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Introducing River Phoenix's 12 movies


Introducing River Phoenix's 12 movies

October 31st is the anniversary of the death of actor River Phoenix, who passed away young.

Until now, I have written about rivers on this blog. What kind of works would he have appeared in if he was alive? I still wonder if he might have worked with DiCaprio.

I love Leonardo DiCaprio, but of course River Phoenix is ​​one of my favorite actors, and the movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio such as "Basketball Diaries" and "Betray the Sun and the Moon" originally starred River Phoenix. It was said that it was planned to

Since River passed away, Leo was cast in the lead role, so Leo was called River Phoenix II for a while.

Leo said of this, "It makes me feel really uncomfortable when you say that. He's a really great actor for me."


Movies of River Phoenix

For those who don't know River Phoenix, I would like to introduce what kind of actor he was along with the work he appeared in.

I think this picture alone is enough to convey how handsome River is and how cool he is.

I have posted a link to the reviews of the movies that I have written so far. Of course, I have watched all of River Phoenix's movies.

River has already made a movie appearance as a child actor in the movie "Explorers" (I think Ethan Hawke was also a child actor in this movie), but the movie that left the first impression on me was this movie.


"Stand By Me" (1986)

River played a reliable boy who cares about his friends.


"Mosquito Coast" (1986)

It's a lesser-known movie considering that Harrison Ford and River co-starred. The work itself is interesting to me.


"Jimmy" (1987)

River is different from the work I thought, and he said that he didn't like it because it was the royal road of youth movies, but anyway, it's a work where you can see a cool and cute river.


"Little Nikita" (1988)

A collaboration with Sidney Poitier.


"running on empty" (1988)

It's my favorite movie and it's moving.


"Indiana Jones Last Crusade" (1989)

River played the young Indy, played by Harrison Ford.



Co-starred with Keanu Reeves. Although it is a black comedy, it is quite laughable and interesting.

By the way, Keanu and River are best friends in their personal lives as well.


"Dogfight" (1991)

This is my favorite youth movie in which River Phoenix co-starred with Lili Taylor. But it's a great title lol


"My Own Private Idaho" (1991)

This movie is quite famous. When I was in high school, I used to imitate the fashion of River Phoenix in this movie.


"Sneakers" (1992)

Robert Redford starred in a film with Sidney Poitier. It's a crime action movie.



The river phoenix with long hair on its ears is cool.


Dark Blood (filmed in 1993, released in 2013)

The movie was shelved for a long time because River Phoenix died suddenly during filming, but it was released after the director's enormous efforts and efforts.


River Phoenix lives on as a legend

When I look back on it like this, I am surprised that I was appearing in a movie at a fairly high pace.

I am grateful to River for leaving us so many works. If you watch a movie, you can meet River.

Movies are forever.

And of course River Phoenix will live forever.

I would be happy if even one of the people reading this article would watch River's performance that they haven't seen.

And if people who didn't know River know that there was an actor named River Phoenix, that alone makes me happy.

River Phoenix is ​​the model for Ash Lynx in the manga/anime "BANANA FISH".

I want people reading "BANANA FISH" to know that.

I will continue to write about the splendor of the actor named River Phoenix. And I would be happy if there were even a few people who were interested in River's movies.

River Phoenix is ​​an animal rights activist and vegetarian. Christian Slater, who played River's stand-in in "Interview with the Vampire," donated all of his money from the film to an animal welfare organization that River supported.

Johnny Depp said that when he first met River, he thought he was an angel. River passed away in front of Johnny Depp's Club Viper Room, and I think Johnny Depp was also very sad.

To be honest, I would have liked to see more films, but I would like to thank River Phoenix from the bottom of my heart for leaving behind such a wonderful film.

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