions are really great (laughs) It's real but interesting!

As for Charlize Theron, both men and women should be intoxicated by the beauty of Charlize Theron (laughs). Isn't there any better role? Somehow ... it's a different dimension of beauty (laughs)

And again I have to write this person.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Played the big star Brandon Darrow.

Leonardo DiCaprio is now getting better and wants the name of an acting actor, but at this time the acting was already highly evaluated, but visually anyway, "beauty" stands out. At the time of


Anyway, it's cool!

How can a person be so cool with a white T-shirt and black pants?

And gave M & O an eternal question.

And he plays a selfish big star that people imagine in a wild and wild way. But for some reason, when DiCaprio plays, it doesn't end with being a disgusting guy. Rather, there is a part that I love. This is probably because he pays homage to the role played by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and gives the character a human touch. It is a genius found by Robert De Niro when he was a teenager. I'm still my favorite actor, but at this time, Leonardo DiCaprio was particularly unrivaled as an actor with beauty and acting ability.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a proud M & O, but I don't actually have this "Celebrity" poster. I have posters of older Leo movies such as "Basketball Diaries" and "Total Eclipse"! It's monochrome and cool, isn't it? A poster for "Celebrity".

Let's get it in this internet society ...

Anyway, this is a recommended movie. I'd love to.

Movie "Celebrity"

Exciting sweet life

-Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation