Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "Blue Spring" Synopsis Cast Evaluation


Movie "Blue Spring" Synopsis Cast Evaluation

This absolutely recommended movie is "Aoi Haru".

This "Blue Spring" was directed by Toshiaki Toyoda with Taiyo Matsumoto's original work starring Ryuhei Matsuda, but I personally like it very much and there are many people around me who are fans of this movie. is. Although it is a youth movie, it is not just a youth movie. It's not a fighting scene or such a flashy movie, but a movie that exquisitely depicts the feelings for the future and dissatisfaction with the current situation when I was a student.

Let's introduce the movie "Aoi Haru".

The movie "Blue Spring" is a Japanese movie released in 2002.

The original is Taiyo Matsumoto's short story "Blue Spring".

Directed by Toshiaki Toyoda. He oversees "9 Souls," "The Miracle of Crying Insects," "Kuchu Teien Observatory," "Unchain," and "Monster Club."

The cast is

Kujo ... Ryuhei Matsuda

Aoki ... Hirofumi Arai

Yukio ... Sousuke Takaoka

Kimura ... Yusuke Oshiba

Daejeon ... Yuta Yamazaki

Yoshimura ... Shugo Oshinari

Egami: Yoshitaka Takenaga

Obake ... Eita

A year of the baseball club ... Takashi Tsukamoto

Seven ... Akifumi Miura

Suzuki ... Onimaru

Leader of another school ... Kiyohiko Shibukawa

Hanada sensei ... Mame Yamada

Kiosk Woman ... Kyoko Koizumi

Thinner addiction ... Naoki Matayoshi



Movie "Blue Spring" Synopsis

Asahi High School is a new third grader who has lost his seniors at the graduation ceremony Kujo (Ryuhei Matsuda), Aoki (Hirofumi Arai), Yukio (Sousuke Takaoka), Kimura (Yusuke Oshiba), Daejeon (Yuta Yamazaki), Yoshimura (Shugo Shinobu) and others stand behind the fence on the roof and start a veranda game where they compete for how many times they can clap their hands while letting go of the railing.

In this veranda game, the person who slammed the most in the tradition of Asahi High School became the head and chief of the school. It's a game to test how courageous you are, and if you fall, you will fall head-on and you will surely die.

This veranda game will set a new record of clapping hands eight times this day. It was Kujo who seemed to be the least interested in the Bancho and others who set a new record and won.

Kujo will be the chief of the school due to school conventions, but Kujo did not show any particular delight, and his best friend Aoki was flirting.

Kujo, who spends his school life without devoting himself to anything, hears that Kimura of the baseball club can no longer go to Koshien. Kujo asked Kimura what to do when he graduated. Kimura replied that he could not go on to higher education.

It was time to think about my career path, but I was vaguely wondering what to do for each.

In a career interview, Yukio was asked by his teacher what to do after graduation and what he wanted to do, and he answered that he wanted world peace.

When Yukio and Daejeon are smoking in the bathroom, Yoshimura of Pasiri is told to buy ice cream, and if he gets a hit, Yukio tells him to join the runaway tribe and hurries to the shop. increase.

Daejeon wouldn't have that kind of authority over Yukio, I'm being loved by my seniors, so I'll be able to do something about it, but I'm still talking about bragging stories alone.

To such Daejeon, Yukio suddenly takes out the knife and asks, "Are you dying?" And suddenly stabs Daejeon. Daejeon was bloody and dead in a private room in the bathroom.

Yukio is found by the police who rushed to play the guitar calmly and is taken away as it is. Hanada sensei (Mame Yamada), who is the only one who is loved by the bad guys, chases the crying Daejeon.

However, Yukio was taken on a police car as it was. Yoshimura was stunned to see Yukio being taken with the ice cream.

Kimura, who retired from the baseball club, entrusted his thoughts to the first grader (Takashi Tsukamoto), and in front of Kujo looking from the balcony, he took off his school uniform and got into the car of a senior who became a gangster.

Kimura greeted Kujo with his eyes as he overcame the school wire mesh.

On the other hand, at school, a sophomore named Leo was on the rise. Aoki, who heard that Leo hit seven times in the balcony game, reports to Kujo and talks about what to do with Leo, but Kujo is not interested in such things at all.

Aoki is noisy, so Kujo has no choice but to play a balcony game with Leo. Kujo keeps cool as usual, but Leo slips on the way and is about to fall.

Kujo grabbed Leo's uniform and saved the game. Aoki pokes at Kujo, who passes by without regard to the side of Aoki who squeezes Leo. Aoki said, "What are you doing!" To Kujo, but Kujo didn't deal with him at all.

The next day, Aoki who entered the classroom apologizes to Kujo and tries to make up, but Kujo completely ignores Aoki and publishes a textbook and listens to the class. Aoki was licked by his juniors in the school, and Yoshimura, who was a pashiri, changed and stopped following Aoki ...

