Movie Synopsis Cast Evaluation

Movie "An" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Starring Kirin Kiki


Movie "An" Synopsis Cast Evaluation Starring Kirin Kiki

The absolute recommended movie series this time is "An".

The movie "An" is a truly wonderful work, and it is a movie that not only impresses, but also makes you realize that the co-starring of the actors who are good at acting is so captivating. The story is also very moving. Mr. Kirin Kiki and Mr. Masatoshi Nagase's performances are too natural acting that really looks into everyday life.

It is a work that has been screened in movie theaters again recently as a memorial screening for Mr. Kirin Kiki.

Now, let me introduce the movie "An".

The movie "An" is a Japanese-French-German co-production that was released in Japan in 2015.

Running time is 1 hour 53 minutes.

The original is Dorian Sukegawa's novel of the same name. It has been selected as a designated book (junior high school and high school division).

Directed by Naomi Kawase.

the cast is

Tokue Yoshii: Kirin Kiki

Sentaro Masatoshi Nagase

Wakana: Kyara Uchida

Yoshiko: Etsuko Ichihara

Doraharu's owner Miyoko Asada

Wakana's mother Miki Mizuno

Yohei …… Taiga

Wakato・・・Kanematsu Wakato


Synopsis of the movie "An"

Sentaro (Masatoshi Nagase) is a quiet and reserved man who runs a small dorayaki shop all by himself. Although he is not friendly, Sentaro is a dorayaki shop that is also a hangout for female junior high school students, and is loved by female junior high school students.

Suddenly, Tokue (Kirin Kiki) comes wearing big sunglasses.

Tokue sees a job advertisement posted at a dorayaki shop and asks Sentaro, "It says there is no age limit, but would you be willing to hire me?"

Sentaro tells Tokue that the hourly wage is low as a reason for refusing the 76-year-old Tokue's offer, but Tokue begs him to let him work for 300 yen an hour.

Sentaro is puzzled, but he tells him he can't. Tokue says he will come again and leaves the store.

Wakana (Kara Uchida), a junior high school girl, is a regular at the Dorayaki restaurant. Sentaro gives Wakana the dorayaki that he failed to make with his familiar hands. Wakana leaves the store with her skillfully bastard dorayaki in a plastic bag she brought with her.

A few days later, Tokue visits the store again.

She hands Sentaro a plastic bag and tells him that he has been making red bean paste for 50 years, that the feeling of red bean paste is important, and that he should try it.

There was tsubuan in the vinyl.

Sentaro doesn't show any interest at first, but he slowly scoops Tokue's sweet bean paste with his fingers and eats it. Sentaro's expression changes. Sentaro continues to eat tsubuan.

Sentaro excitedly tells Wakana that Tokue's tsubuan was surprisingly delicious.

Tokue visits the store again.

Sentaro asked Tokue if he could help out with the shop. I will tell you.

Tokue sheds tears and rejoices that I can work.

Tokue tells Sentaro that he will prepare the tsubuan before Otendou appears.

In the darkness, Sentaro sleepily leaves the apartment and heads for the store. Tokue was already waiting for him when he arrived at the store.

The making of two people starts.

Sentaro works hard to make red bean paste while being instructed by Tokue. Tokue teaches Sentaro how to make sweet bean paste down to the smallest detail.

The red bean paste is finally completed, and the two of them stuff their cheeks into the hot dorayaki.

Mr. Tokue smiles and says, "It's delicious, manager."

Sentaro tells Tokue that for the first time, he has encountered dorayaki that he can eat up.

When Tokue is surprised and asks what's going on, Sentaro tells him that he doesn't have a sweet tooth and that he's never been able to finish one.

Tokue is even more surprised and asks why he is running a dorayaki restaurant, but Sentaro just smiles and doesn't answer.

Dorayaki with a different tsubuan instantly became popular in the neighborhood, and the store became a thriving store with long lines. Tokue is happily working at the shop.

Meanwhile, the owner of the dorayaki shop (Miyoko Asada) comes to the shop.

I heard about the owner from an acquaintance of hers.

"The acquaintance said that Mr. Tokue might have leprosy," she said.

Leprosy is also known as Hansen's disease, and in the past, those who contracted it were quarantined for life.

The owner tells Sentaro to show Tokue's resume and tells him that the writing on the resume is the same as the writing of a leprosy patient.

After confirming the address, the owner tells Sentaro that this place is the address of a sanatorium where leprosy patients are isolated, and orders Sentaro to quit Tokue.

Sentaro asked the owner to give him some time.

The next day, Sentaro was looking at Tokue with his gentle eyes as usual as he worked hard to make the red bean paste.

And Sentaro, please serve Tokue as well! Tokue-san, do it freely! Is called. Sentaro was determined to protect Tokue.

However, customers stop coming to the dorayaki shop. It was because rumors of Tokue's illness had spread.

Feeling responsible, Tokue left the store as usual and stopped coming to the store after that.

Sentaro stands alone in the store. Sentaro receives a letter from Tokue.

“I always listened to what Azuki said when I was making the anko. Hiiragi told me to talk to the store manager.

Wakana invites Sentaro to meet Tokue.

When he was brought here to an isolated sanatorium, Yoshiko (Etsuko Ichihara), a friend of the sanatorium, was envious of Tokue for being able to work, and Tokue told Sentaro that he really enjoyed working at the dorayaki shop. increase.

Sentaro listens to Tokue's story while crying. Sentaro continues to blame himself for not being able to protect Tokue.

Sentaro wrote a letter to Tokue.

Sentaro confesses his crime to Tokue.

However, when Sentaro visits the sanatorium again, a sad reality awaits...


Impressions and evaluation of the movie "An"

It's become my favorite movie. It was a movie that I liked the first time I saw it, but when I watched it again now that Kirin Kiki passed away, I couldn't stop crying.

Kirin Kiki, she's cute and has an air of enveloping everything, and as M&O, who was her grandma's child, she's really lovely, and in terms of her acting, it's just amazing. You can

The dialogue between Masatoshi Nagase and Kirin Kiki makes me keenly aware that this is exactly what acting should be.

It's frighteningly real.

Watching these two perform casual conversations, I'm addicted to it over and over again. It's not about trying to be weird, but the realism is what makes it interesting.

It's been a long time since I realized how interesting the dialogue between people who are good at acting is.

I'm sure those who have seen it will understand, but for those who only watch TV dramas and the performances of average actors, I want them to really see and experience this high-quality acting interaction.

I'm just living, I'm not acting.

That's why I don't do anything extra, and I make people who watch it laugh and impress me a lot.

And as a work, of course, it is a movie that I can recommend with confidence.

A heartbreaking, thought-provoking and moving film.

Kyara Uchida, who played Wakana, is the granddaughter of Kirin Kiki. I watched M&O without knowing it and found out later.

In any case, M&O hopes that, by watching Kirin Kiki and Masatoshi Nagase's interaction, they will know and feel what high-quality acting is.

Movie "An"

Is there anything left unfinished?

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