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Legendary actor James Dean Introducing charm, movies, jeans, and quotes


Legendary actor James Dean Introducing charm, movies, jeans, and quotes

James Dean is an actor that anyone who loves movies knows.

Maybe young people don't know. People who are not very interested in movies may not know. But I think there are many people who can tell by looking at his face.

James Dean ran through with three movies, "East of Eden," "Rebel Without a Cause," and "Giants," all of which deserve to be called masterpieces.

He was 24 years old, a very short life.


James Dean from the movie "East of Eden"

After a period of time when it was difficult for him to sprout as an actor, he starred in "East of Eden" and was highly praised for his presence and acting ability, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Personally, when I first saw this "East of Eden", I got the impression that James Dean, who was always hungry for love from his private life, and the role of Cal, who he played, were very linked. James Dean was fascinating.

I can't help but love Cal in the movie. And I'm completely addicted to the actor James Dean.

He is dying to look up. If such a person is familiar and worried, everyone will want to reach out and do the best they can. I think James Dean is an actor with such magical power.


James Dean in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause"

Even in "Rebellion without Reason", its charm is still demonstrated.

This work is also a work whose content is such that the movie itself is heart-wrenching.

James Dean brilliantly embodies the strength and tenderness of adolescents and the indescribable feelings of a young man.

The work often cited as James Dean's masterpiece is Rebel Without a Cause. It is said that many young people sympathized with and admired his appearance in the movie, and at that time he became a charismatic presence of young people.


James Dean from the movie "Giants"

In "Giants", he played a jet who digs up oil and drowns in wealth, trying to gain loneliness and love with wealth. This role was also a very pitiful role.

He's a man who wants to cheer halfway through, but once he's gained wealth, he uses his power in the wrong direction. In the end, the important person becomes a man who is not around.

This "Giants" that the figure of James Dean who is pleased while being covered with overflowing oil is burned into his eyes. In the second half, you can also see James Dean, who is quite old. By the way, it is a feature-length masterpiece with a screening time of 201 minutes. In other words, it's 3 hours and 21 minutes. The DVD I have is also a 2-disc set with only the main story (laughs)

After shooting this "Giants", James Dean became a man who had a car accident in his Porsche car and never returned. He had a very short life of 24 years old.

He had a short career of about four years, half a year after his name came out.


Jeans loved by James Dean

Also, in this work, James Dean wore Lee's Riders 101 jeans, and James Dean-loving men wore Lee at all in my time.

Of course I'm one of them (laughs) I don't know for a moment, but Lee's jeans for sale usually had a picture of James Dean in addition to the price tag.

I was also attracted to it. The commercial also had James Dean on the front.

I remember that there was a narration like "James Dean, he nominated Lee when he appeared in the movie." So for me it's still Lee = James Dean.


James Dean, who was labeled as a weirdo in his private life

I've read many of his biographical books, but my friends at the time said that he was hungry for love and that he was probably more willing to take care of me.

He was fat, delicate and vulnerable, and I think he was a person I couldn't help but love.

And the charm of James Dean was firmly projected on the role he played in the movie. Every role played by James Dean has a shadow in his heart, and he screams in his heart that he wants to see and understand himself, but he has a strong impression that he is clumsy and rebellious without knowing the technique. is.

And I think he's a great actor who is still loved because he was so great in the movie.

I think he really fits the phrase "run through in an instant".

I want you to occasionally broadcast "East of Eden," "Rebel Without a Cause," and "Giants" on TV. Whether it's the Friday Road Show or the Sunday Western Painting Theater. I want people who don't know, including young people today, to know James Dean. I'm sure you'll be amazed at his charm when you see it.

And there is a word I love in the words left by James Dean.

"Think of eternal life, have a dream, and live with the thought of today's life."

This is my favorite word. I have a strong desire to live like this.

James Dean, an eternal movie star.

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