Aoki appeared at school with his hair mohawked and apparently ferocious. Aoki continues to violence the students one after another.

Aoki, who met Kujo in the corridor, sells a fight and fights. Aoki left abandoned lines and the two broke up.

When Kujo goes to school, it looks like the school building is black. Looking up, Aoki started the balcony game by himself.

Kujo is driven by an urge and runs up to the rooftop at a glance ...


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "Blue Spring"

In my memory, it was shown at a movie theater called Cinema Rise in Shibuya.

I really like this work. Looking back over and over again, I've been given something heavy to my heart with Dawn. Thinking about life, remembering my thoughts when I was young, and embracing the characters and making it hard.

If you write it like this, you might think "It's a good thing !!", but this kind of movie is also good! !! A movie that will remain in your heart for years. I'm sorry that there are even movies that I honestly don't remember when I watch a lot of movies. It's a movie I've seen at all when I thought I didn't watch it when it was terrible.

But this "Aoi Haru" is a movie that you will never forget once you see it. In fact, that's the case with all of Toyoda's films. I think this director is quite rare in Japan, and every time I see it, it comes to my mind.

Moreover, I suffer from aftereffects for a while. And I want to see it again. I'm a great director.

I also read the original story by Taiyo Matsumoto, but I think it was a short story. I applaud Director Toyoda, who made it into a wonderful movie so far. If it's such a work, I'm in great agreement with making it into a movie from manga.

Ryuhei Matsuda, Hirofumi Arai, Yuta Yamazaki, Sousuke Takaoka, Shugo Oshinari, Takashi Tsukamoto, Eita, Mame Yamada, etc.

Takashi Tsukamoto and Eita are quite supporting players. I feel the history there again.

Eita-san is an actor who has taken advantage of her chances because she plays a role that has a solid turn in the movie "9SOULS" directed by Toyoda.

I think Ryuhei Matsuda is just after the movie "Goho".

The movie "Run! Ichiro's memory was around this time. This person has a sly aura, rather than a bloodline. Many people don't usually have an aura when he is young, but he has an aura that he wants to use for director Nagisa Oshima.

In the case of Ryuhei Matsuda, it's not such a silly level as the seven lights. Of course, this aura is inherited from his father and mother, but even so, it's hard to find an actor who looks good in a movie like this. The drama that appears occasionally is good, but it's a bit unpleasant if it's not a movie, Ryuhei Matsuda.

He thinks he's a "man loved by movies". Ryuhei Matsuda, an actor who has started to do comical things from a certain time and is becoming more and more attractive. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a treasure in the Japanese film industry. He is a very favorite actor.

Even in this work, the aura was so great that Kujo, who is also a peculiar character, was really addicted to it.

At first glance, it sounds bad, but Ryuhei Matsuda is fine. It's okay because he exists. It's okay because he's convincing.

I love Kujo's line, "Teacher. There are some flowers that don't bloom," played by Ryuhei Matsuda in this movie. Even if I write it now, I get goose bumps.

Hirofumi Arai must have made this movie for the first time. As he said, it seems that it was quite difficult. It's just a very good role, I think it's a big selection, and I think that Hirofumi Arai is now because Hirofumi Arai has lived up to his expectations.

There is a scene where Hirofumi Arai leans against the fence of the balcony from day to night to show the passage of time, but of course it is quite fast in the movie, but shooting is a real time. I have to stand up all the time. The shooting is too harsh. According to the person himself, when asked "Is it okay?", I was going to answer "I'm not okay", but he wasn't asked, so he stood up all the time.

And it can be said that this work is the most lively, Yuta Yamazaki. He plays the so-called yankee, but what's that good? Isn't he a real person? I'm so addicted to it that it makes me think of it, and I'm alive.

I seriously think that he can be a candidate for the Japan Academy. Since he has a long career, he seems to have been a mood maker in the field, and I think Hirofumi Arai also said that Yuta Yamazaki's existence helped him.

I think it was a good big brother. I think Yuta Yamazaki is an actor who can appear in more ways, but he doesn't appear that much. I recognize that this person is a good actor.

Shugo Oshinari is doing his best while stretching his body in the role of Pasiri. He has a sloppy hairstyle on purpose and plays the role of a missing boy. He is young anyway.

Takashi Tsukamoto is a junior in the baseball club, so there aren't many turns, but he is an important role and leaves a strong impression on me. After all it is a proof that I had a good one from that time.

Kyoko Koizumi, who plays the role of an aunt at a high school shop that is the stage, also has a very good presence.

It is amazing that Naoki Matayoshi, a piece from the anonymous era, appeared, and director Toshiaki Toyoda wrote the script when his book "Sparks" was later made into a movie.

This is a recommended movie. please.

Movie "Blue Spring"

Teacher, there are some flowers that don't bloom

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